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Wisdom's Command

Wisdom's Command

The Sixth Valley

"Wisdom's command, as the commander in chief, should be carried out accordingly."

While evolving, Intellect operates on its own like a machine whereas spirit with its unique and gentle characteristics is led by intellect’s will. In this valley, we come across the main and the most important components of the hidden attributes of human which is wisdom or intellect. Wisdom is the most significant issue in our journey of evolution which has neither a beginning nor an end and we must attain wisdom’s command as it is essential in our path.
This path of arriving at intellect’s command is both difficult and satisfying at the same time. The universal wisdom is like the sun shining on everything and all creation including us. Humans are like houses that have outlets for sunrays to enter. The more cleansing we do the bigger the outlet becomes and in turn our houses get brighter as the sun of wisdom shines through. However, if we move towards impurities then these outlets get smaller and darkness invades our being. Intellect is made up of particles that we are not familiar with and it is not made up of flesh and bones or other materials. That’s why it is eternal and non-perishable and will not be destroyed after death. A question comes to mind about the brain and its function. The answer is that brain is an interpreter for intellect just like how tongue is the tool for speech or taste. Therefore the brain is not the location for intellect or in other words intellect is not located in the brain so as to perish when the brain is dead.
Intellect acts as a great ruler in our universe within or in our city of existence and it has received its throne from the supreme force. In other words it has the Divine Splendor and governs over our psyche. Obeying all the instructions and laws of this wise king can help us walk the straight path and lead us towards a higher station in our journey of evolution. Even though intellect belongs to our hidden attribute, but we can conveniently hear its voice within us. If we want to hear its voice right now, we only need to decide to do something irrational like slapping ourselves real hard. Immediately we can hear a voice inside us that says:”are you crazy? Are you out for your mind?”
Now you probably know what we are talking about. This is the voice of intellect. Of course there is another voice within us that constantly challenges intellect. We call this the lower self or carnal desires and every time intellect told us to quit drugs, the lower self insisted that just this one time and no more after this. It continued to illustrate a happy image in our head about getting high and ridiculed a drug free attitude. This is a constant internal battle between the higher self and the lower self and intellect knows exactly what the right decision is but the deception of our carnal desires are a great obstacle to overcome.
Now we compare our body to a city calling it the city of existence, which includes our cells, intellect and other attributes and we will give them personalities to illustrate our point clearly.
In this city all kinds of humans exist, savage tribes, criminals, tyrants, cruel individuals, also honest, decent, and noble people as well. There is a council in the city where all the leaders of different communities gather and make decisions about the wishes of the people and then leave the final decision to the great ruler (intellect). If the ruler decides that the matter is in the best interest of the people, the rule is carried out.
However, when the council is under pressure from the bandits and criminals to make harmful decisions, the ruler doesn’t allow that to happen. At this stage the savage leaders who are always after satisfying their carnal desires unite with other vices and choose the lower self as their leader. Deceptive imaginations constantly invade the mind and lies and deception become the strategy for a coup against the ruler. In these conditions, the wise ruler is taken down from his position of authority and the lower self takes over as the illegitimate ruler. Now the city enters into a state of chaos and anarchy and the destruction begins. This goes on until one of the virtuous leaders starts to blame and criticize the current government. This leader is the conscience or the middle self and reduces the rate of destruction. This leader takes over the power from the lower self and the power is given back to the intellect once again, Of course not the full power. And so the story continues and the conditions of the city improve, sometimes is good and other times is bad. Then comes a day when an outstanding individual from the council rises up to take over and his name is the higher self or reassured self. If one day the power is in the hands of the higher self then that day is the era of ultimate justice, peace and harmony, the day of intellect’s command.
This story of a coup against the intellect is our current situation. Since the lower self has taken over the affairs of our body (inner city) along with narcotics, great destruction on our body and psyche has taken place and the battle is in full force. Any time we decide to quit drugs, the lower self as the commander in chief orders the savages to attack all the cells in the body and create wonderful images in our minds of drug consumption or being high. It tells us to just use a little and all the physical and mental pain would be over and as soon as we do that, the voice changes the topic and recommends the continuation of drug use. How delicately tricky and how deceptively manipulative this carnality within works. One must fully recognize the white eagle within to be able to overcome the challenges on the path.


Adopted from the book" Fourteen Valley for Recovery"


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