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A Quick Glance at Assistants, Agents and Border-Guards’ Positions

A Quick Glance at Assistants, Agents and Border-Guards’ Positions

A Quick Glance at Assistants’, Agents’ and Border-Guards’ Positions

I have to congratulate all Congress60 members including Assistants, Agents and Border-Guards and especially Master Dezhakam on Assistants, Agents and Border-Guards’ week. We have 52 agendas for 52 weeks in Congress60, 48 agendas of which are devoted to educational resources of Congress60 and four  agendas are out of these educational resources. These agendas include: guides’ week, Didebans’ (watchers’) week, companions’ week and Assistants, Agents and Border-Guards’ week. These four agendas are repeated every year so that new comers will be acquainted with them and in these weeks, when we appreciate these serving people because these people are the God’s favour to us for whom we have to be thankful to God and then we have  to be grateful to them.

If we look at the past, we can notice that at first the border-guard group was formed, then agent position was created and finally assistant position was added.

Since a complete management was required, the Watchers were selected to supervise the branches of Congress60 and for each branch a group of people were assigned to assure that Congress60’s sanctity and principles would be fully observed. In other words, border-guards are a group of people who take care for the spiritual and scientific borders of Congress60 including five males and two females and they own a yellowish scarf and they are responsible for law-enforcement in Congress60.

As master Dezhakam asserts border-guard’s position is a very difficult job and it is like walking on fire or a sword, because they have to deal with many types of people having different personalities and problems and simultaneously these serving people of Congress60 have to enforce laws by love and affection. The border guard are selected from  the second travelers and they have to gain the majority of votes by the members.

When the number of Congress60 branches increased, it was difficult for the watchers to supervise all the branches, that is why Agents were assigned to branches  and they are consultants to the border guards, they are managerial agents in Congress60. The assistants were adjoined to the system, because they had enough knowledge about the families and the problems that the female companions are struggling with. The only difference between agents and assistants is that agents have to be in contact with the Cooperative Watcher; while assistants must be in contact with Mrs. Ani, the companions’ watcher.

Agents and assistants are selected from those border-guards or the guide-assistants that have had an acceptable performance during their serving years. They wear cream scarf which shows that their position is between the position of Watchers (with white scarf) and the border-guards who wear yellow scarf.

As it is very difficult to control and manage a company or an enterprise, it is difficult to manage a branch of Congress based on justice, knowledge, and decency.  Therefore, these positions require very decent and expert people. I hope we will be among all the serving individuals of Congress60 so that we can take a step to globalize Congress60 and all the people around the world can hear the message of Congress60 (the message of  Liberation from addiction)

Written by companion Sorayya, Louis Pasteur branch of Congress60

Translated by Elahe


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