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My Help to Congress 60 vs. Congress 60’s Help to Me

My Help to Congress 60 vs. Congress 60’s Help to Me

Date: December, 21, 2022
My Help to Congress 60 vs. Congress 60’s Help to Me.

In the Name of God. We begin the meeting by seeking strength from God. Hello Friends, I am Hossein the master of the ceremony.
Please keep silent for 14 seconds and take refuge in God to free ourselves from our strongest enemy, which is our own ignorance. (14 seconds of silence)
Sometimes we have to make a choice. Let’s say we need to choose between Congress 60 and our family. In this case which should we pick? We should select Congress 60 or our family? In this situation, we should choose our family. For example, if my wife forbids me from going to Congress 60, and if I come, a conflict is made. I should steer clear of Congress 60 for a while. No matter man or woman. If you are faced with such a dilemma, the family should always take priority. Let’s say you are entangled in a dilemma where you need to choose between a job and Congress 60, you should go with the job offer. Because Congress 60 functions as a tool. It is not the purpose.
Now if you are still on your first journey and in the middle of your treatment, the situation is different and you should stick to the process of treatment. But at the point where you embark upon the second journey, Congress 60 becomes a tool, not the goal itself. Then it is only a tool for us through which we can learn the knowledge of worldview. All along it has been a tool to help us treat our addiction. Congress 60 is a tool to treat our Nicotine abuse, lose weight, work out, know the world, reach awareness, etc. At this point, we have to make a decision.
The third subject is to wear white. We have observed that when we did not wear a white shirt, we looked messy.
The agenda is about how Congress 60 helps me and how I help it. I always insist on being aware. Sometimes, we fall asleep unknowingly [we become unaware of what happens around us].
For example, the issue of photographing in Congress 60. It had become a big problem. The meetings had become like a wedding ceremony because of the large number of photos taken in each meeting. We are not here to show off.
So, we stopped taking photos excessively and instead decided to take one, which is rational. It is time-consuming for me too. They do it in the park, here, there, single photos, two shots, group photos with five persons in a frame. I want you to give up this tradition. This can be an example of falling asleep unknowingly. [Instead of doing beneficial work] We take our photos and, in this way, we fall asleep [become ignorant]. All the members of Congress 60 including Didebans (Watchers), agents, the greatest authorities of Congress 60, and even myself may fall asleep. Sometimes, we are not aware that someone is shooting. I myself did not observe this matter because I do not personally attend the ceremonies. Sometimes, I myself fall asleep.
Sometimes we fall asleep and ignore the services that Congress 60 is giving us. We act as if it owes us something. We simply fall asleep. A person comes to Congress 60, all the services are offered for free, the guides work for free; the counselors work for free, the chair they sit on is free, the tea they drink is free, on occasions they get a free pastry, and everything is free! Congress 60 demands nothing in return but they sometimes fall asleep and simply cannot appreciate this. This is called “falling asleep”. These matters must be taught to these [ungrateful] people. They are still on the first journey. I have seen lots of them. They even come and give suggestions on how Congress 60 could flourish. They are on the first journey and give suggestions. They are not to blame. I always tell them to go and finish their treatment first, then maybe we will talk about it later. Sometimes, they might not be even on the first journey, they might be one of the servers, thinking to themselves: I served as a guide for 5 years, I have done a lot, I have been a Marzban. They might consider themselves as a creditor.
Here the agenda reads: My help to Congress 60 vs Congress 60’s help to me. We should really think this through and see whether you owe Congress 60 or Congress 60 owes you.
Of course, I mentioned earlier that everyone's account is at zero with Congress 60. Now I'm saying that Congress 60 doesn't owe anything to anyone. But when it comes to settling accounts, it asks, "What have you done for Congress 60, and what has Congress 60 done for you?" What is the situation here?
It's a matter of balance. We need to put this in the balance scale. Why should we do this? To wake everyone up from their sleep, for everyone to take into account how much they have given and what services they have provided to Congress 60. Whose services have been more valuable? How much have they given and how much have they received? Because everything in nature is based on transactions. You give and you take. Even an unconditional love is a sort of trade. Even the mystics, even in mysticism, or in the highest level of mysticism, transactions exist. This exchange can be either of a material nature or a spiritual one. It's not just about material transactions. Sometimes, a transaction is spiritual. Loving someone, loving someone that is not a material transaction, but loving someone is a spiritual transaction. I do not necessarily mean the love between couples, or the love between a man and a woman. It may include the love between two classmates, man or woman. It can be the affection between a guide and their disciples. The love between the members of Congress 60. Even that love is a spiritual transaction.
It helps us understand that in nature, nothing is neutral. It is not possible for me to do some good and get nothing in return. Even I, who is doing all these deeds in here, receive as much as I give. It might not all be material. But I receive spiritual payback for sure. I get peace in return, that is priceless. I do something, it makes me depressed. I do something else; it makes me happy. It boosts my morale, it heals my body, and helps me live longer. So, this exchange exists at all levels of the universe.
One might say how about unconditional love? The lover is concerned with Love, what does the lover have to do with the beloved? The guides in Congress 60 are concerned with their love, not with their disciples. We do not have a deal with whom we love. I do not have a deal with you. I have a contract with love itself. That is what drives me to serve here. That too is a transaction. A spiritual one. It is a progress. It is an improvement.
Therefore, everything is a two-way deal. Even our agreements with God. It does not mean we are doing something for God so that He sends us to Heaven.
It is already arranged. He says if you do good deeds, you will go to Heaven and if you do wrong you will go to hell and that is absolutely true. So even when we do divine deeds, we will get something in return. I may do something and nothing material is received by me, but it brings me spiritual benefits.
So, there is no service you perform that remains uncompensated. We do not have such a thing in the whole universe. Anything that is a sender also works as a receiver.
In Congress 60 the process of treatment is free and there is nothing material involved in the transaction. But let’s say you heal and decide to give Congress 60 500 million Tomans and become a “Pahlevan”.
In that case, does Congress 60 owe you? Or do you owe it? Let’s calculate. When I look at my own services, I see that I still owe Congress 60.
Please do not assume I am kidding I am the Base of Congress 60, I am its root, each year a member of my family is granted the label of “Pahlevan” [Champion] by giving Congress 60, 500, or 600 million Toman [10000$],
I have been writing books, instructing the members, and doing research, I basically run the organization but when I look, I see Congress 60 has still given me more. I have not been able to balance what I have received with what I have given. Because Congress 60 gave me personality, identity, love, peace, calm, everything, even the money I give Congress 60, is given to me by Congress 60.

Translated by: Mina
Edited and revised by: Elahe

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