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Locksmiths Are Quite A Lot and Key Makers Are Just A Few

Locksmiths Are Quite A Lot and Key Makers Are Just A Few


In the CD “Locksmith”, Mr. Dezhakam referred to all the locks hanging from our lives. In fact, locksmiths are quite a lot and key makers are just a few.

We face a lot of problems and obstacles every day. from financial ones to all kinds of diseases, confrontations with people and so on. Some of us seek a logical and straightforward solution or key when opening a lock in our lives which we ourselves hung in the first place while some of us search for a more complicated key. In other words, we tend to open a knot with our teeth whereas it can be opened with hands. For instance, in the very issue of addiction, we always used to search for solutions that not only were not useful but would intensify the situation.

He continued by referring to viruses. I immediately think of the Corona virus and how we try our best to protect ourselves and our families from it. We are so hung up on this very virus that it seems like we do not even care about other ones, no matter how dangerous and deadly they are. We expose our bodies to all kinds of damage and we are completely unaware of our city of existence, i.e. our body. Not only have we totally forgotten about exercising, healthy eating, and sleeping on time, but also we easily open the gates of our minds and let a virus much deadlier in.

Despair, fear, anxiety, jealousy, hatred, spite, and lots and lots of anti-values are eating our bodies and souls alive while we are still dealing with very little things. We preferred to waste our time and energy on other’s personal lives instead of using it for ourselves and our purification. We sanitize our hands hundreds of times a day while we intentionally drink poison and welcome all kinds of psychosomatic illnesses to ourselves. A lot of us even do not know how to talk. Every time we somehow manage to hurt people with our words while we claim we are perfect spokespersons. I wish it was the whole description of our ignorance but there is definitely more to it.

We have hung all kinds of locks on our lives and we are desperately waiting for someone to come and be the key maker for us. But what we need to accept is the fact that the existence of all these locks is for us to find the master key. Then we will overcome our fears with hope and gain skill as we take action through contemplation.

 Looking forward to that day.

Written by:: companion and guide-assistant Somayeh

Translated by: companion Meena

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