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Sense (part II) by: Amin Dezhakam

Sense (part II) by: Amin Dezhakam

Thank you, in the previous session, we entered the second pamphlet but all the issues are related to each other. In Congress 60, there are lots of things said about “sensation”. We have some definitions from which we take help a lot. The sensation is defined as the first [engine] to operate wisdom. What does it mean? It means that Wisdom as a Commanding Structure that can analyze and investigate [everything] is under the direct effect of sensation.
If we pay attention to this sentence carefully, we realize that if we have got wisdom (we previously talked about the difference between different types of wisdom, some types of wisdom are capable of solving greater issues and some others are capable of solving and analyzing trivial matters, but the Comprehensive Wisdom can solve greater problems and we provided an example).
We stated: to understand the issue, consider a machine that can move 100 or 500 kg. But you have a train which can easily move tons of goods. Just compare a meat grinder that can grind a few kilos of meat with an industrial meat grinder that can grind a whole cow. If you put a cow in the meat grinder at home, if you overload the grinder, its gears will be broken apart and it cannot do the job. The same happens to human beings. If immature wisdom wants to solve bigger problems or if it wants to analyze and investigate greater issues, it will be confused, it means that it cannot handle the problem and we know many human beings are entangled in this issue.
You have seen a person who is not able to do his assignment, who avoids learning the sciences and lessons which he is supposed to learn, and who is unable to solve his own problems, decides to solve the World’s problems. This is the example of the Trivial Wisdom or an ordinary meat grinder with its blunt gears which even cannot solve its ordinary duties. Now, this person decides to do very great jobs. This is a disaster that involves many people and mostly they encounter lots of problems and they end in a bad situation.
Now, suppose that a human being decides to fortify their knowledge. A person’s knowledge is their Capacity, when the person’s capacity rises, they can identify the nature of issues and this is directly added to their analyzing capacity; therefore, they will be able to analyze greater issues or at least can understand which issues they can solve and which issues they cannot.
Some commanders of war do NOT accept to start some wars. When they are asked to do so, they say: NO. Some other people are asked to take responsibility of some tasks, for instance, they are asked to be the administer of a ministry, but again they refuse. Or when they are offered a project with a high salary, they do not accept. This person is wise enough to know which problems they can solve and which they cannot. But a person who has not enough knowledge will immediately accept everything offered and say: “yes, I will do, when and from where should I start?” They will accept any positions and titles.
They may think we can do the job or they think to themselves let’s first accept it and not refuse it because it is said chance only once comes to you, it is better not to lose this position, then I will take help from my cousins, they can help solve the problem. But the reality is that his cousins are worse than him. These are the events that take place. Now put this matter aside, and suppose that a person passes all these stages and reaches the point of recognition. Then, we have to talk about sensation, in Congress 60, it is believed that Wisdom acts under the effect of sensation, it means that if we have a very strong and powerful intellect (wisdom) with high analysis power, but if our sensation gets impure or if the sensation is not true, then, all the calculations will be wrong.
We can see this in history that when a commander of war is fighting, it is very important to him to know the enemy’s information, how many soldiers they have, or how much power his own military forces hav. The commander has the main role to plan the map of war. He receives information and analyses the situation. Now, suppose that he has a high power of analyzing (the issues) or suppose that a judge has a high power of analyzing.
But the information is not correctly conveyed to him through sensation. Suppose that he estimates the number of enemy soldiers to be 1000, but their real number is 10000, or suppose the commander considers a different situation for the enemy. You may ask me: why do you emphemphasize commander and war and similar instances? I’ll tell you why. In this situation, the commander with his great experience and power draws a wrong plan or designs a wrong plan and the results will be very bad because the information or sensation was wrong. How did it happen?
There must be some people who manipulate the information or some who do not convey the information correctly, they reverse the words or change them completely and turn the meaning. If we have such people [in our army], we get bad results.
Now, we understand that we have to move on two axes: first, we have to increase our knowledge, and second, we have to be careful not to defile our sensation. A person who comes to Congress 60 and starts his travel or a person whose daily consumption is .5 g of opium, or a person who has come two months, has impure sensation, a part of his sensation works wrong. This person must not be doubtful about this reality, and if he is doubtful, he must tell himself that his [self] assurance is not right, you must not rely on what comes to your mind and you have to do whatever your guide says.
Now, why did I use the example of war? Because addiction is a war, in other words, the treatment of addiction is winning a great war and so far, no one could win this war. Treatment of addiction is impossible outside Iran, and I tell you for sure that this discovered method (DST method) is the only way with which you can defeat the great power of addiction. This technique or this method or this war plan is the only way through which a person can defeat his addiction, other ways do not work at all.
