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Sense (part I) by: Amin Dezhakam

Sense (part I) by: Amin Dezhakam

In the future again, we deal with the fact that everything occurs based on our wants and God’s Command. Because, if we meticulously analyze this point, we realize that all the issues come from ourselves. It means nothing happens unless a want exists in us and a command is given.  And when this want is made, it does not matter whether it is rational or irrational.
It might be the case that a person wants to go to the deepest darkness or he wants to be a member of Negative Forces or a person may want to make lots of destruction or revenge on some people, it is not a rational want but it does not matter. When permission (command) is given, the want starts providing its own bed. When the order is given, the want comes true.
See what potency lies in this point “All the events happen merely when a want exists in us”. Considering people, you see a majority of people search for the cause (of their failures or problems) outside. They say the reason why this event happened to me was that this part of society was faulty, or that part of the family works improperly or this part of school is faulty. They place significant importance on environmental conditions. The environmental conditions are not deniable, we do not claim that they are totally ineffective.
But the point of difference is that, in Congress 60, we state that everything has two ends, one inside us and one outside us. The outside part is the environment, the society and the existing conditions in which we live. The inside part is our want. In Congress 60, we believe that if I have not that want,  I mean if that want does not exist inside me, the outside environment cannot make that situation inside me even if the outside condition or the society exerts its utmost force and energy to make that condition for me.
In other words, if I have not any desire to consume drugs; even if all the societal forces, all the drug dealers, and drug sellers gather together, they are NOT able to make me addicted, they cannot make me consume drugs. This assertion is accepted and believed as a law in Congress 60. A good example is provided here: suppose that in human beings, there are impure particles that act like iron filings. I will talk about these particles later today. These particles are like iron filings or iron shavings. When the iron shavings of the body (vicious wants) are under the effect of a magnet or magnetism, a force is made.
This force is the same as sensation. When the iron filings get near the magnet, that gravity or attraction is made. That gravity or attraction makes in us the required sensation to do or not to do something. That is why we are drawn towards something or avoid it. When we are talking about refinement and self-purification, these words come in order consecutively, they do not mean when I feel attraction or when I am drawn to a force…
Purification does not mean when I feel attraction or when a force draws me towards itself, I withstand and resist. Because you are not able to hold a door behind which there is lots of pressure. Or you are not able to hold a compressed spring for a long time. It needs energy if you want to hold a compressed spring. It means you have to use lots of energy to hold it in the same position and you are not able to consume your energy to hold it for a long time. In other words, a time will come when we lose our tolerance, our energy will be depleted and we release it. And it will do its own work [the compressed spring returns back to its natural status].
We do not consider it as refinement. We state when those impure particles or iron filings are got out or when we make a condition where we get them out of the Self or when we change their material, I mean when the iron filings change to copper or when the iron filings change to silver, if we do this, then when we are exposed to that magnet or magnetism, no gravity is made; no attraction is made. Therefore, we do not feel a need to consume drugs. This is Congress 60’s view towards addiction and gradual treatment. We use a method to change these substances and we get some particles out so that we reach a point where no gravity or potential is made so that we are drawn toward it.
Then, without feeling any pressure, we avoid consuming drugs.  This is what we mean by treatment.  In this way, we can live our life or we can pay attention to our daily routines; however, if that attraction exists in us, what should we do?  In this situation, we constantly have to consume lots of energy NOT to consume drugs, or we can do another thing, we can be disposed towards another potential or force whose power is near or the same as drugs. We can approach ourselves to that potential to get rid of drugs. It is an idiom in Persian that people take refuge in dangerous scorpions to avoid evil snakes. This situation is the same.
An example is in here, it is mentioned that in hell, there are some snakes from whose fear, people take refuge in dangerous scorpions. It is such an awful, frightening situation. For a drug abuser, hell can be something like this . When he decides to stop consuming drugs, he will go towards other jobs like gambling or any other thing that has attraction or potential. It is not recognized as the cure if a person claims since I do not consume drugs, I am drug-free; because he does not consume drugs, but does many other wrongs.
We do not consider it as “treatment”. Now, we have to see how they work. The impure particles or the iron filings do the same, it means not until their nature changes or until the time they are in us, do they do their (routine) job. Our model in this regard is “The City of Existence”, in which we consider the impure particles or iron filings as vicious people every one of whom has an irrational want.
