“Order, Discipline, and Respect”
2/5/2020 12:00:00 AM

“Order, Discipline, and Respect”

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The method of treating addiction in the world is completely wrong and unfortunately, the harbinger of this job is the United States. The US has many good traits but in the science of addiction is very weak and lagging.


The fourth   session of the 68th  round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on January   22nd, 2020 at 8:50 a.m. This meeting was held by Mr. Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and traveler Mahdi as the secretary. The weekly agenda was: “Order, Discipline, and Respect”.

Mr. Dezhakam: first of all some points:

1) For liberation birthdays, you are allowed only to buy one-kilogram cakes not more than that, and after the ceremony, the family would take the cake. These cakes are poisonous, the cream on it is not real cream, it is (cream) just some chemical substances. 68 percent of death in the world is because of malnutrition, they separate wheat bran from wheat and they take its amino acids and fibers, and its flour only remains. Big and heavy cakes are forbidden, therefore.

2) For liberation birthdays, you have to  memorise the song lyrics  and when you want to give your gifts, the traveler must give his gift to his companion (wife or mother) and the companion must give the gift to her guide.

3) Now, we are approaching the  Representatives’ Election. Since Congress60 has not any political affairs, we do not distribute any tracts. We do not support any parties because our friendship will be destroyed.

4) When an old guide [after four years] wants to surrender their legion, that legion must be completely dissolved and each member can either go or remain in Congress60 and adjoin other legions, but the more important point is that when a guide starts their legion, it is better to have brand new pupils, because the old members coming to the new legions may want to interfere with the guide’s affairs.

5) Do not buy confection for the ceremonies because they are not healthy and they impose extra expenses.

6) Tomorrow is the establishment of Male companions’ legion in Shadabad branch, therefore the Academy branch will be off so that you can go to Shadabad.

7) Mr. Korosh’s period of being the agent of Academy branch is coming to end and Mr. Ahmad Zamani is introduced as the new agent of Academy branch of Congress60.   

8) The next point is that five members of Congress60 Rugby team are the national Rugby team members and it is not a tiny thing. It is a very great job though it has been common for us and I told that the picture of Congress60’s Rugby members will be hung in some branches. We are not aware of the glory and greatness of the treatment of addiction in Congress60. In other NGOs when they get a withdrawal from addiction, they feel very bad and sad.


The method of treating addiction in the world is completely wrong and unfortunately, the harbinger of this job is the United States. The US has many good traits but in the science of addiction is very weak and lagging. It is also very lagging in psychiatry and psychology because they could not find any treatment and their best group is the one which claims that addiction is an incurable, mysterious and relapsing forward disease in which they have to either change the field or the ball or the partner (they think they have to change the situation to treat their addiction)! They have gone the wrong path and only prescribe half a kilo psychiatric drugs and pills, and the patients take pills; however in our own country, Iran, we have reached the highest position in treating addiction.

 I am also thankful to all the rugby players who are striving constantly.

The next important thing is this agenda: “order, discipline and respect”. These terms are very important without which we could not live together. We have a good trait that we respect the positions and we could convey it to you. Positions are highly respected in Congress60, who can make such a respect for the position? The person themselves! The guide can make such a respect for themselves. The guide must behave in a way that everyone respects them.

Twenty years ago I participated in a TV programme with presence of six experts, in that programme I declared that the method of addiction treatment was wrong. Mr. Alighol toldi me: “you just  said that you were an addict, won’t you become sad if people consider you as an addict?” I told him: “I do not implore them to respect me, I force them to respect me by my behavior, action and moral behavior. Only through these factors we can force people to respect us, we have to establish our own sanctity and fortify our status or position. No one is allowed to gossip about a guide or border-guard and when a border guard says anything we have to say: “for sure”.

Everything in Taleqani Park is based on order and discipline and every Friday 40 people come to keep cars’ order and discipline, then they learn how to respect order when they are behind the steering wheel. This order and disincline have led to the fact that we have no servants to clean the branches, in Congress60 each person is required to gather the garbage and clean the place. In the theatre salon, for the theatre: “The Window towards Heaven” written by Mr. Dezhakam”, the authorities said they got surprised to see such audience who not only did not throw garbage but also collect the garbage on the ground.

In the previous CD, namely “Lamp”, I told you that everyone must do their own job, if a person interferes with others’ affairs [even if very tiny interference], they destroy their own affairs and themselves. The agent must do his own job and not interfere with border-guards’ affairs. The Didebans (watchers) must do their own job and if they interfere with others’ affairs, they ruin themselves.

Even I have to stay after the meeting and clean the salon but I go because if I stay they do not let me do so.

Respecting each other is very important, the guides must speak with their pupil with courtesy and pupils must stand up when their guide comes. When the agent comes, you have to stand up. This respect, discipline, and order have led us to this position. Today you are a first traveler, then you become a second traveler and after that, you become an agent or border-guard [that is why now you have to respect others so that when your position rises others would respect you].

Our motto is “trust them and control them!” We put our trust in agents, and didebans (watchers) and we  have to control them. One of the assistants’ jobs is to control (the affairs). Assistants have got red scarf and one of their duties is to control whether the laws and legislations are carried out properly or not.

Thank you for listening to me

Translated by Elahe




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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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