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The Twelfth Valley

The Twelfth Valley

Residents: ultimately, the first command is carried out! What does this sentence mean?

Successor: in order to achieve goals on earth, we must consider time, meaning any wish or command could be carried out within a specific period of time. If your goal is to produce rice, you won’t immediately obtain it; you should plant the seed first and care for it, so that in the end after harvesting we can obtain rice. Therefore, we should just observe the events so that we get close to the end of the creation story of human beings, thus the conclusion is known.

Residents: You said time! Can you define time in your universe?

Successor: nothing in this material world is stagnant. As it was mentioned before, out of the condensation of the waves, this universe was created, since these waves were dynamic, the place that was created from them was also dynamic, and the location that became the domain of this dynamic place was called space, from the combination of the dynamic place and space, time was born like 1, 2, 3,… which was calculable. Of course, you are not able to comprehend time and its miracle since you live in the timeless universe unless you place at a physical body.

Residents: what is the miracle of time?


Successor: it is the miracle of time that made it possible for the waves to change their essence during a time period and out of their existence, gases, liquids, and solids emerge, plants come into existence and grow in diversity so that animals and then human in a physical body come into life and multiply and enjoy the value of living and life and go through a valuable earthly training. Therefore, we are waiting so that eventually the first command is carried out. Thus, both creation and individual must successfully pass through time in order to achieve the optimum results and there is no way to eliminate time unless we exit the dimension of time, and in order to arrive at the final result or redemption stage, we must pass through the stages of alteration and transformation. Of course, forces of infusion, revival and motion which guide us towards our desired results are available on earth.

Residents: please explain the three stages of alteration, transformation, and redemption.

Successor: these three are the most important, fundamental and decisive stages for the implementation of the law “in the end, the first command is carried out” that not only have a crucial role in the structures of the physical aspects of the universe like gases, liquids, solids, plants, animals and humans, but also in the hidden aspects as well like the intellect, mind, speech, behavior, and deed of the human being so that an ignorant human is transformed into a wise individual. If alteration, transformation, and redemption didn’t take place in this cosmos, then existence would have come to a halt and it would have been destroyed immediately. For example, when a sperm mixes with an egg in the woman’s womb, certain alterations immediately take place and after nine months, these alterations take shape and
transform the egg into an infant, and when the transformation is complete then the procedure of redemption takes place and the infant is born and just like this, we can observe alterations and transformations in the cultivation and harvest of wheat or a tree or many other examples or samples. Furthermore, the forces of infusion, revival, and motion come into action as well and assist transformations and alterations, because without their assistance, no alteration or transformation takes place.

Residents: how could an ignorant person become a wise person through alteration?

Successor: in addition to free will, humans have another attribute as well and alterations must take place in that attribute in order to be transformed.

Residents: what is their attribute?

Successor: humans have two halves; one half is from the heaven, pure and super empirical and the other half is from the material (lower) world; like predators or sometimes even wilder. In the path of evolution, this lower half which could be named darkness must be transformed into light and this important task could only be done by obtaining knowledge, wisdom, awareness and experience. We should know very well that no transformation can happen unless alterations gradually take place and every change must take its own time; thus time is needed for changes to occur in the human’s attributes. For example, we can’t make someone literate instantly or a liar cannot be transformed into an honest person in an instant, or an immoral person into a principled, or a substance abuser cannot be changed into a
healthy individual in a week. In order to change all these vices, specific time is needed similar to the basic changes of a substance abuser’s physique, psyche and worldview which requires at least ten months. Of course, with the awakening of intellect in the person, the forces of infusion, revival and motion start their role immediately, and these forces help the person to overcome the deterrent and destructive forces.


Adopted from the book "Love, Fourteen Valleys to Know Thyself

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