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Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation

The first session of the 73rd  round of  Congress 60 workshops in the Academy branch of Congress 60 was administered on June 30th, 2021 at 9:30 a.m. by Mr.   Dezhakam as the guest speaker and Mr. Ali as the secretary. The agenda was “Summer Vacation"


In the past, Gelims which  belonged to the mosques had a unique and different design so that all people knew this type of Gelims, that is why nothing was stolen from the mosques. Therefore, every property of Congress 60 must have the logo of Congress 60 on it so that they will not be stolen.

In Congress 60, you should not buy expensive things, so that no one can steal anything.

You have to schedule for the next two weeks to travel and you have to have programmes to take a trip. Iran is a part of paradise, go and enjoy visiting the places.

Today morning, we had five buses of Congress 60 members in the Academy branch. These are the people who have been verified that they are fully treated and liberated from addiction. By treating addiction we mean if they are asked to go to Opium farms to collect opium, they can go easily without having cravings to consume drugs. They are comprehensively liberated from addiction, that is why last night they got on the bus and sit for six, eight or more hours to come here to be liberated from addiction.

Four types of blood cancers including AAL, AML, CLL, and CML have been completely cured using the DST method of addiction treatment and the method was approved by the university of Bristol (England) and the articles will be presented at the conferences of Paris, Swiss, Dubai and Turkey. They are all held by the United States; however, due to coronavirus pandemic, other countries around the world host these conferences.  All the data gathered from the rats which have been infected by cancerous cells and then their legs were transported to the university of Bristol so that they can investigate them and confirm our results.

The articles written by Congress 60 about Covid-19  will be also presented at London and Zurich either.  

When an article is submitted to a conference or journal, an editor first evaluates and selects the acceptable ones and then the articles will be sent to the reviewers so that they carefully assess the articles and at last they declare whether the article is scientifically acceptable, and if it is accepted, it will be published in scientific journal or presented at conferences.

This week also we participated in the ceremonies for the week of Anti-Narcotic  week (the International Week Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking). Since we have no parasites in our work in Congress  60, we have been selected as the best NGO by the Anti-Narcotics Organization.

Thank you for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe




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