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The Third Valley

The Third Valley

The transcription of the Third Valley
Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. Today’s agenda is the third valley. In its title, we inserted 91 showing the year 1391 (2012).
The third valley states that:
“Nobody is concerned as deeply as a human being for their true self”.

Generally, about 99 percent of human beings have problems in their thinking. Their thinking is ill, or they have not understood (the meaning of) real contemplation or they have not realized the essence of the matter. In these 14 valleys, step by step we propose these matters. When we properly work on these 14 valleys, and study them [carefully], all our traits, thinking and contemplation will change.
Have you ever heard of Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds? Three stages: first thoughts, which means thinking, then, words which means speaking, and finally, deeds come. What does it mean? It means we believe that Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds, are related to each other. We learn who we are, what our duty is, and which kind of creature are we. We learn what our duties are. In the first valley, we learned that “All structures begin with contemplation”, we are creatures whom God created in a way that we have to have a plan for our life, and for planning, we should think and contemplate.
The second valley asserts: No creature comes into existence without a purpose; none of us are insignificant; none of us are futile; none of us are insignificant even if we think of ourselves as that.

None of us are creatures without value. Because many times, we ourselves said the statement that “we are nothing, we are not anything”, “we are valueless”, “many years have passed”,” I am old and destitute of time and energy”,” I am old and so on “We said such things. Unfortunately, you hear these words from a 30-year-old young person, or from a 40-year-old young person. They say: we are old and destitute [of energy], It seems to them when a person becomes more than 17 or 18, they are old! No! It does not hold true for us. And I provided some examples.
The third valley again shows us another stage, it states “no creatures are concerned as deeply as a human being for their true self”. See, this valley starts with the word: “should”, sometimes, we say: “maybe”, and sometimes we say: “shall we”, it is more polite. You can accept it or not, but when it says: “you should” it is an obligation, it means we have to definitely know this statement, what should we know? We should know no creatures think of human beings as the person themselves.

We have an idiom. This idiom may illuminate your mind. This idiom is from southern Iran, the idiom reads that:
“Neighbors, come to my assistance so that I can be a dutiful wife”. “Neighbors, help me so that I can be a dutiful wife!
This holds true for all human beings, This idiom is stated for a new bride, a spouse who wants to do her duties, but asks for another person’s help to come and wash the clothes, to come and iron the clothes, or asks for help in making omelet, Or a wife who asks another person to make omelet, or asks others to make Ash (a type of Iranian stew),or asks others to prepare that [type of] food, or when she wants to invite some guests,60 people must come to her assistance. What is the matter? This lady wants to make Abgoosht (an Iranian stew) or omelet, or salad, and others must help her.
Some people’s thinking and contemplation are that others must do their duties, they are needy for others’ [help], they do not believe in themselves at all, they do not believe in themselves, sometimes, this is so important [to them] that they deceive themselves, they hoax themselves, they cheat themselves, saying I do not know how to make food, this person will never make food to the end of their life, I do not know how to iron, I get the laundry to wash my (dirty) clothes, and she does it!

I do not want to gossip, but I can’t, I do not know the reason. I do not want to interfere with others’ affairs. I do not want to interlope on people’s affairs, but I do not know why I do it, I have no control over it. Who then is responsible? Your father?! Everything depends on you! Everything is under our control.

To be continued...............

Translated by: Elahe

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