From a black and dark world to an orange shawl (guide-assistant’s badge)
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From a black and dark world to an orange shawl (guide-assistant’s badge)

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I would like to thank Mr. Dezhakam and his family. Mr. Dezhakam, I remember someday you told me I am just an engineer. I want to say that, you are not just an engineer, you are a father, an ointment, a medicine, a master, tranquility, you are the valley of fourteen, you are “LOVE”.

From a black and dark world to an orange shawl (guide-assistant’s badge)

Two companions who have been accepted in guide-assistant entrance exam express their feelings after achieving this sacred position in this text.

   Companion Roya Kharaghani:

I left the Congress60’s branch confused and turbulent, I had been told that sometimes in the second journey in Congress60 a pupil might doubt that why he is coming here. I did not know what I wanted and I always was complaining about everything. I had endless questions and excuses and I was wondering why God does not fulfill my desires. Someday I wanted that my traveler would be treated but why I cannot be calm even now that he is cured. My soul was looking for something lost inside me and desired everything and nothing. What kind of feeling is this? I had thousands of dreams and goals like being an actress, leaving Iran, and making progress as well as studying tourism and getting married. I did not know to think about which one. One day when I was going to Congress60’s meeting, a kind angel stopped me and her motherly words and advice lit a spark inside me. I recalled Mr. Dezhakam's words again in the Congress60’s prayer, “only one request, only one prayer [must be considered in Congress60’s prayer]”. I remembered my master's words. If you plant wheat, you will harvest wheat and if you plant barley, you will harvest barley. It won’t be possible to plant barley and harvest wheat from barely. Roya, what you have planted exactly? How much damage have you done to humans, nature, and creatures? Have you compensated? What is its compensation? How much have you made people happy?

      I was looking for a way to help others. There was a sense of love, affection, and a sense of help and service inside me, but I didn't know where or how I could do it. I was lost. The world and the color of my life were black, and it is true that human being is forgetful, and (now) I forgot that my traveler is healed and comes to Congress60, and he is well and his soul is pure.

It was early April 2019, and there were only one month and a half before the guide-assistance entrance exam. That spark and the flip of that angel's repeated words melted my frozen feelings again. From the Congress60 to the house, I cried all the way while driving. When I got home, I opened the book “Love: fourteen valleys to know thyself”. I continued reading until I reached the end of the book (the 14th valley). I had a strange feeling and I desperately asked my Lord to put true and gratuitous love within me and save me from the shackles of the colorful and virtual world around me. I tried to prepare myself for the exam by reading and listening to Congress60’s training every day and night. The more I read, the more thirsty I became. The day before the exam I was praying with my lord until midnight to put me in the way of serving people so that I may be at peace. I went to one of Congress60’s branches for the exam tomorrow afternoon. It was a strange feeling. What's going on here? Have all these people come to compete for love and giving service? Competing with each other only for love and serving others without financial benefits nor salary? Where on the earth have I seen such a competition? I shed tears on the exam papers while taking my exam with a strange feeling. My traveler (my brother) was in the seat next to me. 

 I was constantly talking to her in my heart and thanking him for being in this chair and for this exam. I was constantly talking to him and Mr. Dezhakam in my heart, and thanking them for being in this chair, and for this exam. The day I received the news of my acceptance, I was counting the moments for the day when I could go to Tehran, and the moment everyone was talking about. The moment of receiving the orange shawl (guide-assistance badge). The feeling of taking the shawl from the loving and generous hands of Mr. Dezhakam is indescribable and I cannot express my feeling about that. I wish all people who have this desire to experience this moment.

At that moment, it was as if I was not in this world and my tears were flowing. I calmed down by a deep look and a smile as well as the calmness of that great man as if that laughter had healed all wounds of my body, the broken heart, and the losses of my life. Now, I remember that look every day as if it followed me wherever I went. I ask God to help me in this great way and not to leave me for a moment. The shawl around your neck increases your responsibility more than before. Your indescribable happiness is accompanied by concern and sadness about the future that can you get out of this way proudly? The result and fruits of the responsibility are more important than its first excitement. This shawl results in resolving the knots [problems] of your own life and people’s problems. The shawl forces you to act righteously because you are a role model. The covenant compels you to move toward knowledge, justice, and decency. If you want to be bad and move towards the anti-values’ path, the shawl and the covenant remind you where you were and now where you are.

