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The Sanctity of Congress 60: Why Are Family and Monetary Relations Forbidden in Congress 60?

The Sanctity of Congress 60: Why Are Family and Monetary Relations Forbidden in Congress 60?

The 14th session of the 72nd round of  Congress 60 workshops in the Academy branch of Congress 60 was administered on June 23rd, 2021 at 9:35 a.m. by Mr.   Dezhakam as the guest speaker and Mrs. Banafshe as the secretary. The agenda was “The Sanctity Congress 60: Why Are Family and Monetary Relations Forbidden in Congress 60?”


Today’s agenda is the sanctity of Congress 60. Everything has its own rules and sanctity. A bad law is better than having no laws. For instance, pork is forbidden [haram] in Islam and we are not allowed to approach [consume] it. Even a river has its own sanctity and many people have violated the sanctity of the riverside and after a while nature takes its revenge and destroys everything built on the riverside.

Congress 60 has its own legislation and laws and has its own sanctity which must be observed. Lying is the mother of all evils.  Labeling others and telling lies are the worst thing to do. When a person does wrong, ask them why they have done it, do not backbite one another because it is like eating the flesh of your brother dead (Holy Quran, Chapter: Apartments, verse: 12). Hatred and jealousy are coming from criticizing people behind them and these wrong judgements cause lots of [physical and psychical] diseases [for the person who judges]. When someone comes to me criticizing another person why they have done so, I say: “you should go to that person and tell the person your ideas”.

Othello loved Desdemona, but because of people’s criticizing comments on Desdemona, Othello killed his beloved and after a while, he realized that everything he was told about Desdemona had been wrong.

It is against sanctity the sanctity of Congress 60 to interrupt people when they are talking. It is also wrong to use bad words. The utterance must be accurate and right. If a person cries when speaking, we are not allowed to say anything to interrupt them, and if others tried to say something, do not follow them at all, be patient so that the person restarts their speaking, because their feelings while speaking are very important to us and we must keep silent as they are expressing their feeling through weeping. We avoid speaking about political issues in Congress 60 that is why we live in peace because our aim is to cure addiction and we have to observe the rules dominant in our country.

It is against laws to borrow and lend money. Both men and women have to wear appropriate clothes. Wearing ripped jeans (distressed jeans) is not allowed in Congress 60. We have observed the legislation and all the rules of the country and that is why people in the society respect us.

It is poisonous to get others’ telephone numbers because it makes lots of problems. I as the master of Congress 60 do not know (even after lots of years) what the jobs of the Didebans are. We are not allowed to phone our guide but for emergent issues. You have to solve the problems face to face as you see each other at Congress 60. We are not allowed to invite each other for dinner in your houses. We have not any business or dealings with each other and we have not any communications outside Congress 60.

After about 10 or 15 years, it is not forbidden to have dinner together [once a year]. We need a peaceful place that is why we respect all the rules and we do not communicate with each other outside Congress 60.


It is also obligatory to protect your personal properties while being in Congress 60. Here we have to take care of our own properties, because there may come some newcomers whom you do not know.

It is not necessary to carry all your bank cards or your ID cards with you. Women are not allowed to add their gold or jewelry for show-off. A person with gold is always in danger and you are not allowed to wear more gold as you come to Congress 60.  

Do not use your mobile phone as you are walking in streets, because it might be stolen as you are speaking. When driving a car, you are not allowed to speak with your mobile phones because lots of accidents have occurred because of this violation of driving rules.

Our peace is due to the sanctity of Congress 60.

Thank you for listening to me and now I open the time for cooperation.

Translated by Elahe   


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