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Communications of Hossein and Bill (Reply to bill - Dec 31, 2019)

Communications of Hossein and Bill (Reply to bill - Dec 31, 2019)

Dec 31,2019
Dear Bill,

I hope you are fine, I am well.
I am delighted you spent a few days with your dear daughter Dr. Alisha and her husband. It is wonderful that you value your connection with your family and others must learn from you so they would have strong bond with their respected families. 

I am also happy that we have come to an understating regarding psyche. So two things are making the psyche, one is neurophysiology and the other is thoughts. From my point of view thoughts are located within something I fancy call “Jaan” or as you say mind.
Anyway, there is not much difference since both are indicating that in order to fix psyche we must focus on body or the X system as well and this deed must be completed using a proper medicine and worldview like 12 step programs of AA or NA.
As you mentioned world has made a great progress in regards of neurophysiology and experts have realized a great portion of healing psyche is rooted here.

But unfortunately, they have not found a proper approach to do so, that is why they are claiming addiction is like diabetes has no cure!
Fortunately, I have discovered a great approach to do so and based on fixing neurons or as we call it the X system we have achieved great deal of success.

Dear Bill,
Now I would like to discuss a bit about Jaan. I hope that this is not boring.
I would like to say in regards of human being there is something beyond physical body and brain which rules us. Although, psychologists and psychiatrists doesn’t believe so. That is why they are incapable of curing psyche, or addiction and they are using medicine as a maintenance.
When they cut the medicine, patient is back to step one or even worse status. This indicates the failure of this field while medical science has achieved great progress.
Is our psyche is fully dependent on chemical materials of brain and other parts? Let’s see!
A person is busy with doing his chore in this world and we ask him, what is your name?

Jack, he answers.
What is your date of birth, father name, address and place of birth, we ask him again? He will have some answers again. Now we ask him what is the reality of your life or which one is your real world?
He will instantly answer this world of course which I can see and touch, this is the real world indeed.
Now let’s imagine this same person is sleeping and he is seeing a dream.
Now if we ask him the same questions about his name, place of birth and etc. what would he answer?
Imagine he is being tortured in his dream and we ask him what is the reality? Or what is the real world according to you?
He goes angry and says are you blind? Don’t you see I am suffering? Is there any world other than this?
Now let’s ask, which one is the real Jack? And which one is the real world? The one in the dream or the waked one?
In fact, the real world is depending on us. When we are waked this is the real world and when we are dreaming our dream is the real world.
So up to this point we are at least living in two worlds and we have two different bodies.

Some would say the only true world is here and the rest is the imaginations of our minds or are the images of our unconsciousness.
I believe this is wrong! Since while we are dreaming, what we are experiencing whether a peaceful dream or a nightmare that is our real world.
So, we walk in our dream with another foot, we work with other hands, we see with other eyes, we hear with other ears, and we think with other brain! Which is real? The one in dream? Or this one?
Now let us go back to psyche which was made of two things.
One was neurophysiology or the complex functionality of body specially our brain’s chemical status. And the other was our way of thinking or the knowledge of a human being which I call worldview.

What learns the worldview is Jaan. This Jaan is beyond physical matter and Jaan holds our wisdom and mind.
I believe mind is like a computer’s monitor which shows images and it can save them within memory.
Brain is in charge of body and what control the brain is beyond physical material.

Dear friend, I know that what I am saying is complete nonsense according to today’s societies.  
However, we have come to an understanding until now about psyche or our mood.
Last week, we had the “Golrizan” ceremony within all branches. About a million Dollars was received as member’s donations. We have bought a 4 floor building with this money and it will be allocated to lady travelers.
Hopefully we will continue our discussion in our next communication.

Friends and brothers on heaven and earth forever

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