The X-system; an Answer to All My Unanswered Questions
10/21/2020 12:00:00 AM

The X-system; an Answer to All My Unanswered Questions

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In fact, it is as if the Great Architect has placed this amazing system in all of us so that we can see, in this very world, the reward for our good deeds, and the result of our wrong choices.

Traveler Mohammad:

Hello friends, I am Mohammad, a traveler,

I have to say that before I entered Congress 60, during my drug consumption, things happened to me for which I had no justification. Every doctor I went to had no convincing answer, and they could not diagnose my problem. It was always a question for me that why my life had been so good and colorful until a certain age, and I enjoyed my purposeful life, but right after a series of events, my life changed completely within a short time. Nothing mattered to me anymore. I did not enjoy anything, and I was aimless. Even though I was too young, I was absorbed with cigarettes and drugs like a magnet. As soon as I consumed, everything came back to normal, and it was as if the ingredients were my lost half. I did not understand the reason for all this greed and interest in materials. Or, I was wondering why lately, at a certain time of the year, I was very refreshed and always feeling high. Right after that, I was completely frustrated, depressed and my body was completely out of order. And I would stay at home for months. I would always feel pain and hangover. The doctor would not answer me; and all he could do was prescribing a tonic for me.


Until I entered Congress60, and one of the main reasons I stayed there, even though I was not in a good mood, was the explanation of the X-System from my guide in the first sessions. It was a new word and it explained all my problems. I realized that the X-System is the same factory that produces internal narcotics and is naturally placed in all of us by the Great Architect and has a very complete and complex system. It is called the X-System because of its many aspects and functions, which are still medically unknown. The X-System is medically defined as neurotransmitters, endocrine and exogenous hormones, and other biochemical mediators that interact with each other, and with other organs and tissues in the body. In fact, I realized that all the problems I had in the past were due to the imbalance of this system and had nothing to do with personality flaws and the malfunction of the intellect and congenital mental illnesses. I found out that more than 12 types of natural drugs are secreted in our body, such as dynorphin, endorphins, serotonin, adrenaline, acetylcholine, and so on. That all my mental states such as anger and rage and hunger and satiety and happiness and tiredness and joy of life and hopelessness, aimlessness, feelings of futility, self-confidence, and self-doubt; sleep and insomnia; and illusion and fear, etc. all originate from this system. If this system works properly, everything is in place and the person is on balance and sleeps on time and wakes up on time, while if, for example, adrenaline goes out of balance, it causes illness. If it is produced too much, it causes schizophrenia and hallucinations, and if left untreated, the person can develop Parkinson's. If too much dynorphin or serotonin is secreted, the person becomes creative and forgets all his problems, while if it secretes too little, the world will collapse on the person, and they are not even able to move. Or that the encephalin group, one does not feel pain if it is secreted too much. If it is not secreted, they will faint with the slightest feeling of pain. Too much testosterone makes us brave, but lack of it makes us terribly fearful.

In fact, we were deceived into thinking that we were using drugs to enable us to do everything we needed to do, and we were taking refuge in drugs whenever we needed energy and wherever we could. We have the strongest drugs which naturally are placed in our body; dynorphin, 200 times, or endorphins 80 times, or epiorphine in saliva, 6 times, stronger than morphine. Therefore, we no longer need crack and heroin, or opium. We have the strongest anesthetics and hypnotics in our body, such as serotonin, adrenaline, and acetylcholine, thus we no longer need sleeping pills, like diazepam and alprazolam. We have the strongest painkillers in our body, like the Encephalin family, so we no longer need these different pills of painkillers and pills like acetaminophen codeine. We have the strongest psychoactive and hallucinogenic substances in our body, and we do not need cannabis, meth, and LSD pills. The only problem was that we were unaware of the use of this inner treasure and had deactivated it more and more with the use of various narcotics, cigarettes, and illegal drugs. But today we are somewhat familiar with the function of this vital system, and this system that has been taken out of the cycle can be returned to its cycle with the help of the DST method within 10 months along with worldview instructions. Doing good deeds, like being on the righteous path, or serving others causes the X-System to work more properly while, engaging with anti-value deeds, and consuming illegal substances and drugs causes it to fail. In fact, it is as if the Great Architect has placed this amazing system in all of us so that we can see, in this world the reward for our good deeds as well as the result of our wrong deeds.


Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Dezhakam, the founder of Congress 60; Mr. Amin Dezhakam, the worldview Master, and Mr. Reza Bahrami, my respected guide-assistant, for all their excellent instructions.


Written by: Guide-Assistant: Traveler Mohammad  

Translated by: Traveler Azad

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