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The Best Way to Treat Smoking Is the DST Method

The Best Way to Treat Smoking Is the DST Method

The Best Way to Treat Smoking Is the DST Method

Monday 3 June 1400


I have been free from nicotine for 28 months with the help of my good guide, Mr. Akbar Hassaniha. Before everything else, I must mention the deceased Dr. Haj Rasouli, who worked hard in this regard, may his soul be happy and his memory with us. The cigarette is a lifelong and a loyal friend which has always been with me all the times and in most cases, like loneliness, joy, sadness and even while waiting; it brought me out of my loneliness, and made me feel good. Leaving aside this bosom friend seemed like a very hard and difficult task that is not possible for any person in any situation. He should have strong willingness, along with the knowledge required for it.

بهترین راه درمان سیگار روش DST است

Many people have the desire to quit smoking, most of them realize many harms of smoking. They are aware of the damage they have suffered and want to get rid of cigarette, which has been their friend for many years, and a lot of effort is done in this regard, which are mostly unsuccessful, like myself, I have done it many times, because just willingness to quit smoking or treating is not enough, it requires knowledge that can only be found in Congress 60: research and experimental knowledge. I myself had even used chewing gum to treat cigarette, but all my efforts were in vein because I did not know the knowledge and method of using it.

In Congress 60, DST method along with a medicine called nicotine gum, invented by Mr. Engineer cured many smokers. It has been proven in medical sciences that a substance called nicotinamide is secreted naturally in the body. After taking nicotine in the worst possible way, that is smoking, this gland becomes inactivated. By quitting smoking and consuming chewing nicotine gum and using tapering method in Congress 60, this gland is reactivated again and the body's need for nicotine will be eleminated, but this is only the physical aspect of this issue which satisfies a person's physical craving, and there is still another point in smokers that is the addictive and psychological aspect of smoking. In fact, smoking cigarettes is a habit that has developed over time. This issue is also resolved in Congress 60 by guides and by working on the worldview. The stronger our worldview, the more successful we will be in treating our habit of smoking.

Finally, as someone who has been able to cure his smoking addiction in this way, I declare: “No matter how difficult it is to treat smoking outside Congress 60, it is simple and easy in Congress 60 to cure nicotine addiction, however, of course, it requires the desire and knowledge which is available in Congress 60.”

Author: Border guard, traveler Hadi

Arrangement: Traveler Sina

Caspian Branch of Congress 60

Translated by: Traveler Azad

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