“Knowledge (Wisdom) and Effective Knowledge
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“Knowledge (Wisdom) and Effective Knowledge

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Addiction is not a secret, it is not mysterious, nor incurable. It is not a dragon. It is not even a child of a dragon! If the night is very very dim and dark, it does not matter if you have light in your hand, you will not fall down into the well. What is our light? Our light is the Wisdom Triangle


The sixth   session of the 65th  round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on April   4th   2018 at 9:35 a.m. This meeting was held by Mr. Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and companion Zahra as the secretary. The weekly agenda was: “Knowledge (wisdom), effective knowledge and literacy”.

Hello friends, I am Hossein a traveler. Hope you  are fine and I am fine too. Today is Thursday and this is our first session in the new [solar] year (1398). Thank God weather is very good. We had lots of rain in the new year, though it has made a lot of destruction because as I mentioned before we have disregarded the sanctity of the rivers: people have built their houses on the riverside where belongs to the river, that is why we experienced lots of destructions because of river floods. But thereafter they controlled the floods and I am sure that this rain will bring Iran greenery although we have lost a lot of people in these floods and it is very painful. I hope this year will get us goodness.

Today’s agenda is “Knowledge, effective knowledge and literacy” which belongs to Amin and he clarified that there is a great difference between knowledge (wisdom) and literacy. He specified that the level of wisdom has not anything to do with literacy, as clothing has nothing to do with humanity [the criterion for humanity is not someone’s clothing and there is no relationship between one’s wisdom and their literacy]. Because you have seen lots of educated people who behave badly. Wisdom is a triangle whose sides are “knowledge or instruction, contemplation and experience”. These three sides make wisdom. Last night, I watching an interview with a very famous person who was once an addict and now he is giving services but I found out that he is not feeling well because he has merely focused on his experiences and the NGOs we have in our country, are only emphasizing their experience. They say we do not accept the education side of wisdom, because the physicians were not able to help us, on the other hand, they have also omitted the side of contemplation and say contemplation is only mentioned in our book and disregard everything except their book. The only thing they believe in is their experience. Universities are merely working on education and knowledge but these NGOs are working on experience and they just express their experiences and if you talk with them you will see that after 15 years of liberation from addiction, they have not any self-confidence, their skin colour is not healthy, their speaking style is ill.


The interviewer asked him: “After 15 years of liberation from addiction, are you sure that you will never abuse drugs anymore?” He answered that I am an addict right now, I have been born an addict and I have special traits and qualities and I have to tolerate and control them, we are [healthy] only for today, meaning that they are not sure not to consume drugs tomorrow or in future.

You see Congress60 members are not comparable to these people. I repeatedly have stated that in solving the problem of addiction, we are 50 years ahead of all of the empirical research centres around the world, because we are continuously working on the three sides of Wisdom Triangle, we have written many articles and submitted them to the academic centres. For instance, first we said that to cure hashish addiction, they must consume three cc of OT but after a while we stated that they must do the same as ice-consumers and they have to start with .3 cc of OT. We are working on the three sides of Wisdom Triangle, that is why we have reached wisdom. I feel pity for them and I can do nothing. They act as if they were plowing the ground with shovel, they are suffering a lot but they cannot plow a large area. However, by using a tractor, it is done very easily. Because of having that knowledge and experience and contemplation we have been successful and we have sustained freedom from addiction.

I even did not accept that Congress60 sports teams  play with addicts, because those teams are off balance, they cannot behave appropriately, many problems will arise. New comers of Congress60 are not allowed to play in the national games, because they lack physical balance. This physical balance is very very important.


All the academic centres around the world are working on their experiences to solve the problem of addiction; however, these experiences are incomplete, what is the use of the experience of climbing a mountain and falling down and not reaching the peak? What is the use of the  experience of climbing a mountain, falling and not reaching the peak; which results in the death of the climber? All the climbers have fallen down because they have used only their experiences! Their experience is only useful when a person has climbed the mountain and reached the peak safely and sound. When you are using an incomplete experience, you will not be successful.

 Now, who dares to say we have weakness in our personality? Who dares to claim that we are addicts right now? Who dares to claim that Dezhakam is an addict right now? It is a very simple problem, we have used addictive drugs; therefore, the inner opioid system of the body was destroyed, as I explained the construction of the body in the five CDs of “The structure of the Body”. Addiction is a completely known issue in Congress60. Addiction is not a secret, it is not mysterious, nor incurable. It is not a dragon. It is not even a child of a dragon! If the night is very very dim and dark, it does not matter if you have light in your hand, you will not fall down into the well. What is our light? Our light is the Wisdom Triangle consisting of three sides of contemplation, experience and knowledge. Our first valley goes on contemplation. The first valley is the first side of the Wisdom Triangle. When scholars want to speak about me they say that Mr. Dezhakam has a charismatic personality, and his recovery process is very effective and string, he has wonderful sports teams, and he can organize everything very well. I answered it is not the case, if you see the Congress60 members are successful it is because they are high [not because of addictive drugs, but because their physiological system works well]. All the recovery you see, all the games and championships you see we win, all the songs made by the music band of Congress60 are like salad, they are not the main course; the main course is the DST method. The main course is the knowledge of constructing the body in the best way. If their body system did not work well, it was impossible for me to hold the sports games. If they were not balanced, many problems and fights would arise. If their body does not work well, they will fight with each other because chemical and physiological and mental status is not balanced.    We have lots of Congress60 members who were wounded in the war [against Iraq], they had gone to Germany to cure themselves but they were not cured. But now they are well. If Congress60 members were not well, they did not support Congress60 financially. They just help Congress60 because they are living in welfare. Congress60 has well financially status just because they are cured and liberated from addiction very well.

The agenda for the new year is to publicise the Congress60 films and programmes so that we can transfer the right information to other people, to say the addicts have not weaknesses in their personality. Many people are suffering from addiction and they are tortured by their addiction; we have to release our information. If these three sides of Wisdom Triangle work together, the effective knowledge will be formed and you will be successful. Based on the Wisdom Triangle, you can evaluate everything, how is their knowledge, their experience and their contemplation. You want to evaluate somebody’s cooking, she may have studied the recipe but has she cooked it well? Has she experienced cooking? Does she think about that? Based on the Wisdom Triangle you can judge any work.

Wish you prosperous years in your life.

Thank you for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe   

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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