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Congress60 Is a Clear and Flowing River

Congress60 Is a Clear and Flowing River

Congress60 is a clear and flowing river that leads to the Ocean of Peace and joy

On the occasion of the “watchman’s week” and to appreciate the valuable efforts of these loved ones, we had an interview with one of Congress 60's watchmen and we invite you to read it.


  • Hello Mr. Zarkesh, dear watchman of the Sardar Legion. Greetings to you. please introduce yourself as it is common in congress 60.

Hello friends I am Alireza, a traveler. The last anti- x I used to consume were opium and opium extract. I traveled for 9 months and 15 days under the guidance of Mr. Sedaghat and now I have been liberated for 17 years. 
What serving positions have you experienced?
When you enter congress 60, it is inevitable to be in it and it takes you with itself. In congress60 you go ahead with the time and experience different serving positions such as being a guest keeper, being responsible for rotating the microphone, being a disciplinary guard, a guest speaker, a guide-assistant, a guide, a border-guard, sports keeper and being a watchman.   

  • What is the necessity of having the watchmen in Congress 60?

it is obvious from the name of a watchman that s/he must have several features. First, s/he should see important issues. There are many issues but s/he should observe the important ones, be able to analyze them and inform others about them and give the solution. A watchman says what happens at what intervals, and if so, what are the pros and cons, and what are the benefits? S/He sees well and conveys it well, watches over an issue well, and informs others about it before it happens.

  • What are the characteristics of a watchman?

Master Dezhakam knows the answer better. In my opinion s/he requires the minimum of qualifications, experiencing different positions, and definitely some success.
Please explain about the watchman of the Sardar Legion
The watchman of the Sardar Legion must have the same characteristics as a watchman. He has to identify the issues of the Sardar legion and thinks about its progress and developing its knowledge. He must have updated information about the Sardar Legion's authority. The most important is that he consults with Master Dezhakam and other watchmen and informs the Legion’s members about the changes quickly to move towards the Foundation’s (Mr. Dezhakam) thinking and his engineered goals.

  • Does a powerful watchman of  Sardar Legion have an impact on the financial infrastructure of Congress60?

The power of a complex has nothing to do with an individual’s authority. Congress60 develops when each of its members grows. They relatively grow. There are both science and ability in Congress60 and it is important for us as the members of Congress60 to grow and have the ability to carry out the commands.

  • Was it your strong desire to reach the position of a watchman from the beginning of your travel? Or how did you get to this position?

Yes, if an individual who enters Congress 60, has the desire from the very first day and starts reading the book “Crossing the zone 60 degrees below zero”, s/he will realize many things. Maybe I didn’t think about being a watchman from the first day but as you experience serving in a different position, your training and information will be completed and then you will be given the next position.  However, it is God's grace that happens to you and it happened to me as well. In Congress60, the grades are not related to the shaal (position). Maybe a traveler on the second journey is better than me. We need to change. We have 14 watchmen now and we may find 1000 members for this position. The positions are limited but the members can develop their capacities and it does not necessarily happen in one position.

  • Doesn’t spending so much time in Congress60 cause disorder in your life?

It intervenes but does not disrupt. Something can ruin or build, these two are completely different. The purpose of Congress is to develop our life and it will definitely have a positive impact. If its impact was not positive, you would go out of your way on the first or second day. In Congress, if the speed is low, it will be completely reversed and everyone will understand that the member has slowed down, his appearance and speech have changed, his feelings have changed, he has moved away, he has been separated and deviated from the right path. God says: “Indeed, those who have believed then disbelieved, then believed, and then increased in disbelief- never will Allah forgive them, nor will he guide them to the way.”  God forbid we become infidels to our faith after we came to Congress60 and believe in it.

  • How much is the importance of worldview for being a member of the Sardar Legion?

Kindness and love are meaningless without donation and forgiveness. Love makes sense with forgiveness. If you say that you are in love but you are not willing to donate your property, life, knowledge or feelings, it will ,be ridiculous. We take this game seriously in Congress 60. Everything makes sense in continuity. If we donate and repeat it regularly, the truth will make sense. For example, if someone needs money and you help him, it was just one case and you will not do it anymore, but when you come to Congress 60 and you repeat donation every year, there is a truth.  If there was not any truth, you would not do it at all. Without a worldview, it is impossible that you repeat an action wisely. Of course, I mean the real and correct worldview.

  • And the last words?

A watchman is someone who experiences a position that is no longer his/her own.  Even his/her own words and their repetition is not under his/her control. S/he is nothing except the position that allows him/her what to do.
If you leave Congress60, you are no longer the person in the position, you will be alone. We are nothing by ourselves.
A watchman is no longer on his/her own. Even his/her words and repetition of the words are by permission of the position and not by his/her own choice so the person is nothing. If you separate from Congress 60 you are not the watchman anymore and you are just yourself. A watchman is alone if he is not in Congress60. We are nothing by ourselves.

Translated by: Companion Zahra A
Reviewed by: Companion Marjan

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