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The 14th Image of the Book: Crossing the Zone of Minus 60 Degrees

The 14th Image of the Book: Crossing the Zone of  Minus 60 Degrees

We ought to be a light favored by God, not a fire which devastates everything.

This picture is printed on the back cover of the book. The white eagle is a metaphor of God’s light, power and kindness. The light which has been given to all of us. We can search deep down in our essence to find a spark of it. But we should always have in mind that this spark is an emanation of the endless divine light.

May this spark expand through purification and light our path back to where we diverged from.


This message reminds me that I am actually capable of becoming each of the above. I can either be destructive or constructive to myself and therefor to the world. This also awakes me to know that I am designed to be the light. I ought to be light. It might seem like a choice in life but it is my true meaning and purpose of existing. Life is full of distraction and halfway through we might forget what we are alive for.  But I have to bear in mind that constructions and guidance are always there for those who ask for it.

People are extremely complicated creatures. We cannot say these things are good and those things are bad so from now on I will do these and avoid those! Life does not work that way! If it were, this easy life would end. It would be pointless to keep going. So I guess this is what makes life both difficult and worth living.

It is basically not that easy because we human beings sense things. Sensing is prior to thinking and thinking is prior to actually getting up and doing whatever the deed it is. If I do not feel cold, I will not get up and wear something to warm myself. If I do not feel hungry, I will not eat anything. And our life routine shows if we tend to purify our senses or to pollute them! If we purify our senses and energies, they will send constructive messages to our wisdom and therefore we take valuable actions.

I was once watching a documentary about an extreme case of child abuse. The abuser claimed he was not always like this. He said: It gradually grew in me. I let it happen. I knew it was wrong but I could not help it.

We all have felt that at some point in life. We know something is wrong but there is nothing we can do to prevent ourselves from doing it, B because we have polluted our senses and we have lost our capabilities. It does not happen overnight. It happens step by step over time.

On the other hand, the same rule applies to when we desire to purify our senses and feelings. We should be consistent. Let it grow in us. Trust the process. Have faith in perseverance and never stop moving forward.

It does not happen overnight.

Written by companion Mina, English site translator

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    Very good