A Summary of Master Dezhakam's Words in Physician's Legion
1/19/2020 12:00:00 AM

A Summary of Master Dezhakam's Words in Physician's Legion

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It is true that people will become claimant after they are served and forget about where they have come from.

Hi friends, I’m Hossein, a traveler. No creature comes into existence without a purpose; none of us are insignificant even if we think of ourselves as that. All creatures do their duties, all have been created for a specific reason. If a human is God’s creature, it has to work, do his duties, take his responsibilities, because the universe is like a factory in which all of us are workers, all creatures are working in this huge factory. For example, trees produce oxygen during the day, and then they produce carbon dioxide at night and all of them have duties.

This agenda is set to remind every member of what s/he has gained in congress 60 and how much s/he has served. It is true that people will become claimant after they are served and forget about where they have come from.  While we make use of everything and produce nothing. I mean there are some people here who criticize everyone and everything, they suggest solutions and ideas for everything, but do not take a slightly simple step to help congress60 achieve its aims. They do not know how much effort has been done by all members to make congress 60 such a disciplined place which is capable of treating addiction and addicted people.

People who complain of everything in society, family, company, and congress60 should be asked: “what did you receive from this system? What did you do for it? What did you do for your family? What did you do for your country? What did you do for congress 60? These are the places where you came from and you were liberated.

This agenda poses the question “what I have done for congress60?” Everyone here in the physicians’ legion should speak about this. I should ask myself as the base of congress60 and the creator of the DST method what I have gained from congress60 and what I have done for it. I know that I am too much indebted to congress60. For example, I was not able to write books, now I am a writer, I was not able to cook, now I am a chef, I was not a lecturer and now I am a lecturer. When it comes to the comparison I realize that this system gave me too much and I haven’t been able to compensate so far. This is also true for every member of this system.

At the moment, clinic physicians who have been listening to congress60’s CDs and try to put them in practice have got more clients and legions. This is a source of pleasure for us. Whenever they are able to cure their patients and have more requests from congress60, it makes us, the patients and the physicians happier. When patients are satisfied, doctors are satisfied, too.

Clinics should pay adequate attention to their monetary issues. They do not need to be like congress60, they should not serve for free.

I hope this kind of agendas brings us peace and kindness and makes us contemplate our family, country, and congress 60. It is our duty to give awareness to members, and this is what we did over these years and results are clear and make sense. When an abuser of narcotic substance comes and is liberated, s/he tries to help others to get out of the darkness as others had helped her/him before.

Prepared by: Traveler Saeed

Translated by: Traveler Amirhossein

Edited by: Companion Marjan


Source : 0
Topic : Public
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