Arbour Week
3/23/2021 12:00:00 AM

Arbour Week

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Developing of society and population growth have increased the use of cars and combustion of fuels in factories, which increase the production of carbon dioxide as well as global warming and increasing tree planting is the only easiest way to reduce pollution


Planting a tree; The best gift to the nature


The eleventh session of the 18th round of Companion's workshops of Congress60 was held in Azadi branch on February 23rd, 2021 at 2 p.m. by companion Atefeh as the guest speaker, companion Monir as the master of ceremony and companion Fatemeh as the secretary. The agenda was "Tree PlantingWeek  (Arbour week)".

The guest speaker's words:

First of all, I thank God for giving me the opportunity to serve in this position and then I thank my good guide-assistant, Mrs. Somayyeh for helping me to walk in the path of brightness. Also, thanks Mrs. Sakineh who was my guide-assistant for 3-year and I wish them all the best. I thank the respected Border-guard groups and the master of ceremony for allowing me to serve in this position.

Today's agenda is " Arbour week " which is the second part of the twelfth valley and Mr. Dezhakam has included it in the annual agenda since 2012 and we can plant a tree individually or in groups from the 19th to the 28th of February. Entering the second journey (as being liberated from addiction) and doing purification and refining are the prerequisites for participating in it.

As you know, the existence of trees is one of the most essential issues for the survival of life on the planet. After water, trees are the pulse of life; in fact, life is where there is a tree, but where there is no tree, there is no life. Trees produce oxygen during the day and consume carbon dioxide, while it is opposite at night. For this reason, sleeping under a tree at night, especially a walnut tree, causes suffocation.

Developing of society and population growth have increased the use of cars and combustion of fuels in factories, which increase the production of carbon dioxide as well as global warming and increasing tree planting is the only easiest way to reduce pollution, something that is not considered at all today and people are willing to go through thousands of complex ways to control pollution except tree planting.

Of course, planting trees has other benefits, one of which is changing the temperature of the earth. Sunlight shines directly on the earth and excess light is reflected to the sky. If the air is polluted, it hits the carbon dioxide particles and returns to the earth again which makes the earth warmer. As we know, because of the presence of more trees, the northern regions of the country are colder than the southern parts. Generally, trees reduce pollution and consequently lower the temperature.

Because trees slow down the movement of water, the presence of trees also reduces flood damages which causes water to seep into the ground and increases groundwater. But humans only destroy them instead of planting and turn forest areas into the houses, villas, roads and etc.

But in Congress60, since the travellers and companions of the second travel have done purification and refined themselves and their senses changed, they are taught to participate in the tree planting. Of course, it is important to take care of the tree that we have planted till it grows.

Planting a tree creates a feeling that does not allow us to damage that tree or other ones because human does not harm what they have created and cared for. As much as possible, we should try to plant the fruit trees so that we can use the fruits and also prevent the destruction of the trees. Every year in Congress60, travellers and companions perform the tree planting ceremony that was not held last year because of the outbreak of Covid-19. But Mr. Dezhakam (the Base of Congress60) said that this year, the tree planting will be held with the presence of the guide-assistant and border-guard groups of each branch in order to prevent the gathering and he hopes that next year, all the second travellers will be able to participate in this camp.

The earth is one of the most beautiful places that God has created for the life of the creatures. Earth is a very small planet in the Solar system, the Solar system is a small point of the Milky way galaxy and the Milky way galaxy is another small point as compared to other galaxies and other universes that are connected to each other circularly that are unimaginable in size. Therefore, instead of destroying and damaging this great creation of God, let us try to take care of it in a better and more beautiful way so that this beauty and greatness will continue for the next generations.

Finally, I thank Mr. Dezhakam for including this agenda and emphasizing  its importance.

Translated by Companion Marzie

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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