Mr. Amin Dezhakam’s Fifth Anniversary of Liberation from Addiction.
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Mr. Amin Dezhakam’s Fifth Anniversary of Liberation from Addiction.

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Mr. Amin: In that time (Mr. Dezhakam’s liberation from addiction), I experienced the revival and the whole family felt this revival too. We all realized the power of LOVE and I noticed the power of this event, when a family member is liberated from the dark.


Mr. Amin Dezhakam’s fifth anniversary of liberation from addiction.

The seventh session of  24th round of educational workshops in Moin Branch of Congress60 was held on April 18, 2018 at 5 p.m. by Mr. Salami, The  Financial Watcher of Congress60,  as the quest speaker, traveler Hashem as the master of ceremony and traveler  Ebrahim as the secretary. The weekly agenda was: “The eighth valley and its effect on me and Mr. Amin Dezhakam’s fifth anniversary of liberation from addiction.”

Mr. Salami:   I am very happy to be here among you and hope you are all keeping well. I have to thank Mr. Dezhakam who allowed me to sit as the guest speaker. He could not come due to an issue; therefore, I came. It is difficult to talk about Mr. Dezhakam and his family because it is like speaking about Light when we are in it. All Congress60 members fully know Mr. Amin and they use his CDs, pamphlets and writings. Today, I want to talk about 19 years ago when none of you was in Congress60. When I entered Congress60, Mr. Amin was in here. In the period of smoking opium, Mr. Dezhakam’s family members tolerated lots of hardship and when he got liberated rom addiction, a new movement started though it had a lot of  difficulties [Mr. Dezhakam’s family faced lots of problems when they started their work to treat addiction].  Mr. Dezhakam had all the responsibilities and he had to work from early morning to midnight. He made lots of sacrifices because he was a lover; love means sacrifices, it means giving up whatever you have for the sake of love. If he was not a lover, he could not make these sacrifices. In these 19 years, I have been observing him and his family’s (Mrs. Ani, Mr. Amin, Miss. Kamandar and Miss. Shani) attempts. On the beginning days of Congress60, Mr. Dezhakam sold all his properties to start this path. Even he sold his lands so that he could publish his book. Not only Mr. Dezhakam but also his family members and Mr. Amin tolerated all the hardships of starting this path and are tolerating all the difficulties. Mr. Amin meticulously followed Mr. Dezhakam and underwent many difficulties so that now we can learn from their knowledge.

If I want to  speak about the agenda, I have to say that the valleys are interrelated like the rings of a chain. In the previous seven valleys, we realized that we have to think and contemplate. But in the eighth valley, we have to start our movement, and with our start, the path reveals itself. Here is the start of practical work. If a path has a start point and we know its destination either and God is the predecessor or harbinger, it will be successful. On the basis of this correct start, Congress60 began its way and you can see it is stronger, more active and more fruitful than all other NGOs in the country. As you know, in Congress60, we are dealing with the three sides of body, psyche and worldview. In the worldview section, Mr. Amin played a very important role and his views towards addiction and even life are very beautiful. He is younger than many Congress60 members; however, he is very knowledgeable and I always use and listen  to his CDs  and words, he states the key points which can be our map showing the way.

 I was reading a script by Mr. Dezhakam today, he stated that if we turn the right key in the lock, it will definitely open. Mr. Amin interestingly turned the right key in a lock  and many doors opened up and many problems of people were solved. All the people had cold-turkey and I had too. Many people could physically tolerate this for some years; however, Mr. Amin’s worldview changed human beings’ thoughts and contemplations towards addiction and it is the result of his nonstop attempts and efforts.

Mr. Amin’s travel report: My destruction was four years, the anti –X was opium. Treatment duration: 20 months. My sports are swimming and archery. Under the guidance of Mr. Dezhakam, I traveled and I have been liberated from addiction five years and 14 days ago.

Mr. Amin’s wish: I hope we can benefit from Mr. Dezhakam for long long time. I hope the bed of Congress60 continues so that unknown diseases will be treated and the complex problems of human beings will be solved. I hope God’s grace will be with us and LOVE chain sustains so that these events continue.

Mr. Amin’s speech: Thank you for coming from different cities. I am grateful to God to be in this position. I never thought one day I can experience this position and these events. I even did not seek teaching worldview. However, I loved to be a teacher and I wrote this wish on the blackboard for one of my friends.  It was the endless grace of God to me  to grow in the best situation. If a seed is thrown on stone, it will never grow, even if it is the best seed and it receives sunlight. I  could provide some of the instructions because that seabed was appropriate and God let the events happen. Of course, I was seeking for a way to find solutions for the problems I had and I was trying to know why I was introvert and I wanted to get out of that situation. Mr. Dezhakam’s movement was a turning point, it was the revival for the family. In that time (Mr. Dezhakam’s liberation from addiction), I experienced the revival and the whole family felt this revival too. We all realized the power of LOVE and I noticed the power of this event, when a family member is liberated from the dark.

It was God’s will that other families could experience the same feeling. The Birth Process repeats itself  and this is  a miracle which is repeated. I hope this will be continuing and we can be with each other. The characteristic of Congress60’s education and instructions is that they are practical and help human beings; therefore, scientific issues are revealed.

Findings of Mr. Dezhakam will definitely continue. When I was travelling (when I was in the process of addiction treatment), I said it was a secret, by the way, all Congress60 members knew it. Thank you all and I am grateful to my family members who accompany me.

Mrs. Ani Dezhakam: It was very difficult for me that Amin had to undergo such an examination. I pleaded with Mr. Dezhakam no to do that. But he told me that if Amin succeeded in this examination, many people entangled in addiction would be helped. God helped us so that Amin could get out of this exam successfully.

photographer: traveler Mahdi


Translated by Elahe

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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