The importance of sleeping at night
4/10/2020 12:00:00 AM

The importance of sleeping at night

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The scientists at Harvard, Oxford and Brussel universities claim a lot. However, they could not find a solution for a very tiny virus [coronavirus] which is not even alive. Holy Quran: “you are not able to create even a fly and if this fly takes something from you, you are not able to catch it back.”

The first session of the 68th Congress60 virtual workshops for Azadi branch travelers was administered on March  18th, 2020 at 5 p.m. by Mr. Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and traveler Mohammad, as the secretary. The agenda was “the importance of sleeping at night”.

Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. I hope you are keeping well and I am fine too. Today is Wednesday March  18th, 2020 and it is 9:5 a.m. and this is our last session in 1398 (solar year). Due to coronavirus pandemic; from the first day, we changed our meetings to virtual ones. This was done appropriately, because we valued the virtual space in the past and our English site is designed in two languages, Persian and English which has more than 30000 visitors a day. Congress60’s Instagram page had been active and weblogs and groups [in telegram or WhatsApp] had been active too. Therefore, we have accurately used this virtual space in the past.

Our meeting in the virtual space must accurately start at the specific time, the same as before, and the virtual legions must be held the same time as before. Therefore, males’ meetings must be held on even days (Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays) and females’ meetings are held on Tuesday.   

In actual meetings held in Tehran’s Academy branch, the minimum distance between two persons must be 1.5 meters. The meeting will be online on Instagram where Congress60 members and all the people around the world can follow the speech and participations of the participants.


Fortunately, as Coronavirus was outspread, people in many countries rushed into supermarkets and stores and emptied the shelves, however, thank God Iranians were not disturbed by the situation, they kept calm  and this shows that they are rational people. But Europeans and Americans had not experienced tough situations and they imposed every hardship of life on us, that is why now they struggle with each other to catch a roll of toilet paper. But in Iran, supermarkets are full of stuff and people do not rush into supermarkets.

We have to observe all sanitary rules, but an Iranian idiom reads: once you die, once cry [which means: do not worry, you just once die and for that pain, once you should cry].  When you  are stressed, the Cortisol hormone increases in your blood and this disables your immune system.

I read you one part of our Holy Quran: “you are not able to create even a fly and if this fly takes something from you, you are not able to catch it.” We [human beings] are claiming too much [about our knowledge and science], but this is not the reality. We [human beings] have found something but we know nothing about human being’s hidden sides including the Self, Wisdom, soul; we even do not fully know the physical side. They say psychic diseases are incurable or say people committing suicide cannot be cured. They never say we do not know any solution for that, but only claim that  these diseases are incurable ones. They cannot cure even physical diseases like cancer, many cancers are incurable for them too. We have had some progress in some areas but we were unable to cure brain cancer, intestine cancer or psychic diseases. If we knew theses diseases, we could cure them. The scientists at Harvard, Oxford and Brussel universities claim a lot. However, they could not find a solution for a very tiny virus [coronavirus] which is not even an alive creature, and only made up of some protein molecules. This tiny creature has wiped the world off. This is what was  mentioned in Holy Quran, not only could they not create a fly, but also they do not even know anything about this tiny virus. This virus has divided the world history into two parts: the earth before the coronavirus and the world after it. It is like the medieval ages and a new renaissance in our world of knowledge, we know nothing about the transcendental forces or any other lives with different frequencies which exist in other worlds. The only thing we know is that after the renaissance they concluded that God is dead and on the flip side we know nothing; therefore, we must rethink [this style of thinking]. What have they done for this tiny addiction? They all constantly claim that addiction is incurable, they continually assert that addiction is a mysterious, incurable and progressive disease and between 300 and 400 million people are struggling with alcoholism and they have not any cure for it, because their knowledge is not enough, they are not aware of the cause of addiction, that is why they cannot cure the problem of addiction which has existed from the era of Adam and Eve and the cure for that has been revealed 20 years ago in Congress60. However, in many NGOs, they claim that we had been cucumber before addiction, but as we get addicted, we are now pickles and a pickle cannot return to cucumber any longer. It is completely and definitely obvious that a pickle is not able to change into a cucumber, because the universe is evolving constantly, I have come from my mom’s womb, I cannot return back to her womb now, I have once been illiterate and now I am literate and I cannot return back to my previous situation. Because when we are in a higher degree, we cannot return back to the previous status. However, in other NGOs, after their withdrawal about 10, 15, 20 years, they are off-balance and they have to enter their NGO classes to feel better. Since they do not feel well, they think that those who have experienced withdrawal are addicts to the end of their life. They are really right, they are addicts because their physiology system is not working  

In Congress60, the problem of addiction was revealed and its medication was found and treating addiction is very easily carried out in Congress60. We now know that all our mood and psychological aspects are determined by a set of hormones and biochemical substances secreted in our body. Dynorphin, encephalin and serotonin, etc. are produced in our body and if they are not produced in body, we will get diseases. When the secretion of insulin decreases, you will get diabetes, when iron comes down, you will get anemia, when dopamine decreases you will get Parkinson, and when it increases, you will get schizophrenia. When serotonin secretion comes down you will get depression and think of suicide and when it increases you will be vigorous.

We do know nothing about human beings. The opioid substances in our body are unique and cannot be found anywhere. They are far stronger than the external opiates, for instance dynorphin is 100 times stronger than morphine. In addiction, the internal opioid substances are replaced by external opiates, and when they are added to the body system, we feel fine; however, after a while, the body system stops secreting the natural opioid substances and we face problems, gradually the internal opioid substances are replaced with external addictive drugs and the person becomes an addict. Now, the internal system must be reconstructed again so that it can secrete the opioid substances naturally again.  This process has been totally ignored around the world, they only want an addict not to consume drugs; however, Congress60 with its [miraculous] protocol has solved the problem of addiction easily.

Nowadays, human being is struggling with three global problems: insomnia, constipation and obesity, there three problems are related to each other and more than half of the earth population are struggling with them.

As you want to sleep, three hormones must be secreted: serotonin, adrenaline and acetylcholine. When they all are secreted, the person is anesthetized, therefore, now we all know that sleep is an anesthetization and opioid-like substances must be naturally secreted in body so that we can sleep well. I myself sleep at 9:30 p.m. every night and get up at 4:30 a.m. every morning, but if one night I want to sleep at 11:30, I cannot sleep anymore, because my sleep time is disturbed.

Therefore, you can sleep well only IF the X-system (the opioid-like system in body) works properly, IF the sleep programme is fixed and unchanged and IF you are calm, it means that your thoughts are also very important, thus if you struggle with disappointment and despair or if you are stressed, you cannot sleep at all. Stress affects the X-system which is generally known as the immune system.

Globally, drug abusers are suggested to give up their drugs or alcohol or sleeping pills, and consequently they face sexual dysfunctions or sleep disorder and insomnia. However, using the DST method of addiction treatment, the X system returns back to its natural status and they can sleep well, without  having craving or any sexual dysfunctions.

They say to treat your addiction, you must change your playground, your teammate and the ball, they isolate the addict from his family and want the drug abuser to give up his addiction or alcoholism; however, they are constantly suffering from their withdrawal symptoms to the end of their life.

Fortunately, we have solved all these problems in Congress60 and over 30000 individuals have been liberated from addiction in Congress60 and they are completely balanced people in every aspect of life. The Congress60 members do not experience any craving for drugs after their treatment, they can sleep well [even in a warehouse of opium or heroin]. To have a good sleep, I suggest that you get up early morning.

Thank you for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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