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My Weight Loss Journey: I Lost 50 kgs

My Weight Loss Journey: I Lost 50 kgs

My Weight Loss Journey: I Lost 50 kgs


Companion Hamed from Shirvan branch, whose traveler Mohammad Akhtari is now the agent of Shirvan branch and Mikhak branch of Mashhad, weighed 150 kg and it had caused him a lot of problems.


At the end of 2019, under the guidance of Mr. Dezhakam, he started the Jones journey (the legion where the process of weight loss takes place) and today, on Wednesday, June 23, 2021, after losing 49 kg of weight, Master Dezhakam allowed him to act as a nutrition guide for five members of Congress 60.


We talked to him, which you can read below:



How many kilograms did you weigh before starting the Jones journey?

I weighed 150 kilos, I met Mr. Dezhakam and lost 49 kilos with the program I got from him.



How did you get into Jones' journey?

I was overweight as a child even though I was exercising. Then my leg broke and my mobility became very low and I gained weight. Until two years ago I gained 150 kg and I had a lot of problems. My main problem was the pressure on my knees and knee pain.


So when I was walking a little or going up the stairs, I had to sit down and rest, so that I could go up the next steps. I was talking to my traveler when he told me that Mr. Dezhakam had started a legion to lose his own weight and he has declared that “if the method is successful, I will give the solution to others too.”


Later, Mr. Dezhakam announced the names of the CDs (namely Overweight) in the meeting, and I started my travel in September 2019. At first, Mr. Dezhakam told me: listen to the overweight CDs, there were four CDs for overweight, he said that according to CD’s words, do whatever I told you. I was tapering the food gradually, I, who ate two full plates every time, balanced my food without any problems, and it was not difficult.



What did you eat?

I ate everything in the process of losing weight, even I ate pizza or Kalepache (a very fatty and delicious Iranian food) but in smaller slices, as the Mr. Dezhakam in the CDs said I should eat less than 2400 calories a day.



Did you calculate calories for each meal?

Yes, there was a piece of software on the Marketplaces (a platform for buying applications) that I used to calculate how much food I should eat per day, Mr. Dezhakam said I should eat less than 2400 calories a day, it should not reach 2500 calories. I did this. The most important thing that Mr. Dezhakam emphasized, was "salad". It was very effective because I had tried other diets before [but they were not helpful]. For example, I lost 10 kg and after a week my weight returned to its previous state or I would have sagging skin. But eating salad solved these problems. Mr. Dezhakam has mentioned many times in the CDs that when you lose weight in a short time and do not eat salad, your skin fat does not stick to the flesh and causes the skin to sag, the difference between this diet and other diets is that because you gradually lose weight and salad is used and the salad has fiber, sagging skin does not occur and I ate salad 20 minutes before meals and it reduced my appetite. I used to eat salad with sauce and it was very difficult for me to eat salad without [mayonnaise] sauce, but now I do not like white [mayonnaise]  sauce. I was gradually losing weight.

How many kilograms did you lose?

I lost 10 kilos in the first month, then in the following months this amount decreased, and I gradually lost a few kilos every month.



How many months did your travel  in Jone’s legion last?



My travel lasted about a year and four months. After a year, my weight remained constant at 113 kg for three months and did not decrease. I explained the case to Mr. Dezhakam, I was told to fast for only one week. When I fasted, this cycle of staying steady broke and then I lost about 11 kg again. Now I weigh 101 kilos.




How tall are you?

 I am 1.93 meters tall, it is almost balanced. Mr. Dezhakam told me that this weight is balanced for one 1.93 meters.


Didn't you feel weak during the travel?


Yes, the first week or 10 days were very hard, I had to eat a spatula of rice while eating two plates of rice per meal, it was hard at first, but little by little I got to the point where if I eat a spatula of rice, I feel nausea.



This means that your food is now a fixed amount? 

Yes, I eat a fixed amount of food.



Do you also exercise?


Yes, first Mr. Dejakam stated “you can only walk on a flat surface, because of my foot problem.

I used to walk for an hour a day, after a while, Mr. Dezhakam said, "If you want, you can walk in the mountains and on a gentle slope; I now climb the mountain easily.

It does not bother you?

No, because I have lost weight now, before we used to go to a steep place like a mountain, I had to sit in the middle of the road to catch my breath, but now with friends we go to the mountain, I reach the top of the mountain first, then my friends come.


How do you feel now?


I have a sense of lightness [as light as a feather], comfort and peace, I have not experienced intoxication [since I  was not a drug abuser] but when I tell my traveler, he says you are intoxicated [because I  am very delighted].


What do you say to those who are overweight?



Now there are few people like me who are very overweight, I really lost weight during the time without any problems and hassles, I wished to lose weight. On this travel, I even ate pizza and kalepache, of course in small quantities, and I listened to whatever Mr. Dezhakam mentioned, and I said to myself: “I m going to see what I would get”, and I finally saw that the result was excellent.

Thank you for your time.



Translated by companion Nahid



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