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Addiction story

Addiction story

In the name of God

My name is Hassan,and I want to tell my memoir before and after addiction. I hope this would be a pattern for people who are not addicted yet or people who are stuck in addiction and don’t know how to cure it.

Dear friends I grew up in a religious and Muslim family. I was religious myself and I was a fan of wrestling. I became a member of a gym in Tehran when I was 14 years old. I had participated in various competitions and I had some success as well. I was introduced to opium when I was 24 years old.

One of my relatives came to my home in order to use opium and I had a major pain in my ligament and my knee so I smoked a bit. It was pleasant and it relieved my pain so I could continue my exercises. My opium usage was seldom at first (once a month) but after a short period it became every day.

I was addicted without knowing it, I quit wrestling and for almost 15 years I lived in a void. I tried every method to get rid of addiction, hospitalization, cold-turkey, and even methadone treatment but no improvement.

One day I was passing south Sohrevardy Street and I saw Congress60, I entered with disappointment, they explained their method, which sounded logical, so I started my treatment and I was called a traveler, after tapering my medicine (opium tincture) for almost 13 months I was revived from addiction illness.

I am playing volleyball nowadays and sometimes I swim. At the end of this essay I would like to thank Congress60’s big family and I hope I could reach the guide position in Congress60.

Written by: Hassan
Translated by: Ehsan

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