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Changing is accompanied by pressure

Changing is accompanied by pressure

Before Congress60, traveler Alireza Zarkesh, the Sardar Legion Dideban [Watcher] used to use opium and opium extract. His first journey took 9 months and 15 days under the guidance of Mr. Sedaghat. His sport is cycling in Congress60 and he was liberated from addiction 15 years ago. We have arranged an interview with him which you can read below:


Interviewer: In addition to being the Dideban of the Sardar legion [monetary legion], what service positions have you experienced in Congress60?

Mr. Alireza Zarkesh: If someone wants to experience the position of a Dideban (Watcher), they should have experienced most of the positions. I have served as the Guide and Guide-assistant, Sport-keeper and Agent positions, and also several Border-Guard rounds.


Interviewer: In your opinion, what is the purpose of establishing the Sardar Legion?

Mr. Alireza Zarkesh: we explain everything as a triangle in Congress60. This triangle may have had two sides before the introduction of the financial service in Congress60 and it lacked its third side. The financial service was the third side of it, meaning financial, human, and scientific resources formed the three sides of the triangle. When the Sardar legion was founded, this triangle was completed for Congress60 and now, I have to see, whether I can complete it for myself or not (by being a member of the Sardar Legion).


Interviewer: How has your presence in the Sardar Legion affected your personal life?

Mr. Alireza Zarkesh: Everything reacts; even if you shout in the mountain, your voice goes back. It is said that great people can donate. Maybe we are not that much great but when we do it in Congress60 (donate money), we can understand that position, whether in our personal life or our social and educational career.


Interviewer: Who can serve in the Sardar Legion? Can only those who have good financial conditions join it?

Mr. Alireza Zarkesh: Humans are not very different financially when they realize that nothing belongs to them.  Mr. Dezhakam (the Base of Congress60) says: "Money does not belong to anyone". I think everyone can experience donations. When you buy two loaves of bread and see a hungry man, you give one of them to him. Once I thought that it should fall from the heaven to the earth, but God says: "As it rains from top to bottom, it rains from bottom to top, too (donation is not just for the rich,  those who do not have much money can do it, too). We understood in Congress60 that you can take what you throw up (what goes around, come around).

Interviewer: What do you think about the future of the Saeb Tabrizi Branch?

Mr. Alireza Zarkesh: Most of the branches are improving. the Saeb Tabrizi Branch has been the same too and it has definitely improved compared to its first day and I have a wide perspective for it. Soil is not sacred anywhere. People who walk in that soil make it valuable (good characters and acts of humans value the soil) and the members of the Tabriz Branch are valuable like all the members of Congress60. God willing if I come to this branch next year, it will have made a lot of progress.


Interviewer: what is your opinion about these words?

Mr. Alireza Zarkesh:

Congress60: God's Heaven

Mr. Dezhakam: The Captain

Guide-assistant: Obedient

Interviewer: And the last words;

Mr. Alireza Zarkesh: Words have no end and the end of each point is the beginning of a new line but because of my responsibility, I am always visiting the branches, so I have to look around carefully and I see people who are changing. Changing is accompanied by pressure and nothing is easy to achieve. Good things happen to those who put themselves under pressure (try to do only the right acts). You see, the efforts of a first traveler who makes an ongoing effort and get liberated from addiction or someone who tries a lot, surely have a result. The Sardar Legion is a position in which everyone can serve.  I advise those who read this interview that it is not harmful to experience what I say. Even when you go shopping, you are told to test something before buying. I invite the members to try out the financial serving in the Golrizan week (money donation ceremony). When you test something, you can understand if it is good or bad. I invite you to do and test it and if it hurts you, do not do it again. Today Congress60 started its university which is a great event. It is a pity that we do not participate (financially) in this issue.


Prepared by: Companion Mehran

Translated by: Companion Marzieh Bisjerdi


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