Mr. Amin's Worldview Pamphlet (part 3)
4/1/2021 12:00:00 AM

Mr. Amin's Worldview Pamphlet (part 3)

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The residents in fact, determine the identity of our city of existence; the general condition of this city depends on the nature of its residents. The same holds true for the building units of our Self. The vicious particles of our Carnal Self can take the control of Wisdom in hand.

The definition of ego or self: the thing that determines the nature of the being or the form of its existence externally and internally. Its characteristic is that it has wants and needs. We recognize the ego by its desires and wants; all our desires come from our ego:

They could be divided into two categories:
1-logica desires (reasonable)
2-illogical desires (unreasonable

The recommended model for the ego
A model of the city of existence was first presented in the book ‘Crossing the zone 60 degrees below zero’ to illustrate the conditions of the physical body of the addict. Since our ego has many wants and needs we could compare it to a large city with a large population. Decent people, the wise and the intellectual, the ordinary, the criminal, artists, athletes, scientists, gangs, selfish, human right activists…
Desires, wants and needs contain a large spectrum and if we take a closer look internally, we can see their diversity. We can compare our positive, divine desires to virtuous individuals and the negative, unreasonable and selfish wants to corrupted, immoral individuals. Some of our desires are very positive and inspiring and they make us proud unlike the negative and sometimes embarrassing desires.

These residents in fact, determine the identity of our city of existence; the general condition of this city depends on the nature of its residents. For example, take Mogadishu the capital city of Somalia as a city full of vice. Most residents are busy kidnapping, rampaging or pirating; foreigners and other innocent citizens can venture out fearing their lives. Every day we hear in the news that a ship was taken hostage by Somalian pirates or that foreign journalists or citizen had disappeared while visiting the country.
Vicious gangs and terrifying terrorist cells are active in the open as the rule of law is almost non-existent. Now let’s look at Geneva as the exact opposite; most people living in this city are highly educated, there is the lowest rate of crime and murder in the city and many international organizations and conventions such as the UN are located there. People make an honest living there, they have a great reputation as a peace loving nation and their message for the rest of the world is tolerance, understanding and peace. Therefore, we can compare the standing and status of these two cities with each other and judge for ourselves



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