Addiction is a very powerful and strong army, if we want to defeat it, we have to have the contemplation of a war commander. If we do not have this contemplation, we have to gradually create it in ourselves.  A commander’s thought most of the time is not to take part in a war or at many times he withdraws, he often stops and he does not command (his soldiers) to attack. He never does so. But if we consider ourselves carefully, we see in the war of addiction, especially when we ourselves made the decisions, our only decision was to “attack”, what does it mean? It means we decided to go cold turkey; cessation of drug consumption is an attack, and cessation of consumption is just an attack on drugs, whose result is clear.
When yo are ambushed by your enemy, and you decide to stop consuming drugs, this means you are going to the trap made by your enemy. Your enemy has made a trap for you, when you command an attack, all your soldiers will be trapped and killed or injured. Then, you may claim: I am a brave man, and I want to get liberated from addiction; however, it is not the case. Those who decide to get rid of addiction suddenly or those who want to plan for treatment themselves, will not reach an achievement.
We have to have two factors simultaneously: the first is that we have to have contemplation and thought and the second is to purify our sensation. The mechanism of sensation is this: if the sensation is under the effect of destructive and deterrent forces, it becomes impure. It is like a stream of water moving in a path, if a filthy water resource is in the way of the stream or near it, the stream becomes impure. [The same holds true for Congress 60 members]. A newcomer to Congress 60 must NOT be adjacent to the negative (impure) resources.
What does it mean? It means this person must not intentionally go to the places once he has been going to before. He must not go there intentionally. He might have some work to do, if it is so, he can go there. If he has any work to do there, it is not a problem to go and does his job, in case he has any ties with his drug-consumer friends. But he should not intentionally go to communicate with his ex-friends. If they do so, since their stream is not canalized yet, [they will be harmed]. It means the person is not placed in the [righteous] stream yet; however, after a few months, it seems that the water is canalized in a very strong tube, in this way, if this water gets near sewage, the sewage cannot affect it.
In other words, when a person get liberated from addiction, he is placed in that [safe] canal and his sensation is protected, strong and secure. The person is so secure that he is not affected by the inspiration of negative forces. Therefore, it is very important to keep the sensation not getting affected by the negative forces. When the sensation gets impure, you receive fake or inverse information.
To fully understand the point, I provide an example, you have seen in an amusement park, there is a Ferris wheel and children ride on the Ferris wheel. When we were children we did it. Our parents placed us on the   Ferris wheel and we ride on it and we enjoyed ita lot. I want to mention how the sensation works inversely. When a person is going on a path, they look around their view is right, I mean whatever they see is right there.  However, when a person rides on a vehicle like a Ferris wheel and this Ferris wheel is turning round and moving, [their view becomes different time to time]. The Ferris wheel only has rotational movement, but we consider our Ferris wheel [our sensation] with both rotational and revolutional movement, a movement both on its axis and around something else.
Now, suppose that this person on the Ferris wheel is a drug-consumer. The more the person consumes drugs, or the deeper he goes [into darkness], the more speed he takes. And you know the Ferris wheel is a highly enjoyable tool which people enjoy a lot. In your mind, you can compare the turn of this Ferris wheel with getting high. Now if a person on the Ferris wheel is asked about the movement of the humans or things around him, what does he answer?
The person on the Ferris wheel, may see the direct movement circular, or vice versa, he may see the circular movement direct and he sees correctly, because based on the observer’s view, whatever they see is the truth; however, based on an external observer, another person who does not consume drugs and is not high due to drug consumption i.e. the one who sees everything correctly, the person on the Ferris wheel is completely wrong, but the person on the Ferris wheel is sure that whatever they claim is right and even insist on their words.
You can see the pollution of sensation or its imbalance in this example. A person on the fast Ferris wheel does not feel well, he feels bad and has a stomachache, and feels vertigo. He feels bad, it means he is not in the mood for discussing anything, he is not in a good status and the same happens inside human beings. Not until the speed of the fast Ferris wheel decreases to half or 70%, he feels good. When the speed decreases, gradually he can see (the truth). He then realizes whatever he had once seen and was real to him is not real. By the way, we cannot suddenly stop the person on the Ferris wheel, we cannot do this just because if we do so, a very bad situation arises, i.e. the pressure of this sudden stop is so much that he will see nothing, whereas when he was on the Ferris wheel he was able to see; he saw everything wrong, but now he sees nothing.
If we suddenly stop him, he will see nothing, now it is not important what he sees is right or wrong because he is not able to see anything. His speed must decrease over time, when a person is at the stage of one gram (of opium) every 10 or 7 days, his speed is so slow that (if he has done his travel correctly), and his inner and outer world go hand in hand, I mean if he does not merely decrease his drug-consumption (for the sake of avoiding hangover), [and his travel is done well; he can see everything correctly]. In the case of not consuming drugs, if a person wakes up at 11 a.m. and claims he is at the final stages of his travel, one gram every 10 or 20 days, or even 5 days, [his claim is wrong]. A person at these stages must get up at 5 a.m. like a spring if he had taken his steps correctly. If he reaches this stage, everything will be different for him [now he can understand everything].   
