Eqaulity and Justice
8/21/2018 12:00:00 AM

Eqaulity and Justice

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People tend to interpret justice based on their personal desires and anything they want to achieve. I was no exception too.

Can we consider equal positions for all Congress60 members? Is that a just decision?

If we ask anybody about the term “justice”, they will give us different responses. People tend to interpret justice based on their personal desires and anything they want to achieve. I was no exception too. Before coming to Congress 60, I was thinking: “among a variety of people throughout the world; why my husband should be an addict. Therefore, I concluded that divine justice has not been served in my life.

When I was encountered with a discussion about justice wherever; I was involved with my own answers which I had developed in my mind. However, everything changed when my husband and I found a place named Congress 60.

When I learned a wide range of subjects about life there, I found out Mr. Dezhakam’s interpretation about justice was completely different from my perception.

Justice means everything is located in its own place.

Congress60 members are equal in some senses, all Congress60 members are all in training, no matter where they stand (it  does not matter what position they have). For instance, a first traveler and a guide both need education and they have to make changes in themselves. However, regarding their serving status, they are not equal. For instance, a traveler who has spent many years here and has acquired a variety of knowledge, as a result, is capable of serving in Congress 60 better and faster is different from a first traveler has just entered Congress60.

I think the main purpose of today’s agenda is to help people not to be involved in justice just and they can have an answer.

Congress 60 is based on justice, knowledge and decency, so it is very vital for travelers to perceive these elements in order to achieve liberation from  addiction.

Regarding equality, another point explained  by Mr. Dezhakam was financial support of Congress60. There is a clear distinction between a member who supports this NGO financially and another one whose concern is only his treatment.

If we desire Congress60 branches stay strong, we need these members.  I think the only discrimination made in favor of these people is that they are admired and applauded by others because of their financial services.

With a little bit contemplation, we can give a crystal clear response to the first question namely: “Are Congress60 members equal?” and the answer  is: “A person’s place is merely determined by their level of education and the services they provide in Congress60”.

Written by guide-assistant, companion Mahnaz, Qazvin branch of Congress60

Translated by Traveler Ehsan Abolhasani, Mashhad branch of Congress60

Edited by Elahe



Source : 0
Topic : Articles
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