My Life Story
2/16/2017 12:00:00 AM

My Life Story

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Everything went well until the destiny showed me the other side of the coin.

I am Shirin, a companion, one of God’s creatures born 33 years ago in a rainy day in the fall. It is said it was raining cats and dogs as if the heaven sent out his anger toward the earth by each thunder and each lightning .The fifth of October was my beginning point , a beginning for a battle ,a battle for life. It is the midnight of 14th February 2017 and just a few days left to the spring .It will be the second spring I’ll have to tolerate the pain of addiction. Listen to my story, please.

Once upon a time, a man came into my life and I fell in his love. Many years passed from my birthday and now I am experiencing being mother. God would always give me the best of everything I wanted, my daughter and my husband, Vahid, the man whom I fell in his love ten years ago. I have always tried be with him and to love him honestly.

Everything went well until the destiny showed me the other side of the coin. It started bitterly but was followed by sweetness. Its bitterness was due to addiction whereas becoming a member of a family called Congress 60 and getting familiar with a nice man called Hossein Dezhakam was so sweet and pleasant for me. Vahid had acted unfairly towards me. The night I learned about his addiction was a pitch dark night without any light of hope. I felt so much miserable so I cried till the morning and supplicated God.

 Afterwards God, who still loved me, caught my hand and sent me towards this house, a holly house where God always blesses his founder and sends his best wishes to him.                          

 All the members here love each other just for their being not for money or any kinds of benefits. Here we are taught humanity which implies stopping anti-value deeds like addiction.

God doesn’t allow anyone to attend this house .Here is His house and there is definitely enough room for you. I am a companion and my husband has been called a traveler. He is travelling a travel from darkness towards light, from sulking to reconciliation with God.

When the travelers reconcile with God, they desist addiction in an unbelievable way.

Thank God to show me the best way for solving my problem.

Here in congress 60 no one asked me about my life, about my education or even my religion. In fact they are always helping me and other members without expecting anything in return. In one word, congress 60’s masters serve us honestly, truthfully and for free. I am deeply indebted to God for his help that is my getting familiar with congress 60. I wish you were members of this family. Here, life smells different. Here, God is so much bigger.


Written by: Shirin


Source : 0
Topic : Addiction Stories
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