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Communications of Hossein and Bill ((Reply to Bill -January 28, 2023)

Communications of Hossein and Bill ((Reply to Bill -January 28, 2023)

January 28, ۲۰۲۲

 Dear Bill, 

I hope you are fine, I am well.  My family is saying hi. I am very delighted with the progress of the book. I can’t believe how fast you worked on it.  Each day Ehsan translated a part and sends it to me. I welcome all of your ideas about the book. I am glad the book targets both people in recovery and those who want to serve others.  Your writings are being read at home in a manner that we all listen to. Amin, Ani, and Shani take turns in reading them out loud. It is quite an experience. Sometimes it brings laughter other times tears. It brings back the feelings I felt when I was writing them. Thank you for doing it masterfully.  I didn’t quite understand what should I write for the introduction. As for other titles, I have written a few lines and I am sending them to Ehsan.  I hope I have grasped the idea behind titles correctly and if not let me know to write something else.  Since you are more familiar with the culture and desires of international readers, I am totally agreed with the size of the book along with other decisions in this regard.  After the DST method article was published in the U.S. a scientific magazine – psychiatrist… has requested an article. We have decided to give them an article about amphetamine treatment with OT and the DST method.  We have exposed 70 rats to breast cancer at Pastor institute which is a known scientific center. Today is the third-day rats are getting OT doses. I am certain we will thrive in this research since this is about proving the X system theory. Bristol university is cooperating with us on this.  Upon completion, we will send the samples to Bristol university and they will work on gene expression.  We could have exposed rats to cancer in our own laboratory but I wanted to give this task to another center to avoid any doubts about the results. So one center exposes rats to cancer, we will cure them, and another center will process the data. 

Dear Bill, I have given the answers to Ehsan and he will translate them so I am not gonna write more now.  

Friends and brothers in heaven and earth forever 


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