My Revivification, Coronavirus Treatment
6/20/2020 12:00:00 AM

My Revivification, Coronavirus Treatment

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During the first days of the disease, my lungs used to rail, and later I became unable to talk or make any noise. Then I started consuming the miraculous elixir of D.SAP.

Traveler Masoumeh entered Congress60 with almost 5 years of free fall (not using without being treated). She had more than 13 years of demolition with drugs(anti-x) opium, opium residue, alcohol and crack. She launched her travel with OT (opium tincture) as medicine, and by the DST method. Her treatment process lasted for 10 months and 13 days under the guidance of Ms. Mitra and has been liberated for a year and 11 months. She was diagnosed with COVID-19 a while ago. Following Congress60’s method, she has regained her health now. What you read in the following paragraph is a short conversation we had together.

  •  We are so glad to see you healthy today. You succeeded to defeat COVID-19. When was your diagnosis and what symptoms did you have? Did you suffer from another disease before corona?

 No, I didn’t have any particular illness. Its first symptoms were extreme fever, cough, bone pain, excessive sweating, chest burning, lack of appetite, and inability to recognize smells and tastes. At first, I thought it was just the flu, but the symptoms got worse over time.

  • What was your first reaction when you found out your test results were positive?

I went to the hospital. Considering that 88% of my lungs had turned white, the medical team insisted on hospitalizing me. But I preferred to quarantine myself at home and I did. I took medication for only two days. It was like my throat was blocked and I was not able to swallow. Afterward, I started drinking and vaporizing D.SAP (apple cider vinegar) and breathing the vapor according to Mr. Dezhakam and Ms. Mona’s recommendations.

  • Did you use to consume D.SAP regularly before your diagnosis?

  not regularly.

  • How was the improvement of your symptoms after you started taking D.SAP regularly? What obvious changes occurred in you?

During the first days of the disease, my lungs used to rail, and later I became unable to talk or make any noise. Then I started consuming the miraculous elixir of D.SAP. I used to vaporize it on a stone and breathe the steam coming out of it for the first two days three times a day. On the third day, I changed the ratio to 1 to 1. I also used to drink diluted D.SAP once every six hours. After three days I miraculously could speak again. My voice became clear and I could recognize the taste and smell of food.

  •  Which method of using D.SAP was particularly the most effective one for you?

Vaporizing and breathing in the vapor.

  • What is your personal experience of Congress 60’s method? What are the differences between this method and others in your opinion?

I’ve been to lots of NGOs before coming to Congress 60. They did nothing but make things worse. The only method that could save me was Congress60’s DST method. I had a background of smoking for 35 years and could not have even imagined living without Nicotine someday. But I traveled (used the treatment method) in Congress60 and was treated and revived. Congress60’s method, DST, is the best, most complete, most effective, and most updated method there is. Mr. Dezhakam is perfectly acquainted with physiology and the spirit of humankind.

  •  What is your last word for the audience of this interview?

 People who are a part of this system should know they have been blessed with God’s biggest blessing. So they should be so thankful to God and this system and use and apply this pure network of instructions and knowledge for living a better life. We must take firm, serious, and strong steps on the way of the subjects we learn and try to apply them before we get into trouble. I will never forget that I was restored to life. During the first days of my illness, I was feeling so terrible that I wrote my testament. I believe that I owe Congress60 my breath and calmness today. I would love to extend gratitude to the honorable agent of the academy Ms. Mona who has helped me a lot with her warm words and guidance. I would also like to thank my beloved guide-assistant Ms. Mitra who has calmed me down to get through this stage.

  • Thank you for your participation in this conversation. Wishing you total health.


Interviewer: Companion Fatema

Translated by: Companion Meena

June 20, 2020

Edited by: Companion Marjan


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Topic : Interviews
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