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Golrizoun (Money Donation)

Golrizoun (Money Donation)

Golrizoun (Money Donation)

Hello friends, I'm Amin, a traveler. I hope you are all well, safe, and sound. Today is Author's Day. Actually, it was yesterday, the 10th, but today we have a workshop and found the chance to celebrate it. The Congress 60’s members tried to show their love and kindness to Mr. Dezhakam, and it is obvious that everything should show its effect in practice. What we have witnessed in congress 60 is the effect of Mr. Dezhakam’s pen, and his way of thinking, and thought which has affected our lives and has been able to make many changes. And this cannot be expressed in words. Everyone feels it inside themselves. One of the things that we have learned in Congress 60 and that Mr. Dezhakam taught us is that we should be grateful and appreciative. We should not forget the occasions and special days, and we have to remember and regard them, not just for this moment or today but rather as a method and a way that we should always follow in our life. Humans should not forget important events that make changes in their lives and should respect and appreciate them so that the effect can become eternal. Then it will have more effects on others’ lives. The first thing Mr. Dezhakam did was to write. After his treatment, the first action he took was to pick up a pen and start writing. He wrote articles and books like “Crossing the Zone 60 degrees below Zero”, etc. He has always kept on writing, and it was always with him.

During these years, he achieved deeper knowledge and gained further comprehension. What he did was to reflect the same thoughts he had created in his writings. Anyone who reads the books and writings of Mr. Dezhakam carefully would realize what simple and practical knowledge is included in them, intelligible content that is appropriate for all individuals, even people with minimal literacy. All people can benefit from these writings and make changes in their lives. And consequently, their mood will change. His writings have opened the way for many of us.

Therefore, we felt it was necessary to honor Writer's Day and express our love. And what has been done is the reflection of all the members’ feelings. But they asked me to come up and speak, but in fact, this is the word of everybody who is here. I congratulate Mr. Dezhakam on Writer's Day on behalf of all members of Congress 60, Didebans, and my family, We hope to hold these celebrations for many years ahead. Thank you very much for listening to me.

Mr. Dezhakam: Shani! Give a brief explanation about the picture on the cover of the book.

Miss. Shani: Hello friends, I'm Shani, a companion. It is much better not to explain its meaning since I prefer it to be a riddle. Anyway, I think that the meaning is evident for the person who is privy to the knowledge of Congress 60. I think it is obvious that the image has several attitudes. In one case, the result could have been more satisfactory. Or that was what I was able to do. And that is the shadows of the earth. According to Master Sardar that shadows exist in shadows. When I decided to design the image for the cover, several designs came to my mind. The first one was a person's face with three different looks, and some other things went through my mind. I was sleeping at night as if someone had woken me up. I got up and took a piece of paper. I just know that I was drawing and simultaneously I was crying. I didn’t know I was crying. In the beginning, it was very scribbled and inappropriate. I did my best, I may have cried more because of my weak ability to make it as beautiful as possible. I had to draw only the outline so that it wouldn't jump out of my mind. Thank God for giving me this opportunity. Mr. Dezhakam, my father, considered me worthy and asked me to do this work. I don't know what happened that I had the luck to draw these three or four covers so far, I hope I deserved it.

Mr. Dezhakam: yesterday, I was talking about pioneers. Those who are helping the progress of Congress 60 and you all are among the pioneers. You are the pioneers of this knowledge. You are the pioneers of this work. Those who are working as Pahlavans(Champions), as Donors, or as members of the Sardar Legion, and in all other positions are the pioneers in making financial resources for the university. I am sure that, in the future whether we will be or not, it would become one of the most reputable universities, a pioneer in science. I am really delighted that people in Congress 60 have woken up.

As I said, nothing belongs to us. We are not the owner of anything. I am not the owner of even my clothes. We are not the owner of this building, too. In the previous sessions, I said this building was four billion years old, his land called Congress 60 is four billion years old. Whose land is it now? Who did it belong to? You have a house, an apartment, a five or four-story apartment, a garden, or land. This has existed since four billion years ago. Who is the owner? It is in our hands as a trust. Everything has been entrusted to us. The title deed is in our name. Everything is in our hands, just as a trust. Only as long as we are alive. As soon as we die, everything is out of our hands. We cannot even make a will to dedicate our property when we leave the world. We cannot do it.No one can make a will saying I have given away all my property to such and such a place. No one accepts it at all. The law does not allow it either. It says that you are no longer its owner. You have been the owner of it as long as you were alive. When you die, you can give somebody twenty percent or one-third of it as a legacy. You cannot donate the rest of it to anybody. If you give it to someone, the heirs will complain and take it back. It is not within your control anymore. So our property is nothing but a trust. Now, how conscious should we be to put that to use? How can you say you had 10 tomans and you donated one toman of it to others? You had ten tomans and you donated one toman of it to those who had cancer or for example to orphans. Everyone can help in their own field. For homeless people, etc.

Zakat (almsgiving) generally, is like purging and pruning. The best example I mentioned in the CD is pruning or removing redundant stuff. You are like a tree that needs to be pruned. Because it has redundant branches that need to be cut off. There are other things that will keep the tree from growing properly. The redundant branches take all the energy of the tree, but they do not bear any fruit. you prune them all. When you prune them, the apples or pears get enough energy. Big apples will be produced then. But when it has redundant branches, apples become small, pears become small, full of worms, and a thousand other things would happen. So, when you are doing this, it is like you are pruning yourself. What a beautiful word this zakat(almsgiving) is. You are purifying yourself. So those who are able to give up these amounts are awoken.

This morning, one of the members said he wanted to be a Pahlevan, (someone who donates 500 million tomans) but I didn't accept. He was crying, crying from the bottom of his heart. I told him to do something, and then hopefully, next year or in six months, he can come back and be a Pahlavan. I mean, he wants it with all his heart. This is a sign of awakening, a sign of consciousness. There is no distance from awakening to consciousness. No one can believe what we are doing in Congress 60. Why did we reach here? Why did we get to this point? Why does someone pay three hundred million tomans for a book? And the rest are willing to pay two hundred million tomans, one hundred and fifty million tomans? Why? When a book is published, when the greatest authors want to publish books, they publish fifty or a hundred books.

Well, first of all, I have to start with myself because I always start with myself and my family. Because I have to act as a role model. Whatever I tell you, I have to do it myself first. So, as we agreed, every year one of our family members will do it. (becoming a Pahlavan) First, Mrs. Annie donated her land. Then it was my turn. Last year, Amin did it. This year it's Annie’s, Kamandar’s (the Archer), turn. Annie, Kamandar, deposited her 500 million as a bank check and Mr. Majid Salami, the head of finance of Congress 60, delivers it.


Translated by” Traveler Amin
Revised by: Companion Marjan

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