Helping others plays a decisive role in the quality of human life
8/24/2020 12:00:00 AM

Helping others plays a decisive role in the quality of human life

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Helping others is good if it is done correctly and does not cause me problems due to a lack of proper thinking and not considering the situation. Master Dezhakam says: "we need to know the measure of everything, then there will be no problem.

To understand the reason for helping others, let's first look at the meaning of the word “ to help” in Dehkhoda and Moein dictionaries. This world is synonymous with “to aid”, “to collaborate”, and “to assist”. Thus, the essence of the word is positive and is used to meet the needs of others and reduce their suffering. By paying attention to the creation of human beings, we realize that they are essentially social beings who evolve in the community. This means they need others to survive and meet their needs and without the presence of others, they cannot continue living. Therefore, helping others plays a decisive role in the quality of their life. It not only includes helping humans but also all living things. However, this article tries to focus on helping people.

According to the fact that everything in the universe has visible and invisible aspects, helping is no exception to this rule. In visible and material aspects, helping can include meeting the basic needs of others such as housing, clothing, food, medicine, etc. In invisible or spiritual aspects, sometimes helping can be just listening to the others’ pain, expressing affection, sympathizing and so on which can be useful and effective. Helping in any form whether material or spiritual is potentially good and positive and is based on love. Since the system of the universe is intelligent, and for every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction. Thus, the individual who helps others will immediately receive the energy and positive feedback in different ways and the universe is never indebted to anyone. Sometimes we realize these reactions but most of the time we don’t understand why and how things happened and how an old problem in our life is resolved? According to Rumi:
"Do good and throw it in the river then God will give you back in the desert"
However, helping like any other issues require some background and awareness but the basic condition in helping others is their will. In congress60, Master Dezhakam has repeatedly emphasized that you are allowed to help others if they ask you for help. When someone does not ask for your help, you have no right to help them. A delicate and very important point that is sometimes ignored is the will of the person in need. Considering this issue will certainly prevent many problems and misunderstandings caused by unnecessary help. Perhaps we suppose people are in an awful situation and we must help them to get out of it. But one may prefer the current situation to the ideal situation due to lack of awareness or any other reasons. In this case, not only will our help be ineffective, but it may confuse him and cause unpredicted problems.

The second factor which plays a key role in helping others is whether I have the ability and condition to do so. Sometimes I like to do something for others but I am weak in the same case, so how can I help to solve others’ problems? I am a companion in congress60, in the first journey, I am involved in all kinds of darkness and anti-values including lying, backbiting, being jealous, being selfish and dozens of other violations of commandments, how can help someone who has similar problems and has just entered congress60? As the saying goes: “He tells me my way but does not know his own.” The same is true for financial issues.
Helping others is good if it is done correctly and does not cause me problems due to a lack of proper thinking and not considering the situation. Master Dezhakam says: "we need to know the measure of everything, then there will be no problem."Helping like any other worthwhile activity should be accompanied by a healthy and positive feeling in order to be effective. If while helping others, the feeling is infected with all kinds of darkness such as selfishness, arrogance, and pride, it will definitely have the opposite effect and not only will not be constructive but will cause destruction on both sides.
Congress60 is moving in the direction of two important principles of education and service. Education means gaining knowledge and increasing one's information while service means helping others according to education. Therefore, service positions were formed in Congress60. Individuals help others as they serve in one of the service positions for some time, based on the level of their knowledge, awareness, and especially their desire.
They help those who had entered Congress60 one day, with a curved back, full of despair and frustration searching for their lost dreams. They enter this place to find a huge surge of relief for their hidden pain. They achieve the blissful state when they see the heavenly dancers in white clothes and delighted faces who are eagerly helping them without saying a word, they will be happy and say to themselves that this is the Promised Land.

Sincere and loving helping in congress60 without any financial expectation is called sacrifice. It is the most beautiful kind of help because those who help people are holier than those who pray. On a higher level, there are people with more beautiful and developed thoughts who have realized the secret of creation well and their transcendent soul doesn't enjoy receiving any more. They have tasted the pleasure of donation, so they don’t want this place and happiness just for themselves. In addition to spiritual serving with financial payments, they keep this safe and holy place for those who have lost their way as they believe in this principle with all their beings that: “People who plant are not losers. Others planted and we ate; we must plant so others could be fed.


Written by: Companion Khandan from Louis Pasteur Branch

Translated by: Companion Zahra

Edited by: Companion Marjan



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Topic : Articles
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