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Communications of Hossein and Bill (Reply to bill - Jan 9, 2020)

 Communications of Hossein and Bill (Reply to bill - Jan 9, 2020)

Jan 9,2019

Dear Bill,

 I hope you are fine, I am well.

Your answer was quite exciting, especially when you spoke about our mutual friend Dr. Ernie Kurtz. Thank you for including me in his ideas.

We have come to a mutual understanding about psyche until now.

We have accepted that psyche is created by physiology or neuro- physiology and worldview.

Or psyche is the sum of our feelings and perceptions which manifest through our actions. Or psyche is our mood.

Now if we are to balance the psyche, the treatment must be applied to both previously discussed sections. (neuro-physiology and worldview)

When we are talking about worldview we must include six elements of Dr. Kurtz (Release, gratitude, humility, tolerance, forgiveness, and being-at-home.)

About your idea about two selves (internal and external) and your description:

This was beautifully described by you. I am hundred percent agree with it. As you mentioned it is like that we have two selves; one is steering us toward values and the other is doing the reverse.

In addiction case as you mentioned, the inner voice or the self that calls us toward values gets weaker and weaker and the other self gets stronger.

It is interesting that “Edmund and Helga” which I dedicated to Alisha speaks about the same thing and it is about Jaan and knowing human being as well. please do read it if you have any leisure time.

As you mentioned again, The DST method with OT is fully capable of healing raged cells. In worldview section internal and external self must come to a peace as well.

What matter in worldview is knowing human being which consisted of visible and invisible attributes.

It is unfortunate that all of my teaching including more than 600 educational disk which speak about human being is in Farsi. Each week a new compact disk is released and members of Congress 60 are listening and learning.

If we disregard the physical body what remains and others call soul, I am calling it Jaan. Just like a car and its driver.

The driver is Jaan and the car is the body. In fact, soul is part of the Jaan.

Our body is made of soil since its components are existed in soil. Jaan is made of something which is unknown to us. Just like a light which comes from fire, this light must transform into pure light during evolutions.

In fact, Jaan is not physical entity which occupies the body and it can never die.

Dear Bill,

In my country addiction was a morality issue which I was able to alter it a bit. I am trying to prove that addiction is an illness of body and worldview.

Therefore, when people realize someone is addicted the stigma never dies.

As you know I have divided addicts into three categories:

1.    Employed drug abusers

2.    Un-employed drug abusers

3.    Homeless drug abusers

In my country about two percent of addicts fall into the third group.

Therefore, being an addict is not equal with being corrupted and this stigma must be broken.

Now imagine how hard it is for a drug abuser lady to live in society! Or to be known by others! That is why within Congress 60 lady travelers are completely separated from men. No one sees and know them.

All their guides are ladies and this proved fruitful during these years. Having a separate building for them seemed necessary and that is why we have done it.

Please extend my greetings to Mrs. Rita.

Have a prosperous year ahead.

Friends and brothers on heaven and earth forever.



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