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“The X System”

“The X System”

The fourth session of the 74th  round of  Congress 60 workshops in the Academy branch of Congress 60 was administered on November 10th, 2021 at 9:30 a.m. by Mr.   Dezhakam as the guest speaker and Mrs. Fateme as the secretary. The agenda was “The X System”.

Golrizan was carried out in the best possible way. Companions have gathered about 600000 dollars and Congress 60 members acted very well. All these achievements are because our method (way) is right and the individuals write their CDs.
Professor William White wrote me that all the Congress 60’s achievements are due to Congress 60’s worldview instructions. All the  creatures are thanking God by doing their duties accurately. Human being is a very bad virus, they have damaged the environment. When human being was created, the angels asked God: “Are you going to create a creature which kills others?” and God answered: “I know what you do not know!” and I saw this in our Golrizan (Money Donation Ceremony) where lots of people donated lots of money to save other people’s lives. If we want to be able to help people, we have to write our CDs, otherwise we cannot help people.
From now on, the written CDs are checked and controlled by the guides only and agents are not required to check them.

The agenda today is the X System. The X System is a Break, a puncture (in the science), we are able to easily treat addiction and more than 40000 individuals liberated from addiction. This theory solved the problem of addiction and now we entered a new phase of treating incurable diseases. We have the Ethics Committee’s permission  to work on the rats to prove our method to treat incurable diseases (like cancers).
Once we asked: “what the psyche is?” and we found out many different definitions exist in psychology and it was not correct. Because if I ask you what is the sum of 2 and 2, and it is incorrect to say from Pythagoras’s view it will be five but from another viewpoint it is four.  We said: “psyche is our moods” and this psyche is made by the physiology and worldview. And we realised that all neurotransmitters and other chemicals in the body are the determining factors in making the disease. We understood that when one of these neurotransmitters  does not work appropriately we face tumors and other psychosomatic diseases. The Immune System is a part of this X system. Cancerous cells are present in all the bodies, when the Immune System is defeated by the diseases and viruses, we get cancer or other diseases.
We worked on breast and blood cancers and all of these diseases are treated by our method. We treated epilepsy  using the same method. We easily treated addiction, by treating addiction we mean after the treatment, the person can work in a heroin laboratory without having cravings.
I talked with Dr. Arvin on how we could prove that we have treated blood cancers and he told me that we had to check the genes. We did it, we sent the genes to a laboratory in Britain and they confirmed that the genes have been changed by the method of Congress 60. None of the current methods to treat cancers are not treatments at all. They take out the tumor and again the tumor grows again. The only way to treat the cancers is to strengthen the Immune System.  But scientists right now are taking the tumor out and again it grows in the body. We have to find the reason why people get cancers or Ulcerative colitis. We have to present our findings to the world. And it has been done in Congress 60 and our articles have been selected as the best articles in the conferences in the U.S. and for one article, we were accepted as the keynote speaker.
I am grateful to God that we have not any financial problem and Congress 60 members have good monetary status due to the instructions of Congress 60. All the people who are decent and work in accord with the right way are living well.
The Pahlevans of Congress 60 are not those money-maker individuals who have lots of money, but the ones who have provided this money with some difficulty.  The thankful people are Number one students of God. Disappointment represents itself in different diseases.
Thank you for listening to me.
Translated by Elahe

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  • Azad

    Hi Mr. Dezhakaam, I like to express my best wishes for you and for your institute. Thnx for your presence.