These impure intelligent particles have awareness, it means they are aware of what they do. Now, the first law appears: “in our world, everything absorbs another thing, a cold nature absorbs cold and a warm nature absorbs warmth”. Some particles absorb other particles of the same quality. These particles are the residents of the City of Existence (body), based on which law we claim this point. According to a truth, all existence exists in us which means that each of us is a Compressed World and the particles gather together. Which particles gather together? Those with the same want come together and are combined, this is “the First Law”.
The collection of these particles leads to nothing important. However, if a more appropriate situation is prepared, the impure particles make a system. This system is very unified and integrated which follows a special aim. I mean these particles gather together and become united to reach their own want. They make a system which is called “Structure” in Congress 60. This structure may not have much power at first, [but gradually it gains power]. Congress 60 is a structure too, a positive one, it is not a negative structure. All the particles with the same want can gather together. Since our want was to be liberated from drug dependency, we gathered together and made a structure.
As time passes, these structures become more and more powerful. An important point appears here: human is not able to see these impure particles. Human has some (impure particles) inside them but they are not aware of these particles; however, the particles themselves know what they are doing, they gather together and start their activity and do some jobs.
They have their own methods (of deceiving us) which are called “tricks”.  They use these tricks and try to take Wisdom’s command in hand, if they succeed in doing so and apply what they want, their main job just starts. It means their real job starts hereafter. Each human being is at one level of knowledge, which is why they can understand and respond to one series of matters. If the level of a matter (problem) is beyond someone’s knowledge, they are not able to do it (or solve the problem).
In other words, when the tricks get more complex, we are not able to recognize them, and consequently, we cannot respond to them. These wants can make some tricks and there are some forces that help them. When they use the tricks, they can infiltrate the structure of Wisdom and then they apply their own wants or commands. You all fully know (this procedure). Now, suppose that a structure has been made in us, and using these tricks, they have reached what they want, after some years, five, 10, 15, or 20 years, when these structures are built in us and the commands are done, some events take place in us. As a wrong command is done, some energy will be given to this structure. As it gains more energy, it will absorb other impure particles and become larger and larger. Again as it gets larger, it gives other wrong commands, wrong commands within 10 years. Consider the wrong commands are done within 15 years, what happens?  A very powerful structure with lots of energy is made in us which has established many branches in different parts and it has employed many people who are working for it.
Now, you can realize the anti-values (within yourself). Now, try to move towards the values (the righteous path). Now that you realize addiction is something bad, why don’t you quit an addiction? Now that you understand addiction is an anti-value, why don’t you move on the Righteous Path?  Why don’t you do righteous acts? Simply, you cannot! The point is that you cannot get rid of the vicious acts, and you cannot quit an addiction, because this is not the case that whenever you decide or want, you can change your direction.
When a human being realizes a matter and gains some awareness about it, thereafter, he is the heir of a world of destruction. When he understands that addiction is something bad when he understands telling lies is not good, or when he realizes that job is not a good one or gambling is not good, it does not matter how many years it took so that the person understands them; however, as he understands it, he is an heir of a very powerful structure, a very strong structure has been made inside him.
You can understand this event with an example of the Mafia. I added another point before: if a human being moves one year in the path of darkness, it is like a country moving 100 years or 50 years in the path of darkness, because the matter of time is different for us as compared to the body. When a human being moves 10 years in the dark path, it is as if a country moved towards destruction for 500 or 300 years.
This mafia system annually earns billions of dollars, now calculate its income within previous years, how much money has it saved? Thousands of billions of dollars. Then, is it possible to resist this structure or do something against it? Human is the heir of their inner darkness. A human with many years of addiction is an heir of a very powerful structure that has the human mind, intellect, body, contemplation, and soul under its control. You cannot eradicate this structure.
This holds true for all the fields, it means that inside any person who moves towards darkness, a structure will be formed. Then, this structure gets more and more powerful, when the human decides to return back (to the righteous path), the structure asks: “where are you going so?” When a person working for the Mafia decides to get out of the mafia, they cannot, because the mafia will pursue them and threaten them or their families. The mafia kills them or their families. The mafia does not let the person go because it has its own rules. Now consider when we come to Congress 60, we accept that we cannot eradicate this structure, and we believe in this statement.
You have seen it in some countries, there exist some negative structures which raid some areas and take the houses of the residents by force or burn their houses. If people decide to eradicate this structure, they cannot, because this eradication is meaningless, because the structures have not a physical place. In a country where a set of systems are making destruction or doing wrong, if you ruin the place or kill the people in that place, will the structure be destroyed?
