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The Role of Writing CDs in Education

The Role of Writing CDs in Education

The 13th session of the 73rd  round of  Congress 60 workshops in the Academy branch of Congress 60 was administered on September 22nd, 2021 at 9:30 a.m. by Mr.   Dezhakam as the guest speaker and Mr. Kamran as the secretary. The agenda was “The Role of Writing CDs in Education?”


Hello friends, I am Hossein a traveler. Hello friends, I am Hossein a traveler, I am fine and hope you are doing well.
Today’s agenda is “The Role of Writing CDs in education”. Our body consists of 37.2 trillion cells and you see how tremendous this number of is. 100 billion cells work in the nervous system. 30 billion blood cells are in the blood system. How these cells can be reconstructed? Is it possible to recover such a complicated system (body) merely using some pills.


Each cell is a town for itself, it is very complicated. The physical body is very strange and complicated, who can cure this tremendous number of cells? The body itself recovers, our body is constantly fighting against the microbes. When the immune system becomes weak, we lose the fight. For instance, we all have cancerous cells in our body but the point is that the white cells are continuously fighting the bad cells. When the immune system becomes weak, we lose the fight and cancers can manifest themselves in the organs. When someone gets cancer, either the immune system must be strengthened or we have to kill the cancerous cells. Now suppose that in a town, bad and good forces are near each other, therefore, when you drop bombs on the town to kill the bad people, both good and bad people of the city will be killed too. This same is carried out nowadays to fight cancer. When the doctors use chemotherapy, they kill the good cells in addition to the malicious  and bad cells. Therefore, the only way to fight the diseases is to strengthen the immune system and for doing so we used the DST method to treat addiction and then we treated cigarettes smoking and then I cured your obesity because drugs, cigarettes and obesity weaken the immune system. That is why no death toll was reported during coronavirus era and Congress 60 members are all heathy.
Stress, being pessimist, not being thankful are the enemies of the immune system. Jealousy and impiety are the enemies of the immune system. Impiety results in hopelessness.  Telling lies  and gossips are the enemies of the immune system. The old Iranians believed that there is only one way and this is the “Right Path”.  All the anti-values (negative behaviours and thoughts) directly affect our immune system and destroy our immune system.
Our total health depends upon our worldview and our physiology. All the body cells work with each other electro-chemically; and our thoughts affect our cells, our immune system is a part of our X-system. And the X-system works wirelessly and wiredly and our thoughts (the wireless side) affect  our body and our body is also affected by what we eat and how to eat.
Our worldview affects our body and to recover the system of thinking, we have to write educational CDs. All of Congress 60 members have to write a Cd a week. Even all the Didebans write their CDs and I sign their notebooks.  Because when you repeat something, you will learn and your memory and literature will be enhanced.
Those who do not write their CDs have not any place in Congress 60 because the quality of work is of much importance to us. Iranians’ study rate is very low; however, Congress 60 members have lots of study weekly. Congress 60 guides are the best knowledgeable individuals who can guide the addicts to be liberated from addition and by treating addiction we mean that the liberated person can calmly sleep in a store of opium and heroin without having any craving to consume drugs,
I freely equipped you with lots of knowledge. I treated coronavirus with D-sap and I said the weak point of D-sap is that it is very cheap and all families in Congress 60 were saved from this disease. We have treated the addiction disease and it is carried out very cheaply, the only thing I wanted is that the Congress 60 members are required to write their CDs.
Those who donate their money for Congress 60 are the people who have reached wisdom and knowledge. Raw fruits are picked very difficultly but those who are ripe and knowledgeable donate their money and land for the sake of liberation of other people. The earth  has been here for millions of years and we do not take our properties to the Hereafter. Some rich people die without donating anything and their children just fight with each other for the money and land. All the thing we do is based on our worldview.
The first thing that our prophet, Mohammad, peace be upon him, learned was reading and then in the Holy Quran, it was mentioned that after reading, he learned to write.

Thank you for listening to me.
Translated by Elahe

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