The Outstanding Medication for Treating Coronavirus
4/18/2020 12:00:00 AM

The Outstanding Medication for Treating Coronavirus

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Mr. Dezhakam: Since coronavirus resides in the throat for four days, we destroyed the virus by drinking D-sap. Then, those whose lungs had been infected by the coronavirus were told to use vape and inhale the D-sap liquid. Now, the patients are fully recovered.

Hello friends, I am Hossein a traveler.

Today, coronavirus is outspread, it is a pandemic disease which has grabbed the world in its hands. But we view it from another vantage point: when hands are contaminated with the virus or when a virus sits on anywhere, how can we disinfect it? Coronavirus lies in the nose, sinuses, mouth and throat. Then, it moves from the throat to the lungs and we have to destroy it. How can we do it? We cannot pour liquids into the lungs and it is impossible to pour solid medications into the lungs.

The best and easiest way is vaporizing; therefore, if we have an antiseptic substance or disinfectant which can move into the mouth, lungs and sinuses via vape (vapourising device), the virus will be gradually destroyed. This was carried out in Congress60 and we have gained appropriate results.

Congress60 members are about 60000 to 70000 individuals and the rate of contamination by coronavirus is very very low in Congress60, this statistics can be studied by the researchers. What we all have done is that we poured a spoonful of D-sap (or apple-vinegar) in a glass of water and we drank it every morning, as we got up and the same was carried out at night before going to bed.


Since coronavirus resides in the throat for four days, we destroy the virus by continuously drinking the liquid (D-sap). In the second phase, those who had been contaminated by the coronavirus were told to drink a spoonful of D-sap every six hours and gargle with the liquid and the patients have been fully recovered. They were also asked to use vape and inhale the D-sap liquid in this way: pour half a glass  of D-sap into a half a litre of water and let it boil for 40 minutes, then cover yourself with a blanket so that the vapour does not run away and breathe deeply so that the vapour can reach your lungs, don’t be under the blanket for more than three minutes. Since this vapour  contains Acetic Acid, it can destroy the lipid/protein made virus.

Inhaling  D-sap vapour can do two things: first since the vapour is very hot and the virus is vulnerable to the heat, it can dissolve the coronavirus structure. Furthermore, the Acetic Acid in D-sap or apple vinegar can break apart the virus lipid and protein structure.

In sum, I assert that the key for coronavirus is vapour, you can do it and see the results. Furthermore, D-sap or vinegar is edible; therefore, they have not any side effects on body and they do not harm body. I have repeated this solution for the coronavirus during the past two or three months ago but I had to emphasise it once more. Today is Saturday, April, 23rd 2020 and we have started this solution for coronavirus two months ago and we have achieved desirable results.

Thank you

Translated by Elahe  


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