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Communications of Hossein and Bill ((Reply to Bill - 19July, 2022)

Communications of Hossein and Bill ((Reply to Bill - 19July, 2022)

Dear Bill,

I hope you are doing well, I am fine.

I am happy to hear that you had a pleasant birthday with your family. Congratulations on the ۷۵th birthday of your purposeful life.

I am also delighted that you were amazed by the university building. We have been able to purchase many buildings while we are not only independent financially but also we are supporting other groups.

We have also almost started a laboratory which is well equipped. I will share some photos as soon as possible. Now the question may remain for many people about the source of this capital. Some may think I have found a treasure like Caribbean pirates!

۲۵ years ago when my DST treatment was completed, No publisher was willing to publish my book and today I have published it myself. It has been reprinted for the ۶۵th time! And each time thousands of copies are being published!

I spent ۱۰ months back then attending NA meetings and learning about their protocols. Then I realized I can't change their way of thinking and I established Congress ۶۰.

Those days I didn't even have enough money for a bus! Now both Congress ۶۰ and I are covered financially.

When our members decide to donate like ۱۵۰۰۰ Dollars, I interview them to make sure they are capable to pay this amount and also what type of person they are. First travelers can’t donate serious money and they must wait for their treatment to be completed first.

Dear Bill, I am not bragging about Congress ۶۰ or myself but what I am trying to say is that from true treatment and recovery comes these results.

Just like digging and finding water, then we can have a well to water the fields and cultivate.

Now we are facing individuals with more than ۱۵ years of sobriety that are coming to Congress ۶۰ from other recovery advocacies.

And when they are treated in Congress ۶۰ it is like they find a new life and they are full of energy. Addiction is not mysterious and progressive and it is completely curable with the DST method.

With true treatment and recovery, their lifestyle changes and they find the self-confidence to pursue their education and work.

Then they are willing to donate whatever they can to Congress ۶۰.

If the world wants to help addicts they have only the DST method and the recovery of Congress ۶۰. Those who are not ready to let go of their wrong previously learned stuff about addiction treatment will experience pain and suffering. Prejudice is a bad tool indeed!

The DST method with OT is so powerful that can heal not only addiction but also other incurable illnesses.  And the process has already begun with blood cancer treatment.

Dear friend, you mentioned that you are planning how to mentor recovery students and that is the reason why I mentioned all these things. In fact, I am gonna ask you to spend more time reading about Congress ۶۰ and introducing it to the world. You already know Congress ۶۰ very well. You have been acting like an international medium to introduce Congress ۶۰ since ۲۰۰۹.

As you know Congress ۶۰ is being directed by۱۴ watchers (Dideban) and each section has a watcher. For instance, we have the sports watcher, guides watcher, and so on.

If you accept I would very much like to announce you as the watcher of Congress ۶۰’s international affairs. It will be a great honor for me, all other watchers, travelers, and co-travelers of Congress ۶۰ to see you in this position.

You are quite famous within Congress ۶۰ and each day your name is being said hundreds of times since the smoking cessation legions are called by your name.

Each week more than ۱۰ William White emblems are presented to smoking cessation travelers by me.

Be immortal and firm always

Friends and brothers on heaven and earth forever


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