“The ninth valley (Tolerance is built when a force begins at a low level and gradually increases.) and its effect on me”
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“The ninth valley (Tolerance is built when a force begins at a low level and gradually increases.) and its effect on me”

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We all accept and enjoy Mr. Dezhakam’s words only because he has put his words into action first and then he wants us to do them

The ninth   session of the 17th  round of the Amin (Qom) Branch Workshops was held on May   23rd   2018 at 17:30 p.m. This meeting was held by Mr. Ahmad Hakimi, a Dideban (watcher) of Congress60 as the guest speaker,  Mr. Mahdi as the master of ceremony and traveler Abbas as the secretary. The weekly agenda was: “The ninth valley (Tolerance is built when a force begins at a low level and gradually increases.) and its effect on me”.

Mr. Ahmad Hakimi: Thank God I am here to serve and I hope we will benefit from  this session. The ninth valley is very similar to Ramadan and it is a great interface where a meal (lunch) is deleted and our eating gets disciplined and we see what an amazing event happens in that in the very beginning days of Ramadan, we have not any energy even to speak, but gradually our tolerance point increases. We know that fasting has lots of benefits and in the beginning of coming to Congress60, I regretted why I did not become familiar with it earlier and I had lost many things. Because Mr. Amin mentions that when we are on merry-go-round, we see everything upside down (i.e. since we saw everything upside down in our addiction era, we did not realise the advantages of this month.)

Some individuals asked me what you would like God to give you. I answer, after my liberation from addiction, I wanted NOTHING, because in your first travel, you were ready to bestow gold as much as your weight so that you would get liberated from addiction. You would have been seeking for the best way of liberating from addiction, the appropriate medicine and above all a master to guide you for thousands of years and you definitely would not have found a way better than Congress60’s. When I am talking about Congress60, it means that you have to be on time here, otherwise, a person who comes late and only attends his legion is not able to get anything. They do not know five o’clock is different from 5:30 and all of these refer back to our sense. Some days ago, Mr. Amin mentioned that in the triangle of wisdom, one side is the master, but the other two sides (contemplation and experience)  are in us. The  treatment (in Congress60) works for the one whose sense works appropriately. Our sense must transfer correct information to us, a person whose sense does not work appropriately comes late; therefore, he cannot receive correct information. If I get true information, my belief will be stronger and I get faith in it. When I have faith in something, nothing will resist in front of us and we remain steadfast in our faith and remove all the obstacles.

All the services carried out in Ramadan are the result of the ninth valley. This valley is very amazing. Pay attention to the words of its message: This message is for those who have entered the new world and are aware of their true self. It is compulsory that you move from the state of words to the state of action and pay attention to earth and sky. With your profound intellect have strong faith in the blessing of the heavens and know that your reward will assist you further. Hence, plant a precious seed or a valuable crop so as to gain enough food and also the comfort of a shade.

I believe  that this new world has different branches, the one who is liberated from addiction enters a new world, a person who is elected as the master of ceremony is enters a new world, the same holds true for the secretaries, guest speakers and guides, all have entered a new world, then it is compulsory to move from words to actions. Sometimes we pray and wonder if God has heard our voice. I have to say that we have two things: voice (statements) and our heart. Before listening to our voice, God looks at our heart.  He hears our voice but mostly pays attention to our heart.

Therefore, tongue is merely a tool to transfer information but it is not everything. What happens if  a guide tells his pupils not to tell lies but they themselves tell lies? In the book “Crossing the zone of minus 60 degrees”, we have a message entitled as “the Divine Weapon”. This message states that our words are like a weapon which can affect others. If a weapon has gunpowder, it can work, otherwise, it shoots (it has a sound) without action. Our words to be affective must have gunpowder and it means that the person who wants to advise others must have operationalized their advice first. We all accept and enjoy Mr. Dezhakam’s words only because he has put his words into action first and then he wants us to do them.

In summary, the ninth valley wants us to move from words to actions and pay attention to earth and sky. You might ask in which parts we have to increase our tolerance. Answer: In unreasonable requests of Self. When the wishes are built, they have to utilize the mental images, therefore, our sense is activated and our feelings change. The best example for this is withdrawal in which the person is not able to speak or do anything. This helpless person comes out of house and finds the drug dealer, although he has not consumed the drug yet, his feelings change, Why? Because the negative forces use this trick and inspire different thoughts in us, when we are entangled in one of these thoughts, it guides us towards everywhere it wants; however, with instructions, resistance, and practice, we can be successful against them. I hope we can increase our tolerance point in different topics and this happens only if our effective knowledge in different issues increases.

Photographer: traveler Ahmad

Translated by Elahe

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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