From Obedience to Commanding
8/7/2020 12:00:00 AM

From Obedience to Commanding

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We had some coronavirus patients in Congress60 with confirmed infection by COVID-19. If we had not the knowledge of treating the coronavirus patients, we had lots of deaths, but fortunately we accurately treated CORONAVIRUS successfully with no death in Congress60 .


The 11th session of the 68th Congress60 virtual workshops for Academy branch of Congress60 was administered on July  22, 2020 at 9 a.m. by Mr. Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and companion Mansoure, as the secretary. The agenda was “The seventh valley [The mystery and secret in discovering the truth lies in two factors: finding the right path and what we derive from it.] and its effect on me”.

Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. I hope you are fine and I am fine too.  We have stopped having face to face session because of the pandemic of coronavirus. Fortunately I could talk to members today. Before the government shut down the work all over the country due to the pandemic, we stopped our work and everything went online in Congress60. Now every branch of Congress60 is allowed to make decision whether the sessions will be held online or offline (face to face). All the laws made by the ministry of health must be kept and observed tightly. You all must wear mask and you should buy thermometer so that at the entrance of Congres60, body temperature will be checked. Now of course we will observe the rules in this regard and if it is necessary we will stop the offline meetings.

We had some coronavirus patients in Congress60 with confirmed infection by COVID-19. If we had not the knowledge of treating the coronavirus patients, we had lots of deaths, but fortunately we accurately  treated CORONAVIRUS successfully with no death in Congress60 (the treatment of coronavirus took place in Congress60 using D-sap).

Some dupes once claimed that smoking drugs will prevent coronavirus infection, they wrongly thought that smoking opium, ice or heroin will hinder infection and it has antiseptic effects.

The companions are doing well under the supervision of Mrs. Kamandar. The have got stronger and stronger. You can use D-sap but do not waste it or do not give it to your friends or families. You must use it economically and use it merely for the sake of preventing coronavirus. Therefore, it is not necessary to drink it every morning or night, every two or three days you can gargle with it or vaporize it into your nose and mouth, so that if the virus has  sit in these organs, they will be washed away. Congress 60 members who were struggling with death were treated in this way. This method is accurately based on medical and scientific methods and it is completely rational. I sent D-sap to Kerman laboratory, first they teased us  asking why you are spend much money for this substance to be elaborated. Then, they found out that D-sap’s ingredients are totally different form vinegar and they did not return the rest of the five-litter D-sap container.  HPLC [High-performance liquid chromatography was carried out to analyse and identify D-sap ingredients]. Induction emission plasma extrusion ICP was carried out to analyse the substance. HPLC was sent to Danesh-Pars laboratory and ICP-QES was sent to Gostar-Taban laboratory  which are the best laboratories in Iran. The results indicated that D-sap includes six acids which can completely destroy the lipid (since coronavirus surface is made of lipid), it can totally dissolve the virus in it.  We have three types of vinegar: common one, apple vinegar and D-sap. D-sap was compared to common vinegar and balsamic vinegar. There are many ingredients in D-sap which are not in common vinegar and balsamic vinegar. Many minerals are present in D-sap while they do not exist in common vinegar and balsamic vinegar. D-sap includes zinc, sulphur while other vinegars have not these minerals.

D-sap has got 20 milligrams of sodium while balsamic has got only 3.3, D-sap includes 24 milligrams of manganese while balsamic has only.6 milligram. D-sap has got 4 milligrams of iron while balsamic has got nothing. Potassium in D-sap is 1282 milligrams while in balsamic is 20. Many other minerals have been observed in D-sap while Balsamic or common vinegar is deficient in these minerals.

Scientists at the university of Virginia have found that vaporizing lactic acid can cure mice with influenza; however, if you compare D-sap with balsamic or common vinegar, you will find out that D-sap is much stronger than them, besides, it contains vitamin A, D, E, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, and  B5.

When a scientist wants to speak, they must to speak accurately  and deeply. The results of our study indicated that D-sap was significantly successful in curing coronavirus and all those who were infected by coronavirus and close to die, could successfully survive from death. D-sap can dissolve coronavirus surface which is made up lipid and when this skin is dissolved it is as if coronavirus outfit has been removed and it is to die. It is a very scientific and easy method of treating coronavirus.

The history of using vinegar to treat diseases dates back to thousands years ago when vinegar was used in wars to disinfect the wounds. That is why D-sap has significant effect on coronavirus.

Another point is that the genes of Congress60 members who were entangled in addiction were analysed before and after their addiction treatment. The results of this study which was carried out by Mrs. Kamandar identified that DST method (Dezhakam Step Time) and OT (Opium Tincture) were significantly effective in reconstructing the genes. This article will be published very soon.

All the money gathered for buying land for Congress60 is for our descendants, for our future generations. We started our work to buy land by collecting money from the members [the members voluntarily bestow their money upon buying and building lands, because Congress 60 has survived their life]. Then, Sardar legions were established and every Sardar member was supposed to pay 300 dollars and last year a new idea came through. The members who could bestow 2500 dollars were honoured by the title “donor”. This year we have a new title for those who can donate 25000 dollars. They will receive the title of “Pahlevan” [the Generous]. Those who have lots of money, those who want to leave much money for their children listen to my words. I do not say not to give your money to your children, I only say: “look what happens after your death and how your children behave after you leave them with that much money”. Nothing is consistent forever, [you may die just now or tomorrow morning]. Donate your money to wherever needed: to charities, to people with cancer and orphans. Before anyone else, I firstly do that because I want to be your role model.

Thank you for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe


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