The Founder of Congress 60 in a Dedicated Conversation with Afarinesh Newspaper
2/15/2020 12:00:00 AM

The Founder of Congress 60 in a Dedicated Conversation with Afarinesh Newspaper

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Our assumption about addicted people is that they are not able to rescue themselves from narcotics trap or they had been liberated temporarily but returned to addiction again.

The founder of congress 60 in a dedicated conversation with Afarinesh Newspaper:

Addiction is not an incurable disease.

Hossein dezhakam explained about congress 60 and its activities.

You may have never heard the name of congress60 before, but you have heard frequently about addiction and narcotics abusers. Our assumption about addicted people is that they are not able to rescue themselves from narcotics trap or they had been liberated temporarily but returned to addiction again. Therefore, we should leave them on their own or isolate them from the community. We may think they are so involved in addiction that finally they will lose their life. But these assumptions are not true of all the narcotics abusers. Addiction is a disease treatment of which should be investigated basically and scientifically, so it can be removed completely from the body of a narcotics abuser. Thus congress60 as a non-governmental organization has supported the treatment of narcotics abusers for many years, liberated them from addiction and in some cases influenced their destiny.
In order to know more about congress60 and its activities, Afarinesh Newspaper conducted an interview with Master Dezhakam, the founder of the congress60. We invite you to follow this interview.


Using Effective Treatment Methods in Conress60

Master Dezhakam explained about the congress and its activities as:

 Congress60 is a non-governmental organization that has permission from the ministry of interior. It has been working as an independent academy for free and has more than 60 branches and centers all over the country. The members, with identity cards, working on the treatment of addiction are more than 80 000. The mechanism of Congress60 in the treatment of addiction is completely different. In a way that narcotics abusers enter this organization and start their treatment process. They have to attend 3 days a week at 17 in the afternoons under the supervision of their guides and continue their treatment process.  Both with their families they receive the required guidance. Their treatment duration is 11 months. Narcotic abusers are present in 3 sessions as guests and in these 3 sessions they are given the necessary information, for example: what their disease is and what the treatment method is. What the reason of this method and its time duration is.
In this organization, people come by their choice whenever they wish and it doesn't need keeping them for days and nights. But if they definitely want to use our treatment method, they should participate in our workshops regularly. After three sessions, they have to enter a group and for this purpose, there are various guides whom they can choose by their own decision. Then they join the group of their guide. Their guide prescribes their medicine and they start taking it. During all these stages, they can go to work and they won't have any problems because of addiction quitting and there are no bad effects on their psyche and mentality. They can live normally. By prescribing opium tincture we treat the natural opiate system of the body that has already been destroyed.

Addiction is not an incurable disease.

The human body naturally produces opiates such as Dynorphin and the stimulants such as Dopamine and the pain killers such as Encephalin and also produces anti-depressants and anesthetics. This system of the body can be called a bio-chemical opiate system. When somebody uses external narcotics, the bio-chemical opiate system of their body will be damaged and destroyed. Therefore, successful treatment happens just when these natural systems in the body are repaired and restarted. Natural narcotic substances of the body are very sensitive and important issues that we should notice in addiction treatment. In fact, a narcotic abuser consumes external narcotics and destroys his/her body. This problem has to be treated systematically instead of a sudden cut of narcotics. The main reason for death among addicted people is sudden cut of narcotics that gives a big physiological shock to their immune system and it becomes crippled by lack of the natural narcotic substances in their body. Fundamental scientific researches need to be done in this area.

Partnership with universities in a case study

The founder of Congress60 continued I recommend universities to take action, review our solutions, get involved in addiction treatment and support our activities. Congress60 activities can be available as research samples for university students and they can have access to the files of our clients.
I should mention that the Azad University of Eslamshahr has been cooperating with Congress60 for 2 or 3 years. They have organized a class using the method of Congress60 that had good feedback. We suggest that other universities also implement this method in their classes.
Another interesting point is that many narcotic abusers after treatment and liberation of addiction achieved the level of professional national sports.

We should not neglect the honors of our country.

Talking about the operation of the media, he continued the media especially our national radio and television need to show achievements like what happened in the Congress60 besides their other programs about addiction. We should not neglect the honors of our country. We need to pay more attention to them.
The necessity of teaching the scientific methods in the country and abroad

In the end, the founder of the congress60 declared we have to do something that has outputs, our country has reached a level that can teach this science in the country and export it to other countries as well. We need to prepare a condition so that university graduates’ researches have good and practical outputs.
There are about 25000 to 30000 narcotic abusers that have certainly been treated, and they have returned to their own routine lives. The proper treatment methods and their positive and satisfactory results have to be presented nationally and even internationally and many research projects have to be done on them.

Interviewer: Sedigheh Mehrabi
Translated by: Companion Zahra

Edited by: Companion Marjan




Source : 0
Topic : Interviews
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