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In Congress 60, addiction is a well-known, curable and retrogressive illness.

In Congress 60, addiction is a well-known, curable and retrogressive illness.

In Congress 60, addiction is a well-known, curable and retrogressive illness.

Newcomers’ guide-assistant, companion Akram, wrote in her excerpt from the CD “the Mysterious”: Our world is full of science and knowledge from which human beings have realized just a few parts with great effort as well as many unknowns.

Among all beings in the universe, man is the only one in whom the spirit is placed, and who has the power to choose between the path of vice or the path of virtue.

There is a lot of unknowns about addiction in medical science, and addiction treatment in the world is not even close to the zero points, which was explained in detail in the book “Fourteen Articles”.

There are many problems related to addiction and its treatment including the labels none of which is applied to addiction with the DST method and opium tincture as the medication. The labels are just like a bride who has borrowed everything and has no divine and innate beauty.

The bride is the one whose abdomen is suctioned, her lips are prosthetic and her nose is operated and none of her beauties is hers. Now in the world of addiction treatment, some terms are attributed to addiction none of which is applied to addiction. For example, it is said that addiction is a mysterious and unknown illness. Even American scientists and physicians believe that addiction is a mysterious, incurable, and progressive illness meaning the addicts’ consumption constantly rises while we see in Congress 60 that addiction is a well-known, curable, and retrogressive illness because the addicts start their treatment process with 16 ccs of opium tincture daily and after completing 21-day steps during 11 months, 0.3 ccs is used daily and then it is stopped, and his addiction book is closed forever.

There is another term in the world of addiction, such as addiction accompanies the addict to the cemetery meaning addiction leads to death and is incurable. Or addicts are aimless and pleasure-loving people. At first, they may have the golden age of consumption because they are provided with free drugs, chocolate, tea, and so on, but then you see an addict who does not want to be addicted and wants to quit the addiction, goes to addiction quitting camps, undergoes detoxification but is not cured because there is a concrete wall in front of him and as he goes forward, he hits the wall. In fact, he has chosen the wrong way.

When quitting an addiction, it is even said that the playmate, the ball, or the playground should be changed. Now suppose a woman consumes with her brother and her husband and decides to quit, is it possible for her to change her playmate or playing field?

Therefore, in the world of medicine and addiction treatment, we reach a chaotic market where they believe that addiction has a leave but no discharge while we saw in Congress 60that addiction is a curable and retrogressive illness. Because three principles must be considered to treat any illness: 1- the proper medicine 2- the proper amount 3- the proper time.


Suppose that the human body is a building that has been ruined and destroyed. To repair a building, you need to know which part of the building is damaged and which materials you need. Do you need sand or cement? Or should electrical wiring or water piping be changed? There are two main differences between the body and a building. The first is that the body regenerates itself as long as it is alive. A broken bone heals if it is fixed with a splint and secondly, man has a spirit, so we must know his psyche to cure him.


In medicine, the origin of addiction is not well defined, that’s why these labels are applied to addiction while in Congress 60 it was found that exogenous opiates have been replaced with opioids in the body and the body's quasi-opioid system must be rebuilt to treat addiction, just like people whose amount of calcium in their body is not sufficient and they have to get it from outside of the body.


I know some people who come to Congress 60, clean of addiction for 8 or 10 years. After treatment by DST with opium tincture, they say that they have not been well during those ten years because the quasi-opioid systems in their body didn’t produce endogenous opiates and they have stopped using drugs. In fact, they have got a  hangover for ten years.


Getting rid of addiction is hard work, you see athletes who have committed suicide because of addiction, so it is very important to find a cure.


Of course, society's view toward addicts has changed a lot. In the past, the police used to imprison them and addiction was considered a crime.

After catching them two or three times, they were sent to an island in Bushehr without food or water. Even in the United States, if a doctor cured an alcoholic, his medical license would be revoked, but now the situation for the addicts has improved because the treatment is done under the supervision of a doctor and with methadone and the authorities have accepted the treatment. However, there are still families who wish their addicted children would die. They are somehow right because they have suffered severe blows and injuries as a result of addiction.


In general, addicts should be assured that addiction is no longer a mysterious, incurable, and progressive illness, rather, addiction has become a well-known, curable, and retrogressive illness by the DST method and with opium tincture in Congress 60. Thus take firm steps to cure addiction, and be sure that like others who have been cured in Congress 60, you will have definite treatment so that if you sleep in an opium warehouse, you will not be tempted to consume it anymore.

Written by: Companion Akram

Translated by: Companion Nahid

Reviewed by: Companion Marjan


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