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Congress60, a Humanizing Factory

Congress60, a Humanizing Factory


Dr.Nikbakht the founder of Sayeh Addiction Treatment Clinic is a member of Congress60’s Physicians’ legion. We had a conversation with him, which you can read below:

  • When have you entered Congress60?

I have entered Congress60 since 2010. I was one of the first doctors who entered Congress60 and our clinic was one of the first clinics which distributed opium tincture with Congress60’s help as well.

  • Please tell us about the formation of the Physicians’ Legion.

I remember in those years I was visiting Mr. Dezhakam on Fridays. One day I asked him to hold some meetings for us to get acquainted with Congress60’s organization, its literature, and worldview. I remember at that time, Dr. Arash, Dr. Mohammad Reza, Dr. Yousef Haddad, and I were cooperating with Congress60. Eventually, Mr. Dezhakam agreed and set up a legion for us. At that time, we were not settled down on this site and we were gathering on a hill in the park. It took us several months to learn the basics of the session and the concept of the DST method and I was the first secretary of Physicians’ legion.

  • At which level of Addiction treatment science do you see Congress60?

I have always said at my legion, Congress60 is much different and more successful than world conventional protocols. I have believed in Congress60 for many years, and even when I was studying for a medical specialty, I tried with all my might to be connected to Congress60 because I believe that Congress60’s method is the best way of addiction treatment. Congress60 gives you a package and it treats both with medicine and correcting one’s worldview. These two must be together and they do not work alone. We have implemented this method in our clinic and we have a legion there. I say everywhere that we work in the manner of Congress60.

  • Have other physicians accepted Congress60’s method?

There is no need for others to accept us at all as the Ministry of Health itself has accepted Congress60. The Ministry of Health has included the Congress60’s Protocol in the Opium Syrup Protocol. Today we see a long list of clinics waiting to join Congress60.

  • How do you see treatment stability and relapse in Congress60’s method?

A few years ago, a study was conducted by Dr. Haj Rasouli which found that we had more than 88% survival after treatment in Congress60 that is a very good number. Without any struggle! After a few years! This shows that this is a good method, and I think the best way to treat addiction is Congress60’s method. If a pupil completes the treatment process properly, attends meetings, does weekly chores and homework, participates in meetings, and takes sports seriously in Congress60 he will be certainly cured.

  • Have you had any case encountering physiological problems during the treatment period?

In Congress60, issues and problems are raised with guide-assistants. But I have not seen anyone complains of insomnia, sexual or specific problems over the years. They usually have a comfortable and good journey. (journey means the treatment period which takes at least 10 months.)

  • How is the behavioral balance in Congress60’s members compared to other NGOs?

I have always said that Congress60 is a humanizing factory in every sense. When you look at the output of this factory, you see a very high average of balanced people. In today’s society, it is very hard to be a balanced human being regarding life’s hardship and difficulties. I have seen the people leaving this factory even more balanced than ordinary people in society. To me, the way they talk, drive, interact with people and their family, control their anger are the signs of balance, and most of the Congress60‘s members follow these principles. Even smoking cigarettes and being overweight are taken into account in Congress60. The reason is that in Congress60 you are not being accustomed to anything, but you are forced to think about all the big and small issues. The result of this thinking is that after a year or a few years, you become a wise person who has control over all things, thoughts, and has enough focus on that issue. I even see companions in Congress60 whose lives have changed and balanced without taking medication.

  • What is the status of congress60 in the world, how familiar are they with the method of congress60?

I believe that Congress60’s right has been violated in this regard, and we (physicians) are the reason behind that. It is up to us to introduce this method to the world, but we have a low pace in producing psychology and psychiatry articles. Physicians should come and work on this method and write articles about it for the world. If you check in foreign articles related to addiction treatment, you will not find much material about Congress60, and the reason is our weakness and inefficiency as physicians. This method is accepted in the world provided that we write some articles on it.


Translated by: Ehsan Abolhasani






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