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Peace Between the Mind and the Body

Peace Between the Mind and the Body
Peace between the mind and the body
We are doing well and for further communications with our own kind who are very interested in these matters, we intend to explore certain divine issues.
Having a lot of hope can lead to determination; don’t have fear in your will to carry out your plans and move forward because the real frontrunner is the Lord who makes the impossible, possible. We will go to more excursions in the near future so that you you’ll become more familiar with our views.
You must arrive at valuable conclusions in your thinking and act upon them and find out the real meaning of the Supreme Power’s words and implement them in your life.
At that the power and force of the divine existence will manifest in every human being who has understood them. Today, most illnesses and mental disabilities are treated by chemical drugs and this gives a false perception to patients that they are cured. However, as soon as the medicine stops, the illness comes back.
Don’t be sad and keep yourself busy with good deeds. Strengthen your financial roots and you shall see that many obstacles would be overcome.
If we can make peace between the mind and the physical body, then we can say that we have found the right path. Conquering the summit is not as important as leaving your impression there permanently; you must regain your previous respect and status for your own sake and not for others. You must have in order to give and generosity will bear its fruit.
adopted from the book "White Eagle" by Mr. Hossein Dezhakam
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