“Judgment and Ignorance”
8/30/2020 12:00:00 AM

“Judgment and Ignorance”

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Congress 60 teaches us to consider all aspects of any issues but ordinary people do not give heed to these aspects. Besides using D-sap to prevent coronavirus, Congress 60 members do sports; that is why they have got a strong immune system.

The 14th   session of the 69th Congress60 virtual workshops for Academy branch of Congress60 was administered on August  19, 2020, at 9 a.m. by Mr. Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and companion Fakhri, as the secretary. The agenda was “Judgment and Ignorance”.

Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. I am fine and hope you are keeping well. We are in an emergent period since Coronavirus has been widespread throughout the world. A Persian idiom reads: “if you learn from your teacher, that is ok; otherwise, the existence will teach you” and the existence is a very severe teacher. This holds true for Coronavirus. We were not grateful to the earth and we changed it into a trash bin and the current situation is the result of our own actions. Some countries did not accept to reduce their greenhouse gasses even for two or three percent. We do not know when the coronavirus will vanish, but life is still continuing and we cannot stop working. We kept Congress 60 in this hard situation and even our liberations from addiction have increased. Last week, we had 131 liberations from addiction. Our policy is therefore to tightly keep Congress60. We have to observe all rules of hygiene, sanitation and safety regarding Coronavirus and simultaneously we have to have our meetings, even with 20 percent of Congress60 population, because Congress 60 acts the same as a hospital and our work is to treat [addiction] and members are consuming their medicine [Opium Tincture]. Therefore, we have to have our meetings and we have to be present in parks [for doing sports].

We had not any death toll as a result of Coronavirus in Congress 60, it was because of using D-sap [a kind of vinegar produced by Mr. Dezhakam]. Those who were infected by Coronavirus and had positive tests, were cured using D-sap. An article written about the effects of  D-sap on coronavirus was submitted to an international conference about food and agriculture, and D-sap was accepted as a new nutritive foodstuff. D-sap’s structure is completely different from vinegar, because D-sap  has got six to seven types of acids and its ingredients are totally different to vinegar.

The next point is that we are getting prepared to establish the International Academy for Treating Addiction where science, technology and human sciences will be taught. To do this, Pahlevans [the generous members of Congress 60] have welcomed the new proposition of donating 25000 dollars and several members have donated this money.

Today’s agenda is “judgment and ignorance”. Stress and worries about Coronavirus have worsened the situation. Our mind system and our immune system work based on some chemical substance, that is when a person is stressed, neurotransmitters  are stimulated and cortisol is released. Our immune system  is dependent on these neurotransmitters. When stress is high, the immune system is weakened; therefore, the disease (coronavirus) can paralyze us very quickly. Eventually, those who are afraid of coronavirus will be lost sooner. Those who do not have faith in their addiction treatment will hardly reach treatment. To eliminate stress we need to learn worldview. The righteous worldview teaches us to how to live a righteous life. Without worldview, we make many problems for ourselves constantly.

We have to strengthen our worldview, and to this end we have to think and analyse whatever happens. One of these points is “judgment and ignorance”. They are two opposite concepts and points. If we judge anything unrelated to us, we are considered ignorant [unwise]. Judgment is due for the judges, even they sometimes make mistakes although having lots of document in hand. Then, how do we, ordinary people, dare to judge others? How can we judge a book by its cover, how can we judge people on their appearance? Human beings are distinctively born judges, but they can merely judge themselves, not others! Because we are constantly facing a dilemma which way to choose and which act to do: Should I study or not? Should I do this or not? We have to select one and therefore we have to judge. However, we continuously judge people and receive wrong results and when we reach wrong results, we are stressed, and then we become vulnerable [susceptible to diseases]. This stress affects our biochemical composition of the body. It is concluded that we have to stop judging about matters which do not concern us. Judgment equals ignorance.

Congress 60 teaches us to consider all aspects of any issues but ordinary people do not give heed to these aspects. Besides using D-sap to prevent coronavirus, Congress 60 members do sports; each member of Congress 60 is required to have a sport; that is why they have got a strong immune system [that is why only few members of Congress 60 have been infected by Coronavirus and those who have been infected became well using D-sap]. Four months before coronavirus pandemic, I issued six CDs about the structure of body entitled as “body construction”, mentioning how our body is made, what it is made up of. We noticed that overweight makes lots of problems for our body; therefore, I spoke about overweigh and prepared four CDs about it. We enhanced our immune system using exercises and D-sap, that is why we do not get diseases or we get less than ordinary population.

  Researchers can come and see why in Congress 60, members are not fearful of diseases

Thank you for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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