Not at all, because it is not a physical place, when you destroy the place, the structure will go to other parts [and continue its job]. This means if a human suppresses a strong structure in themselves by force, [it will return again]. Of course, suppressing a negative structure needs lots of energy. If a human has this energy, they can suppress this structure, but if their energy is less than the structure’s, they cannot suppress it. If the human can suppress the structure, the structure from addiction will go to other parts, it will go to sexual matters or job-related ones, it will go to other places and maintain its activities.
Therefore, the structures cannot be ruined or exploded, they only can be changed. Some of them can be changed and turned into other things and some others go away and become separated [from the person]. Therefore, you see we have to first sense it in ourselves.
If someone really senses it in themselves – its example is simple to sense: when you are on the First Travel and you want to attend Congress 60 meetings, one thousand reasons or obstacles are brought into your mind to stop you from attending the meeting – all of these things are due to this structure’s tricks.  This means that the structures are so powerful that can promptly disturb everything. How can they do it? You know a structure with lots of money can make fluctuations in business, can’t it?
Now think of this question: can’t a mafia with billions of dollars in circulation change the prices in a country? If the mafia exists in the visible (earthy) world, it can exist in our invisible (inner) world too. Another question: can’t it make fear in the people living in that country? Can’t it disturb their security? Can’t it make people needy and poor? Can’t it multiply the price of the house? Can’t it disturb the occupational status? Can’t it increase unemployment? If it can do these, then, there must be some inner structures inside us that can do the same. In other words, there is a structure in humans that has grown up over years and now it becomes very powerful, this structure can make fear in us immediately, or it can make anger in humans promptly or it can make the feeling of insecurity.
Since it has lots of energy in hand, whenever it decides, it can play tricks on you. Take this example into consideration: how do we get up early as we have energy and as we decide? When we have energy, when we have saved energy, as we decide to get up early, we can; it means our command is done. The vice versa is either true: that (negative) structure has gained energy within years, when it decides that you do not get up early, its command is carried out. Or when it decides, it makes pessimism (hatred) about your guide in you.
Can it do it or not? It can simply do it. If it wants you to hate Congress 60, can it do it? Yes, it can very simply.  Therefore, you see a structure in you is not an empty existence, when it feels that the situation is ready, it starts fighting, it does everything to keep and maintain itself, it does its best to keep its existence. It is dead right. In the beginning, it may not consider the person important, when a person just starts coming to Congress 60, the structure does not take him seriously, it says: this person has done lots of things before (to get rid of addiction), he has gone to many places (but he was not successful), thus, it does not take him seriously in the beginning.
In the outer world, the same takes place. When Gandhi decided to get his country’s independence, when he started to take action, at first, no one took him into account, they never took a look at him, who he was, and what he wanted to say. They did not take him seriously. The same holds true for the structure. Gandhi’s case happened in the Physical world; however, structures’ activities take place in our inner world. When we start going to Congress 60, the negative structure does not take us into account. Since it does not take us into account, it has nothing to do with us, that is why in the beginning, the person punctually comes to Congress 60.
However, after a while, as it sees that something is happening [some positive changes occur in the person], its main job starts. Its most important job starts when it sees we are reaching the finish line, at this time, it uses its utmost power (to take you back to the darkness). If you have seen the book “crossing the zone of minus 60 degrees centigrade”, you would see the picture of a person drowning in a flood, it is pouring with rain and the person is going to drown in the sinkholes and cavities, in this situation, the [negative] structure uses its utmost power to take the person back to [darkness].
With these explanations, we have to be very careful to see whether this sense created in me towards my guide is real or not. Or whether this feeling that I have during my travel is real or not. Our guide may say something simple to us and we get the worst possible thing from his/her statement, we may repeat these pictures in our mind so much that we decide to change our legion, or we may think our guide is our enemy.
In Congress 60, we believe that the structure can make these feelings, and it does it for sure. Therefore, we have to fully know this structure. The laws that we have in Congress 60, the laws which we use here are all because we want to prevent damage. When it is said that we are not allowed to judge [people] or do some wrongs, it is merely because we want to prevent a situation in which the negative forces dominate us, that is why I mentioned it. Well, it is enough for today, of course, today’s speech was about Worldview Pamphlet 2, it means we jumped from the First Worldview Pamphlet to the second, but it does not matter at all, we will talk about the Structure later, thank you for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe

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