There is no deal more profitable than helping Congress60
9/5/2020 12:00:00 AM

There is no deal more profitable than helping Congress60

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Human is a social being and every human being may have problems many times in their life and may not be able to solve them alone and need others' help.

Love is the only true existence; all else are empty containers. I thank my God for allowing me to be a small member of the Sardar's large Legion. A few months ago, Golrizan (money donation ceremony) was celebrated and I donated money to Congress60 and became a member of the Sardar's Legion in gratitude for the blissful state of my traveller. Honestly, I did not have enough knowledge about this issue but I believe more in my choice with the monthly agenda and I may be more determined for years later to contribute more than that, God willing.


The agenda of the Sardar's Legion in this month is: "why should we help others?" In the CD of "Help", Mr Dezhakam said: "let's simply look at the issues" and I want to make this issue very simple and explain it by the CD of "Charity" from Mr Amin (the master of the worldview). As we know, every action has a reaction of its kind in the world. Mr Amin explains very beautifully and simply that when I take someone instead of God's position, God also puts a partner within me who shares in my decisions and does not allow me to do many things. For example, I would like to be a member of the Sardar's Legion and I have money too but my partner does not allow me. The word "to help" in Dehkhoda dictionary means "to assist", "to aid", "to collaborate", and one of the attributes of God is "Helper". It means someone who helps. In the prayer of Joushan Kabeer, it is also said: "O, Giver of Aid to the unaided". According to the rule that I explained when I help others, God who is the greatest helper helps me. All of us who have the experience of membership in the Sardar's Legion can easily acknowledge that many of our inner knots have been untied and blessings have been flowed in our lives by joining it and flow of blessings in the human life is the reaction of our actions because when we help others, God also helps us.


In the CD of "Help", Mr Dezhakam points out that each of us has sensitive points and if we want to be upgraded, they should be numbed or controlled. He mentioned that one of this sensitive points for many of us is money and in many cases, we need to pass it over to reach a higher position because with helping others, our soul and existential capacity are upgraded, so it is capable of receiving many blessings.


Human is a social being and every human being may have problems many times in their life and may not be able to solve them alone and need others' help. It is a mistake to think that we will never need others in our life because we are not strong enough to solve all of our problems alone. In helping others, we need to know that we help ourselves more than others because helping others creates a feeling of satisfaction, God's pleasure and flowing of blessings in our life. We are helping many people every day and many people help us too and we may not even pay attention to it. But knowing about it will make us more inclined to do so and take advantage of its physical, emotional and psychosocial benefits.

Depending on one's knowledge, helping others may be done with many intentions. Sometimes, we help others so that God keeps us safe or we reach blissful state. This is good but it is a deal. But people at a high level of knowledge help others because they consider it as their duty. Isn't it that everything we have is from God? If I have an income today, it is by the grace of God. If God created me dumb and blind or I did not have a hand, could I still have this income? So, helping others is my duty because God has put a portion of others' daily bread in my income and God could have given it directly to the poor but He wants to upgrade my spirit and existential capacity by doing so.


In Surah Al-ISRAA, verse 7, God says: "if you do good to others, you will do good for your souls." One of the best ways to save a person caught in the deadlock of lust is to help others by using the facilities they have in the way that the Almighty loves. One of the attributes of the believers in our heavenly book is that they dedicate a certain amount of their property and wealth to the deprived people and it leads to the purification of human soul and wealth.


I end my discussion with an answer to a question. Now, we are supposed to help others and helping others is so useful, why do we help Congress60? Why do we not donate this amount of money to other associations, institutions and individuals? My answer is that I went to many places to treat my traveller and spent a lot of money and the result was nothing but more destruction of my traveller and more chaos in my life and Congress60 was the only place that saved my life from the crisis. I owe it to this place forever. One of my friends whose husband is a drug consumer objected to my joining the Sardar's Legion. she said: "if you gave me the money you donated to Congress60, many knots of my life were untied." I replied: "If I had given it to you, only the knots of your life would have been untied and the treatment of your traveller might have been delayed but by joining the Sardar's Legion, I have contributed to unite the blind knots of many people's lives. The wise man always chooses the most profitable option from all the available ones. Is there a more lucrative deal than having a small share in the treatment of all travellers liberated from addiction in Congress60? May God bless all of us to participate in the Golrizan Celebration with enthusiasm in the year 1399.


Written by: Companion Afsaneh

Translated by: Companion Marzieh


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