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Taking Over the Commandership

Taking Over the Commandership

26/09/1997 Silver

Taking over the commandership

Guardian: with blessings and many thanks to the Supreme Power who gave us this opportunity to be in your presence. I hope that you and the other members of congress are doing well. It’s been 6 months that I’ve begun my journey through the glacial with your guidance, and I’ve progressed according to the plan, and thankfully, there haven’t been any setbacks. I look forward to the changing of the seasons when the ice would melt. My current plan is 4 grams for 15 days which means less than 300 milligrams per day; I feel perfectly fine, and as time go by, I’ve become more lively and energetic. I can feel the changes in my thinking, and I even refrain from taking any kind of pain killers.

Silver: it’s good to hear these things from you and we expected the same. Pay more attention to your writings and the details prior to the end of the last phase. You have now taken commandership of your body, and you give the orders now. A strong ruler carries out his plans accordingly to firmly plant his position. Your power starts with the young branches, and then transforms into the tall trees that always maintain their color. Your book will be flawless, and you must continue your efforts so that your ideas would be expressed in the best manner like a well equipped laboratory. This way, there would be no other alternatives left but achieving our goal; no hesitation if you know what I mean.

We see many hidden powers inside of the human being which he has no idea of, and he should apply these powers in a positive direction. You will realize this at the end of this project. Also, you do know that giving a speech needs certain criteria; pay careful attention to them in your universe.
Strengthen your roots. We are grateful. Your constant recordings and note takings are very crucial in all aspects.
We have to go now.


Adopted from the book " Crossing the Zone Minus 60 Degress"

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  • companion shirin L9-satarkhan

    thanks to everyone who works on the english site of c60

  • companion shirin l9-satarkhan

    As your guide saide almost 25 years ago, mr enginner your book is perfect and whith the help of this book we have become the commander of our body, I hope all people of the world have the opportunity to use this book