University of Congress 60, a Global Messenger of Liberation from Addiction
11/9/2020 12:00:00 AM

University of Congress 60, a Global Messenger of Liberation from Addiction

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Travelers and companions who were once at the peak of despair and have achieved results , cure and peace help others now. But establishing a university is a huge goal.

Hi friends, I am Somayeh a companion:

This week's agenda is “the significance of the establishment of Congress60’s university”. As we know Congress60 has reached a correct and prudent conclusion in addiction and its treatment and considers addiction as an imbalance in the body's biochemical. In addition, external drugs are regarded as a substitute for internal drugs. This knowledge has been achieved through thinking, experience, and education.

All the science and information of Congress60 has been experienced, and any science that has been experienced will be a flawless document. The main goal of Congress60 which has been helping people seeking liberation from addiction since 21 years ago (the beginning of its establishment) was to establish a university and an addiction academy. Based on the idea of Mr. Dezhakam, the University of Addiction has started, and of all travelers’ and companions’ wishes on the anniversary of their liberation came true. The ceremony of establishing the University of Addiction on Qeshm Island was held on Thursday, October 1, 2020.

The independence of each NGO is based on three basic principles. The first is knowledge. The DST method, which is the best in drug and nicotine addiction and their treatment, has been proven and experienced with the best and most complete medicine called OT (opium tincture), and accordingly every week we witness the release of hundreds of people from the bondage of addiction and smoking. The second principle needed for a group is experts. Experts are those whose knowledge is based on the three principles of education, thinking, and experience. They are the same guide-assistants who have known addiction and the right way to treat it, and accordingly; they can help those who are in the darkness of addiction.

The last principle that is needed by a university or a structure is the financial foundations that have grown enough. In the fifth valley of the book of love, we learned saving well, whether materially or spiritually.

Congress60 belongs to those who are supposed to come to this place to save and cure themselves and their families or those who will come in the future.

Others planted several years ago, when our travelers were not yet addicted and we ate, now it is our turn to let others eat. Of course this is done voluntarily in Congress60 where everyone contributes as much as they can to the development of the financial base.

As members of Congress60 have expanded their worldview, they have reached a level of knowledge that they can be on the straight path and donate with love and always control material issues. Thus Congress 60 follows these three principles showing we need an addiction university, and we have started it with each other's help. Mr.  Dezhakam, the founder of the Congress60, is at the top of this system and we all come together to work to advance the goals of Congress60 in any way we can.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish the best for dear Mr. Dezhakam and his family. I hope they always remain for the members of Congress60.


Prepared by: Companion Somayeh

Translated by companion Nahid



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Topic : Articles
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