The best moments of my presence in Congress60 was the time when I was newcomer’s guide and I could create a window of hope in someone's heart and persuade her to stay in heaven. Now that God has given me the merit of this position I urge you, the readers, who read this script, to send your prayers for me to be helpful, pure, loving, and enduring in this great way. Now, I can understand the reason behind the insistence of elders and guides for me to become a guide-assistant. The reason was completing my treatment process. We won’t harvest unless we plant something. We won’t get anything unless we donate. I would like to thank my dear guides, Ms. Sara, Ms. Sahar. Also, I would like to thank my dear guide Ms. Davoodi who taught me the lesson of love and who taught me to listen and see everything profoundly. Moreover, I would like to thank Ms. Mazaheri who truly deserves the guide-assistance position.

Mother, I know that your prayers are behind me everywhere, and all I have is because of your prayers. I want to kneel in front of you and kiss your feet. Thank you for accompanying your children on this journey and with your tired and incapacitated feet, you were ready to change and learn sooner than they did. Your calmness and patience are like a paradigm in my life. Stay well. My traveler, my brother, a piece of my heart, you gave me all these rare and pure feelings. I remember someday I was complaining with god and asked him why he created me. Your best gift to me was the newcomer’s shawl that was hung around your neck and my best gift to you was the guide-assistance shawl. Thanks for your presence and help. I hope you remain a pure servant and a lover of Congress60 and help newcomers to stay in Congress60 and serve others.

 I would like to thank Mr. Dezhakam and his family who indeed love people. Mr. Dezhakam, I remember someday you told me that I am just an engineer. I want to say that, you are not just an engineer, you are a father, an ointment, a medicine, a master, tranquility, you are the valley of fourteen, and love. The love I've been looking for years in the outside world, and I was seeking my lost part of life in having a partner. Now love is inside me, inside my heart. I don't look for it outside anymore. I kiss your hand, my master, you changed my black world to a white world.

My lord, my God, I miss you every day. Although I know you are everywhere, I always look at the sky because the sky has three signs of you. It is infinite, generous, and kind. My God, I love you heavenly.


 Companion Roya Saberi:


I am delighted that God allowed me to be connected to Congress60 and its teachings. I came here to be released. I came here only to accompany my wife and then I intended to leave this place. But in the meantime, a lot happened to my thoughts and ideas. liberation was only an excuse. In Congress60, we achieve liberation at first, the next step is making progress and growing up. Like the buds and blossoms that are first released from the seed and then grow which means that if we get rid of the hardship and obstacles of life, we grow up. Also, for growing up and ascending we should be in the straight line. In Congress60, if you try to be a good obedient person, you will receive beautiful moments that even the moments of serving people will be pleasant and instructive for you. We've all had a lot of hardships, good and bad scenes in life. However, if someone wants to continue life not for spending time, but for living, he should find a way and hope. He should try to receive something besides spending life. In Congress60, we learn to earn experience from good and bad things that happen in our lives and don’t look back. We learn not to be discouraged by the misery and what has been taken from us. I trusted and here became the best place where I count moments to be here. Where I could get rid of my concerns and failures.

I connected to an ocean after liberation which was connected to the great source of god’s grace. I saw life and its circumstances as a gift and I accepted everything given to me including its falls and resurrections. When I got on the horse of life and accepted my master's words, I did my best to experience better seeing and changing. Being obedient, serving, and getting training became the key to my success and happiness. After giving the services, the most beautiful feeling I received was getting the guide-assistance shawl through Mr. Dezhakam's hands. When I saw Mr.Dezhakam was coming, I expressed all suffer and pain of my life by shedding tears with a good feeling at the covenant meeting, as if I was feeling my father’s presence once again. Now I can realize how important having a good feeling is. Now I understand that nothing is more important than the present moment and training. Now I realize that stress, anxiety, apprehension, fear of the future, the hardships of the times, and loneliness were never permanent and were not worth the wasted moments my life.

I am very delighted because of this good feeling and I owe that to my dear guide, Mrs. Zohre Tavakoli. I pray for her to have the best and most beautiful moments. I hope to be a worthy servant in this beautiful path which has been shown to me by God. I would like to thank Mr. Dezhakam, his dedicated family, and all Congress60’s guides who conveyed good feelings to me and let me be trained beside them.

Written by Companion Roya Kharaghani and Companion Roya Saberi


Translated by Traveler Ehsan Abolhasani



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