At this stage, the sensation returns back to its normal status, the sensation is not purified yet, we cannot claim that after finishing the first travel, the sensation is purified because the process of purification continues and many issues are with us. Another point that can help us and I mentioned it in the previous meeting is that everything has two ends: one inside us and one outside us. Many psychologists sought the root of problems outside, they claimed the reason of everything lay outside, including the environment, society and etc.
Some other psychologists believed that everything lay in the person’s past, their childhood; or as they were kids, some people have bothered, annoyed, or tortured them, and that is why this person acts like this now. They believe because this past cannot be changed right now, nothing can be done for this person. Both of these issues are insoluble in Congress 60, you cannot change one person’s past or environment. If we either try to seek the root of the problems in the person’s environment or childhood, we never reach the answer.
Why? Because we cannot change either society or childhood, we are not able to do so at all, we are not able to change our own kids, and we cannot change our sisters or brothers, then how could it be possible for us to change society? Especially, when we are incapable of doing our own job [i.e. we cannot change our own childhood or society]. We are not able to change childhood either. But in Congress 60, we state that we are working on our inner world.
Now, we discuss it with regard to force. In Nature, force is taken synonymous to sensation. In the Worldview Pamphlets, the sensation is defined this way. The same as force, the sensation has attraction and repulsion. Sensation in human beings makes the forces of attraction and repulsion. It has this effect. If we refer back to our own senses, we can see that either of these two forces and nothing else [in between] is at work. Generally, when a sense is made in a human being, the human is not neutral thereafter, the human is willing to do something or feel repulsion.
It acts the same as force, if you take a look at the attraction force, when does it exist? and which conditions should be made [so that we can have an attraction]? We have to have two environments, I mean two masses. If we want to make an attraction, only one mass is not enough, for instance having one mass like the earth, moon, or sun is not enough. One mass like the earth is not able to make that attraction, it can make a field, I mean it can make an appropriate environment, [but not an attraction].
If we analyze the electric force, we can see attraction must have two poles: one positive and one negative. If you take a magnet into consideration, it holds true either, we have to have two poles, one pole alone cannot make force, and it can never make force. I mean attraction and repulsion never take place with one factor or environment, two factors or two environments are required.
The same holds true for human beings, a force is made when we have a charge and the environment has a charge too, if these two charges simultaneously coexist, a force or attraction is made and this attraction affects us, it means we are attracted to a thing or we are repelled. If we are living in an environment in which no drugs, no pollution, and no fields exist, but we have a want in us for drugs, then we go and seek drugs and find our favorite field.
No matter where the drug is, in our city or in the United States, or anywhere else, we will go for it, and we find it finally, i.e. the person pursues their want. If pollution exists in the environment but we do not have a want of it [in us], the environment cannot affect us. Two points are in here: we are not able to change the external environment but the point is that if we take our relevant charge out of us or if we make this [negative] charge neutral; then the external forces cannot affect us. If we take these [impure] particles out or make them neutral and change them, then these forces cannot affect us any longer; in this way, it is not needed to change society.
But the interesting point is what constitutes society. Society consists of us, it does not consist of something coming from space, it does not consist of anything but us, then if we change a little, the whole system will change, and the environment changes. By changing ourselves, we can change the environment, this is the only applicable way. One guide in Congress 60  sets five or ten individuals liberated from addiction, this guide is changing the environment, first of all, the guides have changed themselves and now they are changing the environment. We are not allowed to fight, we are not allowed to battle [against negative forces], and no other ways will work either, why?
Because many people have fought and been killed till now for the sake of gaining freedom or for the sake of society. Now you can realize that since they could not change themselves, all their force was focused on the environment, and in this way, they have been killed or they destroyed a system and made another system which became worse than the previous one.
I provide an example, consider a bad system has existed, this system is not good, if some people who were unsuccessful to change themselves come and decide to change this system, what conditions should they acquire to destroy the current system? Their hatred must be more than that system, their power must be more, their dislike must be more and their feud must be more than that system so that they can repel the authoritarian system and they themselves take their place. They have to be worse than them.
Then, if a person does not change themselves like Communism, Communism at first came with the motto of justice and equality, and etc. the people of the  Soviets replaced the Tsarist tyrannical government with another government and repelled the Tsarist government, but what was the result? A new system was made which terrified all the people, no one could be in peace in their houses, because in every house, there was a spy. In the Communism era, every house had a spy and if it was heard that the people in that house had said something against the government, the governmental forces would come and take them. They either kill him or not, but such a system was made in that time. My last point: I want to clarify that if a person does not cure his addiction, a worse thing will be replaced in him.
It is at first very beautiful, it is purity and equality; however, after a while, the person realizes that he has changed from a drug abuser into a far frightening person with worse wants.
Thank you for listening to me.
Translated by Elahe

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