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Difference of Outlook

Difference of Outlook
Difference of outlook
Greetings upon the guardian; How do you see the universe?
Guardian: I see the universe beautiful with all its difficulties; however, I find myself nostalgic and lonely sometimes and that’s because I’m away from you.
Raad: I was also alone for some time and in my loneliness I learnt much knowledge which is equal to all my learning on earth. You have a valuable gift which is eternal and always with you; it will be used in many universes for a good purpose. In this path, Satan asks for assistance from friends to steal your gift, thus you must be very alert and careful. Don’t be upset by the words of some friend. We told you in the beginning how to benefit from friends; we will prepare the necessities for those individuals who needs your help. You still have to focus on two things: first preparing and constructing yourself and second, making your body and health strong.
Guardian: I feel that I’m looking at the issue in a different way.
Raad: your inner feelings shows your sharp outlook on life; maybe your views have changed and you look at the important issues differently now. The human being can realize the secrets of creation with the help of heavenly powers; it’s only the outlook and perception that causes this difference.
I had many followers but on that faithful day, I had no friend but my own love. My impatience for union intensified every second. When my life was taken I realized that the body was only a garment and my soul took flight into the heavens.
Be happy
I’ve also tuned my instrument.

Source: The book “Crossing the Zone of Minus 60 Degrees

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