An Interview with Mrs. Marjan,  a Congress60's Assistant and English Translator
11/8/2018 12:00:00 AM

An Interview with Mrs. Marjan, a Congress60's Assistant and English Translator

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The sign of love is to have no expectations, because the lover has nothing to do with the beloved but merely LOVE.It is not important who receives your love, but this sincere love itself is important.

An interview with Congress60 Assistant, Mrs. Marjan

Interviewer: Please introduce yourself as it is common in Congress60.

Assistant Marjan: hello friends, I am Marjan, a companion. Kamran (my traveler) consumed opium and opium extract for 20 years and traveled for 18 months and three days through the DST method, using opium as his medicine, under the guidance of Mr. Ali. My own guide is Mrs. Ani. After Kamran’s liberation from addiction, he started his nicotine travel with edible nicotine, under the guidance of Mr. Dezhakam and he has been liberated from nicotine for five years and nine months.

Interviewer: Please tell us about the darkness of addiction, the damages you suffered and how the way of liberation was revealed to you.

Assistant Marjan: I think the dimensions of addition darkness are known to Congress60 members. We all have experienced the times when you get worried as your husband is with you, because he does not pay attention to anything including his children and his life. His behaviors towards his relatives and friends make you feel ashamed and therefore, you avoid seeing other people. The result of addition is merely disappointment, depression and grief. Addiction distances you from others and those who are involved with it think it is better to live alone. Due to the family, friends and the traveler’s reactions, companions isolate themselves form others. All of these happen in the addiction era. I think speaking about the dark dimensions of life is not good, because when you remember them again, a dust [of hatred and grief] gets up and you will feel sad. The past has been past [forget about it, therefore]. In the addiction era, I could not consider my husband as an ill person, I always considered myself higher than him in rank, I considered him as a poor man who was so miserable that he was unable to set himself from these bad situations. I never thought that I had some responsibilities and duties. Finally, I realized that I could do nothing. I thought I could correct him and I even uttered this statement in his presence. When I figured out that I could do nothing, the right path [of Congress60] was revealed to me, I read a book in which Congress60 was introduced and I found this place with great effort.      

Interviewer: Sometimes, it is hard for a companion to understand the 14th valley [the love valley], what are the signs of a companion who is moving in the love path.

Assistant Marjan:  I is not possible for me to enter the valley of love, but as my experience shows the sign of love is to have no expectations, because the lover has nothing to do with the beloved but merely LOVE. A companion must know this. It is not important who receives your love, but this sincere love itself is important. A good companion is a person who observes life with love and does whatever for him with sincere love. The less the expectations, the more will be her power, and the less will be her weaknesses. A powerful person has not any expectations of others

Interviewer: In the CD Attar, Mr. Dezhakam mentioned that if you want something, you have to keep trying to get it, how do you define this persistence?

Assistant Marjan: As a person tries to get something they want, they have to check themselves time to time not to get out of the path. For example, I want to get liberated from addiction or be a guide in future. However, sometimes you want to get something because you want to prove yourself to the others or you want to help other people to get rid of darkness. You see wants are different and if we change them a bit, they will be completely different, consequently you will never be happy, because you had not accurately defined it for yourself. For instance, I want to be a guide in Congress60 to help others,  and I am successful, however when people call me “teacher”, I may become proud of myself and I will no longer write the educational CDs and say they are all repetitive. In this way, your want is replaced by another [vicious] want, i.e. I am their master and ruler, I am superior to them, therefore, we have to be careful about our wants and keep them [in the right way] so that they will not change to some other things.

Interviewer: What is the reason if a companion’s traveler has not started his travel within years or has returned to addiction, does it show that the companion has not purified her senses? Or other reasons lie behind it?

Assistant Marjan: There must be some other reasons. The path of promotion for this companion is to live with this traveler, she must accept all the conditions [existing now] and try to correct herself. It means that the companion must not feel disappointed when her traveler is not fine. The companion must do everything faithfully and sincerely. If a companion is committed to something she wants, and when she is loyal to what she does, the wave emitting from her, will affect the waves around her (people around her). However, sometimes the people around her are stronger than her [in their waves] and they affect her, that is why we suggest that the companion try more and more. We know everything will be done when time is ripe. Some people do not travel accurately and deceive others, it is because a great darkness has encompassed them and they cannot continue the path of light. In this way, not all the conditions are due to the companion. However, God arranges all the pieces of chess very beautifully, because He is the architecture of the world, He knows how human beings move and He knows whether a human is deserved for the next move. He looks at our authority and our wants. In the universe, one good turn deserves another, meaning that if you do something good, it will return to you. Therefore, the reward of a companion who moves in the right path, is that she will feel very well, although her husband is not fine. The companion must feel well so that her waves affect her traveler.

Few days ago, I was writing the third valley CD by Mr. Dezhakam, in which he gave the ultimatum for the companions that you should purify yourselves and make the necessary changes in yourselves, consequently other things will get right. Mr. Dezhakam asserted that         you are not allowed to react negatively [to anything], otherwise, you will sink deeper and deeper in the dark.

Interviewer: How did you see Sohravardi branch of Congress60?

Assistant Marjan:  The last time I was here was when I was this branch’s assistant, when it was located somewhere else. Thank God, the number of companions and guide-assistants has increased here; guide-assistants are all young and active and I am sure that if they do their best, they can affect the companions very much. It is a good branch, but I know it can improve very well. I hope this will happen in future with the help of all companions and guides.

Interviewer: Is it possible please to describe Mr. Dezhakam’s family members in one sentence?

Assistant Marjan:  Mr. Dezhakam is the legend of friendship and ethics. He has always been my greatest master. Mrs. Ani is a very kind mother, she is a role model in persistence. Mr. Amin is a kind and intimate man made up of love, he is the teacher of goodness and the decencies. It is very difficult to describe them in only one sentence. Ms. Kamandar is kind and hardworking, she has taught me a lot. Can we claim that a member of this family is not a kind one? Ms. Shani is very serious and determined in her duties.

Translated by Elahe


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  • companion Najma
زمان ارسال
11/16/2018 11:18:12 PM
The best guide, My beautiful Marjan thank you for all helps I hope the message of Congress reaches the hearts of the world.
  • Traveler sohrab (sohrevardi)
زمان ارسال
11/9/2018 7:21:24 PM
Thanks to Ms.marjan, Mrs. Shahrzad and Mrs. Elaheh for this helpful and instructive interview
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