Problems, the Best Opportunity for Learning
5/24/2020 12:00:00 AM

Problems, the Best Opportunity for Learning

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Considering the present circumstances, we currently have more time to increase our knowledge, especially for CDs and transcribing them and for studying the Valleys (fourteen valleys taught in Congress60).

The 4th session of the virtual workshops of Congress 60; the second legion of the Artesh branch was held on March 18, at 6 PM, by traveler Farhad as the Master of Ceremony.

Master’s Remarks:

I thank Mr. Saeed for giving me this opportunity to learn. I always wonder why some people lose touch with Congress 60 after entering it, or at various stages during their first, or second trip. This CD answered my questions; and to some extent, made the ambiguities clear in this regard. I came to this conclusion that whenever I deviate from the norms of any community, such as family, or society, my relations to them will be severed. Congress 60, like any society; or family has its own rules and regulations. If I go beyond them or be indifferent to them; my connection to Congress 60 will fade till my connection will finally cut off.

When this happens and I am disconnected during my first travel (the treatment process), I have lost it; and if I am in my second travel (the process after the liberation), the problems I have been struggling with would increase more and more. Consequently, if I respect the rules and sanctities of Congress 60, I will naturally maintain my relationship with it.

Audience Words:

Saeed Namaki, the respected Guide of the second legion:

These days we are not physically close to each other, and we are far from the educational workshops and the legions. However, I think that we can have the same lesson or inspiration from the CD “Connection”, that is to get reformed, or liberated and to compensate for the bitter seeds we have sown so far, and for the right seeds we are going to plant; we need our connection wires to be connected to the instructions of Congress 60. Considering the present circumstances, we currently have more time to increase our knowledge, especially for CDs and transcribing them and for studying the Valleys (fourteen valleys taught in Congress60). In my opinion, because of the free time we have these days, we should strengthen our connectivity to Congress60 and its virtual instructions. Maybe this is an opportunity for us to empower ourselves in this test. I hope that we will make the most use of our time and chance in the opportunities given to us.

During the previous weeks, we had time to practice instructions, to use the energy of the legions; and to be happy visiting each other and receiving energy and instructions. This is not possible these days, because of the situation that has come about. Yet, this cannot be the reason for us to get lazy. We need to pay more attention to being connected to Congress60. We must participate in the discussions of the legion even briefly, transcribe the content of CDs, take their pictures, and send them to the guides to show we are connected and we do our duty best to achieve our goal.

I suppose that people place in certain conditions to make decisions based on which fate is realized. As Master Dezhakam mentions in this CD: If we don’t use our mandate given to us and are disconnected, we will absolutely be connected to negative forces. We can connect to Divine forces due to our cognizance, command, and hard work; and in contrast, we can connect to the evil, and deterrent forces by negligence. Then, we see that despite all the efforts we had made, all the things we achieved and built have been lost.

Traveler Mohammad:

At the start of the CD Mr. Dezhakam talked about nutrition, and then, about the connection to the righteous path. He said that if I went straight and continued it indefinitely, I would get what I wanted overtime, and the more I love others, the stronger the connections would be. I should not deviate in the middle of the road, because this will surely make me disconnected.

Traveler Mohsen:

This CD is related to the weekly agenda of Congress 60, and the issues discussed are similar to those in the seventh Valley. At first, Mr. Dezhakam talked about mal-nutrition. Someone who comes to Congress 60, and seeks treatment for his/her addiction has found the way, and the goal is to achieve excellence and balance both in his body and mind, where we must achieve peace and tranquility. One of the most interesting things that were mentioned in this CD was Mr. Dezhakam’s words saying if I planted love, I would reap love, and if I planted the wind, I would reap the storm.

Traveler Taghi:

Dear Mr. Dezhakam says that at the beginning of work, and the earlier stages of Congress 60, they proceeded to prepare sanctities for it. These were written so precisely they have survived unchanged so far. They have kept Congress 60 and its goals firm and strong. These are taken from our Holy Book, which states we should avoid theft, back-biting, or anti value deeds. Violating these sanctities causes members to collapse, a reality we have witnessed in Congress60.

Traveler Aboulfazl:

When I listened to this CD, I remembered myself and my connection to Congress 60. When I was liberated, I had to go to my hometown, and since there were no branches of Congress60 I was deprived of all the merits of congress.

Traveler Meysam:

Hi friends! I am Meysam, a newcomer to the second legion. I hope to be able to appear and participate powerfully in the legion.

Traveler Mehdi:

According to my impression of this CD, when I lose my connection to Congress 60, I am equally deprived of its instructions and naturally lagging in learning the right way to live and travel. I owe my life to the instructions and solutions of Congress 60 to get through the difficulties. When I notice precisely, I’ll find out in the situations where I have a better and stronger connection to Congress 60 or I can serve, I experience better conditions and feelings.

Prepared by: Traveler Roozbeh

Translated by: Traveler Azad

Edited by: Companion Marjan


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